Doctors told how to stop the aging process! All it is a daily process…

13 Feb 1972 a Michel Sifr voluntarily climbed into a cave in southwest Texas for six months. With him he took only one light bulb, water and food. And most importantly — a calendar and a clock he left the house. What such sacrifices? Michelle was not crazy, this French scientist studied circadian rhythm that is , the rhythms of sleep and wakefulness of the person.

For example, he tried to study how biological clocks work, and whether the body to adapt to such conditions. The experiment was a success: for the six months in the cave, the scientist developed a perfect sleep, the body itself chose when to sleep and eat. An entertaining experiment, isn't it?

The problem of studying sleep is so important! «Site» will tell you how to overcome fatigue and get the maximum benefit from sleep. After all, one third of our life we spend on this physiological process.

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How to get rid of escalating quite consciously deprive themselves of sleep in favor of work and other things. Less sleep — more time. But is it right? Scientists say that adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to live a full life.

Reducing the duration of sleep promotes the loss of physical and mental activity. What the elderly and children need to sleep longer. But people succumb to the rhythm of life and sleep less and less.

Scientists at Harvard argued that the older a person is, the harder it is to sleep and the worse the sleep cope with its function. It is safe to say that if an elderly person has trouble sleeping, so the aging process in his body is accelerating. But this shows only one thing: so long stay young you cannot spare time to sleep!

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When to go and when to get up Circadian rhythms change under the pressure of your conduct and employment throughout the day. All of them are different. But there are basic points are common to all.

  1. 06:00
    Cortisol level increases, thus awakening your mind and body.
  2. 07:00
    Melatonin stops.
  3. 09:00
    Sex hormones are at peak performance.
  4. 10:00
    At this time of the day you are in the peak of his mental activity.
  5. 14:30
    System responsible for motor skills and coordination are at the peak of activity.
  6. 15:30
    The time when the response level exceeds all indicators.
  7. 17:00
    Cardiovascular and muscular system at this time work well.
  8. 19:00
    Body temperature and blood pressure at this time of day increased.
  9. 21:00
    The body begins preparing the body for sleep by producing melatonin.
  10. 22:00
    Begin frequent urination, and your body still prepares for sleep.
  11. 02:00
    This time a deep sleep.
  12. 04:00
    At this time of day your body temperature reaches an acceptable minimum. And the Wake at this time is particularly bad!

So how to reset this watch and run them again? There is one simple and proven way: 30 minutes ukladyvaya in bright light. Not utilise in the lamp, of course, and spend the time in the sun without sunglasses. And even better — Wake up with the sunrise and spend the morning on the balcony.

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What to do to to normalize the sleep and get maximum benefit? Here are a few rules, observing that you can sleep peacefully. Because a good and healthy sleep — the key to a long youth and perfect health!

How to sleep
  1. Caffeine
    If you suffer from sleep problems, try to give up caffeine. If so from your morning coffee does not give up, try not to drink it after noon.
  2. Smoking
    Quit Smoking immediately! By the way, a wonderful book by Allen Carr "Easy way to stop Smoking" will help you do that.
  3. Alcohol
    Many argue that SIP, for example, before bedtime helps you to sleep. But this is a huge mistake. Yes, maybe your brain will have a rest, but the body — no. Alcohol delays the REM sleep and lowers its quality.
  4. Exercises
    Physical activity 2-3 hours before sleep will help the body and mind faster disconnect.
  5. Bedroom
    The main mistake is the use of bedrooms for other purposes. This room is for sleep only. Take from it everything that distracts, deported the cat's door and tightly shut curtains.
  6. Sounds
    Silence is an essential attribute of healthy sleep. And if did not go to drown out street noise, use earplugs or a special smartphone app that simulates white noise.
  7. Temperature
    Most people claims that nicer to sleep in a cool room. The ideal temperature is 18-21 °C.
  8. Relaxation
    Try to find the ideal way of dealing with stress. Meditation, breathing exercises, reading — try everything!
  9. Sunlight
    Coffee way to Wake up on cloudy days. For everyone else there's sunlight! Try to meet the day on the balcony. The first rays of the sun you will certainly invigorate and set the tone for the whole day!

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Lack of sleep, a robber brazenly robs you of health, youth and inspiration. So maybe it is time to stop to underestimate the benefit of this important physiological process and start to sleep?

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