A journey to lake Baikal. Part 7

A continued trip to lake Baikal.

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Amulet – Strength

Returning to camp, we started to look at my trophies and I decided that it was time for making amulets. We settled on the beach, made the mats larger area. Mats are lightweight mats, which are used by tourists and climbers in Hiking as a mattress in tents.

Put in the middle piece — leather pieces, thread, beads and beads, specially brought along. We enthusiastically set about creating their own Items of Power. Around the stones, combined colors and shapes, building from parts the whole. Whole, where each element is endowed with meaning and associated with personal discoveries and current domestic routes.

I was happy as a child when I happened to find in addition to jade more and Druse white crystals, slightly in the absence of the waves of lake Baikal. White, translucent hexagons in "their" simultaneously combines two incongruous aspects — the soft smoothness of the sharp corners that holds the power of water, and good "readability" of their peaks and mathematically perfect sides. Other participants get their own trophies caused a similar tender emotions.

Production of amulets is a "magical" event or "folk art in the spirit of primitivism", as you like to call this process. In fact, this process has incredible therapeutic effect, which manifests itself in the process of creating your own Strength. In this action connects the two essential pillars of individual mentally healthy Person.

The first aspect is living in us the Inner Child. Childhood is the Golden time, when the world looks absolutely magical. This means that everything is possible in him that one can only wish!

The process of making something the child is experienced as an important ceremonial part of the creative process, and the subjects of which we, as children, something sculpted, are alive and are in dialogue with us as with his Creator.

The second aspect is our Adult part. The one that structures our real world. This is the Operational side of our mind, where no emotions, and have set myself the task. This is the most adequate part in man, it is thanks to her in this world are brought to the end of the business, are created and projects are born objects of the material world.

Do people who have depression or other neurotic disorders clogged with these two crucial parts of the individual layers of personal drama. Their Inner Child is not playing because he's injured, hurt, immobilized, too serious and closed. Thus, Internal Adult hysteria in the internal emotional seizure, falling, alternating between apathy, bitterness, anger, accusations of the world or just pofigisticheski sabotaging the set themselves goals.

Making new or well-forgotten practice of the Man actually purifies its own nature — "palette of colors", which draws your world. His Inner Child is playful and magical, and his Inner Grown-up responsible and practical.

Once in her Studio for lessons max Skoblinskogo I were finger-painting on the canvas oil painting and not understanding some technical issues, asked the question:

— Max, why do you, when you come to my canvas and make the strokes, are they clean? Max, how to clean the color out you?

Yeah I just have a rag and I wipe my fingers before taking another color.

Ha, how simple!

Many, too, in one hand there is a "rag", and they do not use it! "Weird, but people forget to use it," thought I, as an incorrigible psychologist, transferring this metaphor to the lives of some people. When I know where my palette is red, white, and black... I will get the result on your canvas of life. The one that really draw!

Hard to draw anything big randomly mixed colors – dirty and flat out. Well back to pure colors, unless of course you are the Author. It is good to understand the mixing of paints we need for the desired effect of depth and volume.

If you are the Author, it's good to know what you paint. You can now on someone else's canvas – and here, too, can get pleasure from the process when you are smearing someone or the surrounding reality. After all, being shown on another big "picture of life" – you have paint, but it is ALSO a sense of their own existence.

People have one basic human need is to Control and Influence. Knowing what you paint, you have to influence the course of events and samorealizatsii in it.

The need for sex, food, warmth, reproduction and the care — needs have not human, but animals. And even the need for Freedom, to which so many aspire, there is a human need.

Freedom is a normal animal needs in Liberty. The tragedy of man is that he can't go to the living human in itself, until you "close" the realization of their basic animal needs.

So "animal" in this text is not contrasting human is a mandatory Foundation of humanity in man, the basis and condition of his initiative work. And creative authorship in man is realized through perceived them the ability to Influence the world.

It starts with self-awareness, based on the state of Abundance, when just satisfied all his basic animal needs. If they are not closed, one feels not himself, but his hunger and fear. Then he spends, nature has the potential of Creativity in their survival.

You can see the beauty of dance in agony dying, but it is quite another surreal show, which dancing not "planned" so... He suffers, he does not know who he is, he's looking out for himself, learning his "paint". If so, then while him as the Author of his life, yet. The author wasn't even born in it.

Just imagine — a man looking for himself. He is still "seroburomalinovoy", "not a mouse, not a frog" and not the Author — it's sad. The person cannot bear to feel anyone. By and large, it is impossible for a human to feel absolutely nothing. He, in the depths of his truth about himself, from self-awareness of their needs, that it is. In this critical evaluation of yourself as a powerless "insignificance" (failing to realize their desires), the person feels that you are hiding a big lie. Lying to yourself about your essence, contact with which he has lost (or found, or lost, underline). And he's looking for.

The presence of an animal needs just to help him in this search to feel alive! Living through a rational body needs.

Creating Power Objects is a special irrational activity.

There are items servants, household appliances, shoes, furniture, etc. – they are rational. And there are objects, allies, objects, friends and teachers. They do not carry binding functionalities. Their task is not domestic, and, by and large, in the home they are useless.

Their tasks are not of the world manifest. They are the bridge between manifested and unmanifested. Having such items is a luxury, not a necessity. The need to have non-functional objects have always been the prerogative of the elite and priests. That is, in their worlds, from the point of view of the layman — just a whim, a whim.

But the man in the street does not create anything outside of their small family. He is not the author in the big world. He is a paint. And because he, a simple man, really do not understand the motives, cause and inalienable "whim" of those whose life extends beyond a small family... posted

To be continued...


Author: Natalia Walicka


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