As for 1 month to change lives for the better

Blogger Svetlana Pokrevskaya boldly promises to all those who fulfill the below plan in a month you will not recognize yourself. The site publishes her article without sokrascheniy.Nedavno received a letter from a reader: "Hello, Svetlana! I want to change your life for your technique! »

Wow. I thought, and if I have a technique? It turned out there! Immediately I wanted her to structure and to paint the points. And, you know, it turned out that everything is ridiculously simple. It received four units: for each week. Total - month. Just a month self-study, to change their lives for the better!

So, for each week of the plan - three tasks that must be implemented in their lives. And stay with them throughout the month. Ideally - and longer, but here it is for you to decide.

Week 1: Cleaning the body and mind h2> Early rise, about 6 am. Immediately you have time for yourself, which is never enough for the day. Consequence - peace and quiet, you can, without being distracted about their business, is home asleep. This is an ideal time for morning practice, to adjust the body to get through the day at 100%. Laziness, unwillingness to get up early - this is not an indicator of fatigue. For me it is an indication that you do not want to live my life. Why get up out of bed - there again gloomy morning, the subway, traffic jams, work ... Now, if the first thought was, "Hurry morning - another day!". Agree, it is unlikely with such a feeling of early rise will be a problem. So, it turns out, it works both ways. Life plays all the colors and sparkles - it will be easy to jump up in the morning. Or ... would be easy to jump up in the morning - and the lives of sparkle! Lite power. For the future changes we will need an enormous amount of energy. Perhaps now it is spent on it to keep your body in a normal functioning state in spite of the influence of alcohol, cigarettes, heavy fatty foods, pastries, sweet ... Everyone has a list of these weaknesses, underline. More precisely, as appropriate. You can choose the kind of food that you think right. I believe in vegetarianism and raw food. But one thing I know for sure: alcohol, crisps, sugary drinks, prepared foods, junk food does not fit into any healthy eating concept. So it all - delete. Portions - reduce load and before bedtime. The rest - listen to your body or nutritionist. The most important thing - not to burden themselves supertask for the removal of toxins and digestion. On the other hand, it is possible to facilitate the body to his fate, to feed a light, healthy, delicious food. He will be happy, and you - the energy for action. Sport. This is my favorite and most required. I do not tire of repeating: the tone and health of the physical body - a prerequisite for spiritual health. A motion, as is known, the life. So, to awaken life (spirit) in the mouth of the body, you have to stir! Either way you best. My options: yoga, running and dancing. Try to move more every day, in any form to dance in front of the mirror, going to work; abandon the elevator and take the stairs; arrange a full street workout in the gym, it does not matter.

Week 2: Cleaning space affairs and environment h2> Clean spaces. Throw away all! Push on the mezzanine - is not considered. Restore order in all the corners on all the tables in all the cabinets, in all places. Think about it: every thing in your home takes not only a piece of the place, but also a piece of your energy. Each, even the smallest! It's worth it? In time I was so absorbed by this method that made it in the trash almost all their belongings. Leave only really useful and necessary things, things that are pleasing to you, that inspire, that you love. Subtle point: if you still keep the bear, which has presented the favorite for February 14, 1998, and on the long-separated loved ones, so "positive" memories no place near you. Dispose without thinking! You'll see - it will be easier to breathe. Especially if you wipe all dust and clean the floor. Cleaning Affairs and obligations. Remember how many years you are going to learn English. How much promise to call in New Gadyukino Aunt Masha? How many points do you plan out New Year's eve for years transferred to each new list? Think of all these promises made to ourselves and others. And decide what to do with them. The options, in fact, are two: (1) make, (2) give them up forever, forever to delete from your list. But if you can not delete Aunt Masha - go straight tomorrow. Take the case, instead of dragging a load of responsibility and frustration is the same. Cleaning the environment. Complete all the relationships that pull you back into depression. Refused to communicate with those who have always criticized and always dissatisfied with everything. With those, who does not have anything in common. With those who have nothing to learn. And to learn how to go, learn to say no. Allow yourself to be ungrateful, ill-bred, crazy bitch - if that's the price of freedom. Exception - the parents. With them, in my opinion, it is necessary to establish relations. As hard as it may be.

Week 3: The plans, goals and dreams h2> write, and execute plans. We've just stayed the same list from the previous week. How he to you? It causes joy, enthusiasm and a desire to roll up their sleeves? If not, you may want to erase from him a few more points. Or - to perform them, and then strike. In both cases, you will find a surge of strength and will to live. And yet - to add something that makes everything inside the freeze in anticipation. Remembering that you love or loved once. Do not forget to plan not only the work and money, but also leisure time with friends and loved ones, time for yourself (this point ever forget all). We need to write a plan that will want to perform, which will tremble the knees and scratched hands. All - time. Write from your life book that you yourself would be interesting to read. And in this book add specific dates and specific steps. List of Improbabilities. One of my favorite exercises. I exercised it until now, and each time getting bolder (though seemingly far already?). It is this: Write a list of your dreams that never come true. Well, such steep and so exorbitant that their performance is not very hard to believe. These include world domination and the desire to climb Everest (as you already 89 years old). Turn off the criticism and imagine all the possibilities of the world at your feet, you just snap your fingers. There is time, money, all the right connections, there are talents that are needed. What would you like? By the way, my first list unrealizable, written in February 2014, at the moment come true entirely. And I still funny how modest desires me then seemed "unbelievable." plan daily. Every evening, write a plan for the next day. Short, rough, whatever - but the plan should be. And in the evening - this is important. Even if the next day you never think about the existence of this plan, your productivity will increase significantly. Tested! And another thing: do not forget to look into the global plan and ask yourself whether you are moving to. And where to? A moving you all somewhere? And why?

Week 4: Expanding the boundaries h2> Try to live differently. The most that neither is the little things. Go to work the new road. Go to an unfamiliar coffee shop or a very expensive store. Try a new sport. Try to do what you have never done. Every day, doing the usual things, ask yourself - right now I can do a little bit differently? We need to create the habit of trying new things, gradually leave the beaten path. Out of the comfort zone. Of course, all of the previous items, if you really meet them, has rather strong out of the comfort zone. But here we go any further - look into the eyes of your fears. And not only see, but also fight against them. Here I am a supporter of radical methods. Are you afraid of heights? Go skydiving. Are you afraid of the boss - go to the boss with fresh innovations. Are you afraid of unfamiliar companies - ahead to a party in an unfamiliar company. And alone, not to hide behind talking with a girlfriend / boyfriend. And learn to just such field. Rest. What do you think - just to work? Only mandatory vacation leave home, be sure to disconnect the internet and always alone. And the obligatory (and honest!) Feedback to himself. What was it? How did it go, what changes have occurred? And how to live, after all this? What awaits you in the middle of this road (do not say in the end, because it is an endless road), will exceed your expectations. In carrying out these (easy!) Things on a daily basis, by embedding them in your life, you will feel the harmony, omnipotence, see light at the end of the tunnel and the path that will point the right way. And over time, it will turn into the road. It sounds pathetic, but the truth is - it is such pretentious girlfriend.

Author: Svetlana Pokrevskaya




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