10 qualities that are inherent in intelligent people. It turns out that education has no value!

Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison ... Do you think that unites all these people? That's right, a high level of intelligence. Imagine for a moment, IQ of these wise men - not less than 150! Everyone somehow considers himself smart. Moreover, in all honesty, any of us wants to look in the eyes of even smarter. To do this, by the way, do not need to re-read the mountain of encyclopedias, to defend the thesis or become candidates. Indeed, experience shows that intelligence and education - different concepts.

Remember: if you wish to become more intelligent, have a good work on yourself. The researchers found that all the brainy people on this planet there are some general rules of conduct. Today, shares with you 10 signs of intelligent people that set them apart from other mortals. Take a mental note!

1. These people always have a hidden skills and talents that they do not show to others, yet it is not necessary. They do not tend to show off in front of others. They will not bend over to something someone show.

2. Expensive higher education - an optional attribute to be smart. B> These people can behave very wisely, but do not finish any higher education institution. You're not even going to speculate about it, until you look at their resumes.

3. They never, under any circumstances, will not humiliate others or make others look stupid. B> Although, in fact, can do it in a jiffy. These men carried an important lesson: When you make someone look bad, the first thing he looks bad.

4. If these people are in leadership positions, they are doing everything in order to assemble steel and other, smarter, more productive. B> They do not get their threats, because they know that it is quite inefficient. Giving another great example, they help others be better.

5. They know that are the most intelligent people in the company (team), but never dwell on it. B> Smart people never rest on their laurels, wanting to improve and trying to quietly do other wise. < br />
6. Even when things go very, very badly or not as they want it, these people are not stop smiling. B> Possible alternative solutions to the problem occurred to them much faster than despair. Therefore, they never discouraged.

7. They are active in social networks. B> It is not to share with someone the music or messaging, and to saturate your mind with new knowledge. And these people know exactly what to look out for, and what information should be treated with caution.

8. These people have time to do everything at home and at work, and even give enough time personal life. B> Simply, they were able to organize their time and energy so as to be on top at all "fronts." And they do it.

9. They know a lot of things in addition to what is included in their duties at work. B> These people have unusually broad-minded, they are not limited to the sphere of their specialty.

10. They do not like to talk about nothing. B> These people prefer to listen more than talk. Not for nothing that there is a saying that rings just an empty bucket.

I am sure that you have taken a lesson from this post. Reconsider their habits and start to behave reasonably. Noticed very soon everyone will be surprised at your brilliant mind! There is a very good saying: «Fool clever, intelligent and plays the fool». I> I wish you did not just seem wise in the eyes of others, and to be so in fact.

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