Dogs in the Great Patriotic War

At the historic parade of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War in Moscow in 1945 in the same ranks with the infantry, scouts, tankers, sappers were the soldiers of the military's dog with his four-legged pets.

For all military roads were more than 68,000 dogs that have made an invaluable contribution to the Great Victory over the enemy.
Pets worked Beezer, iskalschikami minutes, Wrangler, pulled the wounded from the ruins of the battle, or, sometimes used as a kamikaze - tied with an explosive device, and the animal rushes under the tank and die ...
Sled dogs, about 15 thousand sleds summer on special carts, in winter on sledges were taken under fire from the battle severely wounded, hauled ammunition loads.

Teams of sled dogs during the war consisted mainly of males that quickly accustomed to each other. Schooling dogs to each other in order to avoid future fights counselors made during the course of their service, and content on the site.
Dogs orderlies searched the wounded were transported back to the medication, bandages.
Mine-detecting dogs were found, and the sappers defuse mines, bombs. Dogs cleared Belgorod, Kiev, Odessa, Novgorod, Vitebsk, Polotsk, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin.

Used dogs and Smersh detachments to search for enemy sabotage groups, especially for the search of enemy snayperov- "cuckoo." Most often, each of the groups consisted of 1-2 shooting department, operative officer of the NKVD and the NKGB, communications with the radio station, and counselor with search dogs.

Dogs undermine enemy armored vehicles in the battles of Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Bryansk. Dogs are used to driving on the armor of tanks, engine noise, and shooting guns. In places suspected of mining, mine-detecting dogs under the cover of tanks made exploration and showed minefields ».

The personal file of a gentle collie Dick says: "conscripted from Leningrad and trained mine detection work. During the war, he found more than 12 thousand mines involved in demining of Stalingrad, Lisichansk, Prague and other cities. Chief Dick feat performed in Pavlovsk ».

It was so. An hour before the explosion, Dick found a bomb in the basement of the palace in the two and a half tons and the clock mechanism.

After the Great Victory legendary dog, despite multiple injuries, he was a multiple winner of dog shows. Dog veteran lived to a ripe old age and was buried with full military honors, as befits a hero.

Member of the Great Patriotic War tyumenets Sergei Solovyov in one of our meetings, told how during the battle, he often witnessed the feat four-legged attendants: "Because of the dense fire, we, nurses could not get to the badly wounded fellow soldiers. The wounded needed urgent medical care, many of them bled. Between life and death remained a matter of minutes ... come to the aid of the dog. They crawled on their bellies to the wounded and to substitute his side with the medical bag. Patiently waiting for him to bind up the wound. Only then we went to another. They can accurately distinguish the living from the dead man, as many wounded were in a state of unconsciousness. Such a four-legged soldier medic licking the face as long as he did not regain consciousness. In the Arctic winter, harsh, not just from the severe frosts injured rescued dogs - they warmed them with his breath. You may not believe me, but weep over the dead dog ... »

In memory of the war dogs

How to say a word.
Maybe somebody's muse tired
Talking about war
And the soldiers disturbed dreams ...
Just seems to me,
Prior written grievance little
About dogs fighters,
To protect us during the war!

Erased memory nicknames.
Do not remember now an attractive face.
We came later,
We do not know anything at all.
Only a grizzled veteran
More dog team remembers
In the field hospital dragged
On the battlefield once it!


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