Just try it!

● Try not to eat at night and go to sleep with a hungry stomach and within 1-2 weeks you will begin to see the light bright dreams and wake up every morning in a good mood and already with the inspiration to anything, and you will wake up fresh in the morning, without lingering desire stay in bed for half a day.

● Try not to add to the two food seasonings: salt and pepper and you will see that you can eat 2-3 times less food for 1-2 weeks, the body ceases to swell, and in a month you get thin noticeably (only with overweight ).

● Try not to drink soft drinks or any carbonated drinks bought at the store, and you'll see how tasty plain water and that you need to quench your thirst is much smaller.

● Try not to drink coffee and tea for two weeks, and you will see that you all are glad that you fall asleep easily and deeply asleep that you have smoothed voltage or frowning facial wrinkles and all the light (or heavy) nervousness is gone (or at least diminished twice)

● Try saying goodbye to the man to stop saying "come on, well ... come on!" And you will see how easy and pleasant to say goodbye.

● Try week to go and sit with your back straight, and you will see how to improve your memory, and how much faster you to think.

● Try for a person who does not like you, each time at the memory of him, to give him an imaginary most luxurious (or especially good) gift, imagining how he rejoices, and you will see that it will treat you better, as well as you to it.

● Try for an hour or two before bedtime turn off the TV and computer, and you will begin to see their desires and creative impulses.

● Try to 2 weeks talking on the phone only in the case, and you will see that in the day of 36 hours.

● Try each time you wish to take a cigarette - take an apple / tangerine / orange / banana or drinking a glass of water and after 2 weeks you will feel yourself twice stronger, fitter and stronger.

● Try every time you want to do something that interests you (even if for the first time, even if you are not rare and peculiar, but popular with) done right and subtract minutes razdumyvaniya and evaluate and see what you can much more.

● Try to smile every time you want to smile passer, even for a few seconds (forgetting "that he might think about you"), and within a month you will start to feel each person familiar and safe.

● Try to lie down in the grass, the trees, away from the machine, do not hesitate to people, and you will hear a long-awaited silence.


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