A journey to lake Baikal. Part 3

A continued trip to lake Baikal.

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A journey to lake Baikal. part 2


The day we Packed camp and loaded symmetrically raspredelitel on the sides of the boat, and swam on. Rising above the sandy shores beckoned us coziness satyavrata in the folds of the mountains the lagoon. On the road to the next Parking lot, we are called to the island is quite small, rocky and scenic with tall grass, birch, cedars and commensurate with its highest mountain in the center. Judging by the stories of the conductor, there is, if we're lucky, we can see the seal.

Moored, we saw the sign "o St. Helena — visit is prohibited." We smiled – now it was a sign for our Luxury. We took the catamaran to the shore. Here, the parties in the preliminary contract, in complete silence, scattered all around the island to find your point of Calm Strength and to be there alone, listening to the energies of these places, their meanings, and God knows what else that can whisper the man Power alone in a wild place, surrounded by the pristine waters of lake Baikal. The time has stopped.

After leaving St. Helena, we sailed to the place next stop. Walked along the sandy beach crossed our picturesque Creek framed by forget-me-nots and bright green grass. And just a few metres from the water's all completely overgrown with berry bushes and bushes and Kostochka.

Currant — pedigree, as we have in Ukraine in the private yards have good owners, blackberries, cranberries, blueberries, blueberry, stone bramble were alternating the lead, passing the baton to each other. But the camp here it was impossible to put — this place was a Kingdom of ants. If someone for a hang near a berry Bush, after he danced the "dance of the spirits of this place" with a stomping, shaking and prihlopyvaniem.

The ants here were severe taiga, the large and biting.

So we walked a kilometer, until I got out of the ant's territory. The place was gorgeous, with beautiful, clean waves and the sun, silvery snags similar to installation of some creepy stoned-modern artist. These natural sculptures have taken such live poses that I wanted to sit down and talk to this tree with the spirit of the place. Obsolete earth the age of the trees, so, independently found a second life in a new form here on the Bank, instilled the excitement and name to contact.

Well, soon we were sitting among them. And next to a crackling fire, roasted in charcoal taiga buds, blooming as roses. I don't know what people call "ash rose", but the food could well be called — ash outside these cones were all shades of gray and pink, all shades of pink inside. We were clicking them like in the Ukraine seeds.

Almost simultaneously, the team perfected the movement, got a seed and properly deploying her fingers, visacialis the language of pine nuts. At first it was hard, but in the car on a long road to the Lake, the participants began to practice responsibly, so that by the fifth day have acquired notable skills. And of course, it is incredibly delicious.

Towards evening we saw a motorboat in the distance — she was walking toward us. Guests — coast guard reserve. Gives Meaning to said that since we don't catch fish here, the big problem we have should not be. To visit Baikal nature reserve we have official permission to travel. The shaman was designed according to the rules, it is, of course, not quite that — but close.

I said well we communicate, it's not the first time to deal with the border guards or other authorities, " — Gives Meaning, give me the paper!"

The group was a little nervous. The paper was decorated for our Shaman — her name helped not to be disturbed, so angry I decided.

The boat came serious, introduced himself and said that there is not... I also had, I like the names given by the authorities, and then get out of the "wide leg" and ask them to do the same — to show the documents. I with pleasure like to read their names out loud, a little slow, like I try to memorize them.

But they said again — "not here".

And we showed them the paper and said we can. They said that it is possible, but not here, here is a map and you're now in the zone where it is impossible, that's on your resolution this phase is marked that it is impossible. And we said, if he is on our resolution generally means "can". And I looked at each other like real blondes.

The guards of the reserve, insisted "that it is impossible" and made it serious, cold, not smiling, hoping to scare, so we wanted to pay off. There's senior in command of the younger of them, he pulls out a form and begins to fill the act on secular name of our Shaman about the violation.

I continue to smile happily while watching "the clear Falcon" the direct look which usually scares the person, and he tries to look away, as if she wants to hide somewhere, to get away from the sight. Never ceases to amaze, but for some reason most people, when someone is watching, just in case you start to feel guilty. Although if you look at home, very frolicsome kitten, he will playfully and with all the excitement thrown in your face.

And I said,

— Money will not.

And added:

But you proplyvaya night to our campfire, you will still be bored.

They asked after a long pause:

— Girls, what you bring... Beer drinking?

(Beer is not drink even our conductor)

— Here we have alcohol do not drink. Juice and chocolate.

I wanted to let the men be heroes, and give them the opportunity to do us good. Although with pine cones and berries store-bought food, of course, could not compete.

When they sailed, the participants breathed a sigh of relief and spoke in a circle about their feelings about. I must say that our conversations in the Circle are a little different from the usual discussions in the spirit of "what everyone thinks about...".

These conversations happen on a different principle: "feel...". Yes, us — people, indeed, inside there is a feeling, as a living energy response. Emotional intelligence is evolutionary much older than the mental reasoning "about".

Yes, about external events feelings before thoughts, and then in humans, there is a need to justify them in my mind. Feelings are primary, they are so much primary that they, like nothing else, makes us alive and include, anelgeziruet and give force and power to think, including.

After all, feelings of joy, anticipation, or fear, shame, embarrassment (or God knows what)! Even if fleeting and will stir inside of us emotionally, it directly involves us in the action, or at least the rationale for these suddenly awakened to activity of reactions.

People have long forgotten how to pay attention to feelings that may seem to them as if they have forgotten how to feel, so I write many of my colleagues, but it is not. It is not — people still can feel the feelings they have forgotten how to deal with them.

I'm going to call the wave, which is born the man in the middle of the chest alternately, feelings, emotions, and even though it was not one too. The epicenter of energy waves has a location in the middle of the breast, it is born not in his head.

People socio-adressierung negligent caregivers, often avoids feelings and emotions, but they still slip from him for a moment. Fear of strong feelings, he expertly breaks the flow, that is not in them and starts them — feeling, thinking, which gives it a smart look. But what may look like wisdom, frequently found under a mental fear. Feeling is power and people fear power, and especially its.

So people still can feel the feelings, they are afraid of them. People are afraid to be in the feelings they have forgotten how to live in the feelings, considering it a threat. They do anything to not be Present — they're juggling thoughts, they explain what they saw, dreaming or remembering something that was not here and not now, and often not even with them. Exactly what they are afraid of Feelings, and developed in them a strategy to overcome feelings, to swing feelings to explain anything, just is not in them.

That is, for a brief moment people even the most dry and stale, catches the emotion from the situation and immediately begins to transfer her to the head, explaining some concept from the past their emotional attitude to (...) bringing words, as if he justified himself in front of him for what he's got on something alive emotional reaction, or blames circumstances in their feelings.

And now, for a moment revived, at the moment of contact with Being flashed alive and real Present in person, again behind gigabytes of words in my head, sometimes ashamed of his fear, and sometimes their joy.

As if people can't carry a lot of energy, because even with the positive feelings they do also a little bit live, and then trying to swing, or even drain through the words that their bursting from within. Fear of force. Fear to admit that I'm scared. Fear that something will happen. Fear that nothing will happen. Fear of want and fear no want.

Fear to open up to something big: big love, big money, big opportunity. Fear to have and have not... This list can go on forever and all this will be "alibi" not to meet Force. Because the meeting with the Power change. A person does not know that a new you which will appear after this meeting. The unknown – it is scary.

What if I trust? If otherwise? If you absorb their feelings, give the emotions to last — then a lot of force. More power, more responsibility — who does?


Somewhere there's a bridge where two souls meet...

Your emotions are the vibrational indicator of balance or imbalance


Plenty of Power — plenty of Power — it has a different quality and a different depth of life is mystery. Then the person in the center. He is a main "hero movie". He is attentive, all here, because nobody knows what is around the corner, a very high condition. But is afraid to lose credibility... and you can learn how to fall from a great height. The more "everything to lose", the more fear.published

To be continued

Read the previous part of the journey:a Journey to lake Baikal. part1

A journey to lake Baikal. part 2


Author: Natalia Walicka


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