A journey to lake Baikal. Part 2


The knowledge of the Power through the Power

The beginning of a Journey to lake Baikal. part1

Fifty three million seventy three thousand seven hundred eighty four

In the morning our guide will Wake group smell of hot, cooked over a campfire, cocoa. The sun rises behind the forest, we will dive into the car and drive to the alluvial sand spit to the jetty. From there we boat ride to the extreme point of the Peninsula, where they like to frolic necocli. There we will disembark on the shore and inflating your raft, the guide, those who are still not aware, will be teaching lessons, rafting, rowing is rowing and gathering raft and behavior on the water. And we'll get back on the oars for a few days all this way by yourself, staying at any of the picturesque, who extended us the place for meditation on the beauty of yourself in beauty.

Sailing with the wind on the boat, we eagerly absorbed the relief types of the banks and listened to the comments of the guide: "Now we are passing a village which lives without electricity and has about 200 inhabitants and it is well Here we will sail to the hot springs...Here we make a long Parking, there are a lot of berries, there are Islands where in the spring a handful of seals, and the island is a Paradise for cormorants...»

Fifty six million two hundred fifty eight thousand seven hundred thirty seven

Arriving in a surprisingly quiet lagoon, stepping down from the ladder, we barefoot, moving her fingers in the water, never ceases to amaze me how water can be so clear. After putting us, backpacks, food and rubber raft-catamaran, boat, turned and swam away.


We Annushka stood from the pristine beauty of the protected forest: birch groves, cedar hills, a scattering of pebbles in the water, like a glass, the coastal strip, bright as cane sugar, and stones... so... what I want to get everything at once. So, after standing for a bit, we're not negotiating, simultaneously thinking one thought: to bathe... it was here, in this wild-predica place, and of course naked.

Forty nine million five hundred forty seven thousand eight hundred nine

Choosing a place for a campfire, putting up tents, and an hour later happy with the beauty around and fed a simple meal, sat in a circle to rename members, for more recent contact with him during the journey.


It's surprisingly effective tradition of educational laboratories, especially good for traveling to new places. Putting aside, for a time, their secular name, the man manages to break from the social more fully, than if here it continued to be called van, for example. Much deeper it goes, if it is, for example, Free Wind or Taiga Cedar.


But the tradition of choosing a name is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. The beauty of this process is that all participants are involved in choosing the name, and only this, in itself, gives considered a different vision of himself and faces the sense that he tries to pack into the word new his name. I call this practice - Naming the Actual Name. What we are looking for a group most relevant for this person's emotional movement of his soul, gives to show the most important thing necessary for him, on him now. Because the names go so alive and strong in themselves, that condemns a man to update and development. And often the result of group creativity surprises not only betrothed, but all participants.

And a few, bright lived in the center of the circle, hours after I amazing stories, we got to know each other more than spouses can know each other for 5 years. We have gone social individuals with the serial names and there were "people" with unique characters and a surprisingly unique pattern of life.

Eighty two million one hundred thirty nine thousand twenty six

SASHA — Dancing Thunder is a Mature businessman, intelligent and a very gallant man, a long time ago(20 years ago), he watched a documentary "the Lake" on lake Baikal and has now fulfilled his longtime dream. He came here in Force for a new phase of his life.


MARINA Barvysta phallus — his woman. In the past, master of sports, active, strong, business, self-determination. And probably because of the excess of these qualities, she has a difficult relationship with her daughter. Here it is for ease, joy and colors of life.


LENA is a gorgeous Woman. Married. It's a beautiful woman like Kim Basinger, with her girlish, youthful smile — now traveler and yoga teacher, psychologist. Loving life, socializing, flirting. Nice and is incredibly tough, Flirty. The whole journey will entertain us, testing the resistance encountered in the way of men :)


VLAD — Gives Meaning. Our guide. real taiga, the son of the military, who grew up in these places since childhood, and owning all the survival skills in the forest, and his virtuoso climbing the cedars for the buds would be the envy even bears. Not married and a little shy. Otherwise reliable, confident, proactive and incredibly practical — improvised, it seems, can do everything: furniture, fire, food and a reason for stories. Only sometimes around the campfire, his thoughts about life, had given his young age: the dream of "Eldorado" was combined with a certain disappointment in people, probably men, probably, those whom he unsuccessfully tried to do business.


ANNA — shaman — a Young woman with a difficult fate. The mother of a talented son. Lover. Slim, a keen sense of the emotional state of people around and sometimes before the events of seeing prophetic dreams. Here for my nastasescu and freedom boldly to show their depth. Wants without regard to Express what he feels without worrying about what may not be understood or hurt someone with my inner truth.


I Vangara – request had a deeper understanding of the nature of pure water of lake Baikal, through contact with the result the only Angora river, flowing from lake cleaner than all the things that flow into Baikal. My name chose the tribe listened to my story and my meaning.
Fifty five million two hundred seventy six thousand nine hundred eighteen


The night of the full moon rinse your lunar bunnies in calm waters and covered the Baikal beauty until the morning. In the morning we "iagnosis" on the shore and cheerful wandered off to collect firewood who is, and who the catamaran, planning two hours to sail to the next Bay.


In the forest in August is Sunny and not too hot, and it pleases. The guide said we were lucky the water this year unusually warm — 20 degrees! She usually 12-16 degrees, allowing it to quickly, in reverent impulse to plunge and immediately to the fire, to warm up, but we can even sail for some time — that's how lucky we are!

Inflating pump two rubber "banana", we have inserted between them the aluminum frame and sasorova a tarp over it, in less than an hour created a raft/catamaran. What I especially like is the engineering solution designers: inflatable swimming funds in place of inflating air, close the cap standard is identical to the cap from a plastic bottle. Even if would-be tourists will lose the cap from your boat, they will always be able to replace it with any standard cap from a bottle, and sail on.

Another important and wonderful solution in water travel, it seemed to me a plastic airtight container, where we prudently unloaded all the photo equipment, documents and phones (the phones, I must say, we agreed to switch off and not use before the end of the trip) Yes, such a container really doesn't sink - is hermetically sealed, so the air inside keeps it above the water as a float.

The first crossing is a problem of attunement between the two polar sides: right and left. The conductor seated us on the edges of the raft, dividing us 6-ryh two bananas. And we, happy — child emotion — anticipation, adventure, very concentrated, waved his oars, first separately, and then simultaneously, smoothly and with songs. Three hours later, we were moored next to the lagoon

It was a great idea with the catamaran! To feel the body of the lake can be so tightly and literally, that if you go many hours, literally, due to its strength and feeling its direction, which overcomes perpendicular or otherwise anything in the direction of the natural currents of the lake.

Bank was desirable, and magnetic us many hours. Came to him, tired and happy from the awakened forces within and merging with his, literally, steady aim – earthly firmament.


Being in contact with the earth resistance, we still have some time reeling — as in life, when we get used to the unreliability of people, for example, and the buffeting of events, we get lost, encountering the firmness and reliability, and then to talk is already starting us. By the way, girls are often "accidentally" spoil the relationship, having met a decent man — the force of inertia.


To resist inertia and automatism helps, but the increased awareness. That is, it is useful to distinguish between their reaction to the events from the events themselves. Have most people present the illusion that the causes of their conditions due to external people and circumstances. Not really, external circumstances and people, only buttons and the processor response it inside, and while the version itself will not be updated by the owner, these "buttons" will run older programs.


Mindfulness is not control over others, is — care to their internal processes and ways of its response.


We planned their tents to get lost in the woods, so as not to attract the coast guard. We were in protected areas where tourists are officially not supposed to be, but our guide therefore was selected that knew how to show us a wild Baikal. Choosing a place for the tent, the shaman came across the traces of a bear in an anthill. This we were pleased and scared at the same time. Yes, meeting with force, a person often just can't decide what it will choose to feel from a pop-up simultaneously in this moment – the feelings, the names of which — the Delight and Fear. These emotions are competing for people's attention-lucky, colliding with great Force.


He himself does not become at once clear, that it will win, and of course wins that is more consistent with his nature. But even if the winner Delight, there, in the background is the Fear. The fear remains, he is nowhere not going away, it's being there, in the shadow part of our personality, is the fuel for our ecstatic enthusiasm. Conversely, if a person overcomes Fear, and Enthusiasm also remains there, on the margins of consciousness. And that's why people are still attracted to those situations that you fear. Attract what to try to escape. Hidden of Enthusiastic Admiration, standing behind Fear – magnetic again to get in touch with these amazing for the psyche circumstances. This process of active "bania" I call negative Fascination. Because, in any case: whether the Fear there in the first place, there is contact with the Force. And the desired contact Force is not simply the highest human need is the need of Life itself: and specifically if is the need of our spirit: to seek contact with a Force approaching the borders of Poznan, to go beyond them.

One million three hundred seventeen thousand thirty five

In the heart of the word SPIRITUALITY the root of "spirit" and it is this process — contact with the Power that makes us alive, this is the secret of proactive and life-affirming people – they are not afraid of Power, they are looking for it, they are Spirit and they are constantly striving to expand the limits and boundaries.

During dinner we discussed the story, how more correctly to "meet" bear, what to say to him (maybe about politics, or maybe songs of his) and how voice. Participants raised controversy by modeling the ratio of bears to various topics, dialects, folklore, and the Russian battlefield. Watching the creative flow of ideas to each other about this, and listening to stories from the life of the Explorer, we made a rather profound conclusion — and it was great.

If you meet a bear will be able to man remains a MAN, calm and inquisitive, as if he had remained a "crown of creation", that is he fell into the animal fear (which of course, in practice, unlikely), then the bear is not dangerous, and would prefer not to mess with a strange creature. But if a person will lay a Strong Fear, it is clear to any large animal sense, surely the bear will draw, and he sees in man his food, or a weak opponent, or even one person to bear, suddenly might want to eat, so as not suffered.

My observation is that nothing and no one in a Healthy world and society doesn't want to be feared. When we are afraid, and we make sure that we have no influence on that feeling in another person, we also begin to mirror the feel the vibrating feeling inside, the anxiety or aggression that makes you want to quickly get rid of. To close it doesn't feedback fear. Emotions from unpleasant to get rid of the human host it.

The conductor walked along the shore, shook the cedars, and checked for ear maturity pine cones.

— They're almost ready for them to roast on the fire, they will be revealed, and they will be there.

When he easily flew into a tree and almost got lost in the tracery of the pine needles, no doubt there was nobody — well, like his power animal – a Bear. He looked like a bear, build and clumsy gait as we could before not see such obvious similarities?

And if so, then troubles from the meeting with this animal we can't wait – totem guide — our ally!

In the evening, the idea arose to meet the sunrise. But not always be relevant in the morning yesterday (especially evening) ideas. Sunrise I "was mortal" and therefore I, seeing the sky turn gray, came out of the tent and began to feed twigs to the embers on the beach.


Sunrise was long, but I was personally convinced now well remember that the sun here rises and sets is not so in Africa. In Africa it quickly "turns on" the day and in the evening (exactly six-zero-zero) just drops below the horizon, and almost immediately comes a dark tropical night — light immediately goes off as if turned it off, pulling the power cord from the outlet. There is not so long the sun rises along the horizon. Its orbit is very inclined, and because of the sunrise we were waiting for two hours. The sun is not where the beginning was dawn. No, it's teasing — crept below the line of the blue mountains, far South and there very immediately, but first touching, pink rays of stray clouds showed crimson crown patient. We…

To be continued...

Twenty six million twenty five thousand three hundred forty one

Author: Natalia Walicka


Invite you into the Mystery in the journey, “I and the Top of the” Climb MT Kazbek (5033m).



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