Golden Dog

They have always been few, and now almost gone. And it is not because the urban environment has become friendly to the blind or have appeared electronic miracle ustroysta, allowing them to move freely around the city. This post will be about guide dogs.

600 years since the first mention of a guide dog, nothing like they invented and was not. In England, they have a one in ten blind in America - one of the twelve. We have the same ... Yes, we even nobody really knows how many in Russia the blind and visually impaired people. It is believed that three hundred thousand, embarked on the record in the Association of the Blind.

Now try to understand the figure: in Russia only two schools that train dogs for the visually impaired. In total, they can prepare about 80 dogs per year. And it's all over the country!

The first school - the All-Russian Society for the Blind, commissioned by the state produces 60 guide dogs. By the actual demand is irrelevant.

On the ground, running the whole system failures. From the obligatory presence at the invalid "destination guide dogs as a technical means of rehabilitation," resulting from health officials. Until excuses demanding consent to bring a dog from everyone living in the stairwell neighbors and their inquiries about the absence of allergic diseases.

And though these excuses and seem absurd - the usual a dog anything that is not required, but the right to win and otrugivat - very energy consuming, and we're talking about blind people, visits to government agencies for which the collection and "references to help" virtually impossible.

I was told of a woman in the outback, which fifteen years wore paper. They were received, said that put in place, and the following year found no statement or ask for something dosobrat.

But even if someone turns it all go, then later they will turn "two years", and sometimes calls with offers to "speed money┬╗.

Fortunately, where the state is in no hurry to help and the problem becomes blatant, there are people who care.

Teaching and Dog Training Center "Dogs helpers disabled" - a charitable non-profit organization. This is the second and last place in Russia, where a blind person can obtain a free guide dog.

The Centre was established 15 years ago. There is no state bureaucracy, but the waiting list will have to stand in the same year.

All dogs are brought up here - Labradors or Golden Retrievers. Puppy Center selects and acquires himself. Some of them transferred to breeders for free, but it is not a representative of these breeds suitable for the nature of such requires incredible attention and responsibility, work.

During training dogs live in "foster care" and know what apartment and how to maintain it.

First of all, a future guide dog must have a stable nervous system, allowing it to train and leverage.

Be balanced, easy to relate to people and animals do not show any aggression.

Do not react to loud noises, do not be afraid of transport, not suffer from motion sickness when traveling. Be healthy and in good physical shape.

Guide dogs, knowing full width and height of a person can safely lead him among the people, transport and even notice hanging branches that may offend the host.

They are taught to memorize dozens of routes, know them by name, such as "Station" or "shop" to understand "right-left" and may even lead to a specific apartment in the house over the years, if one day it was.

Dogs are working in a very complex urban environment - are forced together with the owner on the roads with salt, where conventional pets prefer not to drive.

They do not shy away from the direction and may decide if the road was suddenly dug. If a guide sees that it is possible to get around - crawls. If not - "tell" about the owner and he will have to decide which way to go or ask for help from others.

By the way, help others. If a blind man stands at a crossroads, it is not necessary to grab his sleeve and drag to the other side. Perhaps he is resting or decides where to go.

Ask: "How can I help you?". A moving across the road, not to drag it to the side (so as not pushed) and do not leave without saying a word. All he is disoriented and does not know where he was. Leave it at the end of a zebra and do not forget to say goodbye.

Guide dogs always stop "control points" - the main areas of the route to the blind lost control in space. This is very important. They lead the host on the left side of the road to the main flow was towards - Rear passers-by can not see what is before them blind.

But especially to make stops on their tactile tile is not taught. They themselves understand it as an obstacle and represent the owner.

Please do not ironed and were treated to a guide dog. When she was in the harness - it works, focuses on the safe conduct of the person. This could distract her and she makes a mistake, dangerous for the blind owner. And he himself will be quieter - he does not see that shoved his friend.

Education allowed takes six to eight months. In total, her upbringing to the exam takes a year. Of the dogs during the study is eliminated, the center of their parked in good hands.

The very last stage - a two-week training future owner together with other chetveronogoim.

In total, the preparation of a guide dog costs about 250 thousand rubles. Indeed gold dog! Blind people they are sent free of charge.

All dogs Center officially receive the passport guide dog are entitled to 17 thousand rubles a year on food and free veterinary care in public hospitals.

Under Russian law, guide dogs free travel by any mode of public transport, trains, steamships and passenger compartment of the aircraft.

Guide dogs are obliged to let in all public places, including shops, restaurants, theaters, hotels and public institutions.

And now the bad news. About us. After all, we make up the society in which people with disabilities live. You can hate dogs. But seeing guide dog in harness with red crosses and a host of dark glasses and a white cane you can not go anywhere is not empty. You are working as a security guard at a pharmacy, supermarket or police director in receiving ministry, you have no right to mock the visually impaired, asking them to bring any paper to "issue an order for admission." Dog-handler may take place anywhere and immediately. It's the law. Just remember, and take it for granted.

I'm sorry, was distracted. Back to our dogs. To marvel at the work of guide dogs, I did not need to "get into the skin of" blind and experiment for yourself. Just look the part, having spent the day with Oksana - the owner of a wonderful Gerda from the center "Dogs helpers disabled." At work, a charming cutie - the favorite of all employees.

On the street - Responsibility and helpful guide. I think on the previous street photography you have already understood.

Focus on one point. Not only guide dogs are able to pick up a fallen white cane, but their blind owners are forced to wear a dog when coming off the escalator, just blindly identifying dangerous place. Otherwise wool sucked into the clutches of a comb. In Gerda there is a special harness with handle.

Training dogs - not only business training and dog training center "Dogs helpers disabled." Equally important is their work with blind people with disabilities. Here the blind are taught to develop new routes, to overcome the fear of going outside, use a white cane and not be afraid to communicate with sighted people - such problems are found in almost all. Special coach teaches spatial orientation to explore the world, avoid obstacles, to resolve conflicts with other people. After this course with a coach blind acquire new skills, learn to deal with fear. There was even a case where a girl with a disability, having such training, decided to abandon the queue at the dog and try to move independently of the city.

On average coach spatial orientation holds one person ten sessions. If you collect 270 thousand rubles, the Centre will be able to pay for 150 occupations. Then 15 people will get a chance to live freely in this world.




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