Can dogs read minds?

Interesting to know that dogs are able to perform various mental commands as if they are able to read the minds of their owners. We read some incredible facts about these pets.
Dogs are capable of empathy

Yawning is a phenomenon directly related to empathy. It is observed only in species capable of empathy, that is, in humans and other primates, and only within the same species. People yawn when they see how others yawn; chimps yawn when they see how others yawn chimpanzees. Did you yawned a couple of times while reading this paragraph.
The exception to this rule is, of course, the dogs - they can "catch" your yawn. Researchers do not know exactly why, as well as do not know why yawning is so "contagious" for the people, but they suggest that people use yawning to indicate fatigue. Dogs same as domestication have found many ways to communicate with the person, and perhaps yawning - one of those ways.
Moreover, when we are in a bad mood, dogs feel that we are bad, and react to it - wag their tails, bow their heads to the side, licking. This is - a form of consolation. That is why dogs can be considered excellent "therapists" they can listen without interrupting, and follow you everywhere. So it is obvious that dogs have an uncanny ability to read our emotions, but how?
The fact that all people, regardless of whether they are right-handed or left-handed emotion displaying predominantly on the right side of the face. When we look at each other, evaluating the possibility or the probability of getting a kiss fight, we focus on the right side of the face. In addition to people in a similar way are only two types - rhesus monkeys and dogs, although we hope that your dog is not looking for no romance, no harm.

Dogs understand that our visual perception is different from their own

The researchers decided to check it out and put a dog and a man in opposite sides of the room, the center of which are two identical toys. Then they closed the toys from human barriers: to put a toy transparent barrier, and to the other - non-transparent. When the man ordered the dog: "Bring here!" Physically not pointing out what kind of toy meant dog brought a toy that people could see - the one that for the transparent barrier. This was repeated until the man turned his back to the toy. Then the dog once brought another toy, and the other - the same.
Dogs, focuses mainly on the odors even use it to their advantage. For example, the dog will not eat the food, you are not allowed to take it until you see it. But as soon as you close your eyes, turn away or puts something between themselves and food, your dog will lose all their morals and will take the dog food.

Dogs think that you know something they do not know

Desire dog to try the same food that people eat is due to much more than just a suspicion that your a food is certainly much tastier than what lies in her bowl - it will request food to your table, even if you yourself will have a dog feed.
As long as you represent the pleasure of eating food, whatever it may be, your dog will be asking for a piece of the same hard as usual requests meat. Dogs want to eat what we eat, just because we like it, and they trust our opinion.
Scientists studying this phenomenon and found that, even if the dog presents a choice of two plates of food, large and small, she chooses small that if people ate from the small plates and clearly enjoyed the food. If you for some reason Draw dissatisfaction with food, then chances are that your dog does not like it, too, is very high.

Dogs understand pointing

It is now known only two living beings who understand what is pointing at some point - people and dogs. Even after careful preparation of chimpanzees, our closest relatives on the evolutionary tree does not understand the pointing gesture.
But dogs understand because evolution side by side with a man made them into your minds two things: people see the world differently and that view is correct, and people are always trustworthy. So when you point the finger at any thing, the dog will understand what you mean.
Dogs are so sensitive to our guide signals that can understand our intentions, even if we do not actually point to the subject. Attract attention to your dog, and then look closely at the subject, saying nothing - that would be enough for the dog to know what you think about this site.
Be careful with your new power: the next time you go out with the dog for a walk and look too closely at the policeman-writer fine, you may unconsciously prosignaliziruete dog, it was delicious.

Dogs know who you like and who - less

Imagine that you and your dog go out in the evening for a walk, and then you pass by another person dog. You bend down without a second thought to her pet, and then your dog jumps to the side and pull the leash you to go for it. This is a rather interesting reaction - a long time it was believed that dogs are not capable of jealousy.
Scientists divide emotions into two categories: primary emotions such as fear and anger, and secondary emotions such as guilt or envy, which require self-awareness. It was believed that only apes have consciousness.
Ultimately, the researchers conducted an experiment proving that the dog is also in some way inherent. They forced two dogs perform the same tricks, with after each trick a dog always received the award, and the second - no. After several repetitions of the second dog stopped to execute commands without reward, and showed clear signs of stress and irritation.
Interesting, is not it? But this proves that dogs understand justice, but not jealousy. However, dogs are produced by the same hormones as the people associated with the zeal and love - oxytocin, so dogs can, and to show clear signs of envy and jealousy. Sometimes just whelp dogs can even be jealous of the host to its own puppies, because all the attention goes to them, and careless behavior of the owner of a bitch may even show aggressive behavior toward their offspring.



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