Back stopped hurting immediately! Take it and do these 6 exercises.

Due to a sedentary lifestyle for most of us, especially those who work at the computer, pain in the back became common. And this applies to people of all ages! A lot of sitting, move a little, unconsciously escrevem your spine, utykayas in smartphones and tablets.

The modern pace of life leaves us able to devote much time to their health. At first, we try not to pay attention to early signs of problems. However, when the pains become strong, simple means the case will not help. It is always better to avoid health problems, warning them!

A set of exercises for pozvonochnika this article, the"Site" prepared for you the 6 simple but highly effective exercises for the spine and back, which do not require to perform a lot of time and special skills, but it gives very good results!

  1. Starfish

    Tired after work? Can you not just relax but also to help my back! To do this, simply lie on the floor, stretch your hands and legs to the sides and a little lie down in this position. Then you will be very pleased to perform twists: arms and shoulders rotate in one direction, the hips turn to another. Then return to the starting position and done the same thing in the other direction. All make very slow and relaxed!

  2. Rolling stone

    Again, the exercise for the lazy! For its implementation you will need a chair. Get on the floor, preferably on a warm rug, and Board feet on a chair. Exercise helps to restore proper blood flow throughout the body, and the back will be able to relax after daily stress.

  3. Flexible snake

    Youth is determined by the mobility of its spine. The basis of this exercise formed the behavior of snakes, the animal that is distinguished by its flexibility. In ancient times the sages observed nature and then apply certain items derived from animals in physical exercises. "Flexible snake" — asana yoga, but don't worry, this exercise is available to everyone. Just lay down on his stomach, rests the toes into the floor and lift the body on the hands so highly as you can. Most importantly, feel the muscle tension, but do not overdo it.

  4. The embryo

    Feel again in my mom's tummy — lie down in the fetal position. To do this, lie on your back, bend your knees and tighten them to the stomach, clasping their hands. Stay in this position for about 30 seconds to a minute. You can do this exercise even while viewing your favorite series! Just need to lie down on the floor.

  5. Stand in the corner

    The main purpose of this exercise is the relaxation of all muscles. To make this "hill" you will need a fitball, if you don't, come to the aid of the back of the sofa or chair.

  6. Feet braided

    This exercise is harder than the last, but it will not require from you a strong physical preparation and available to everyone. Lie on your back, bend one leg and put her knee the second. Holding the bottom, slowly pull her to him, lifting one leg at the top. A bit hold this position for literally half a minute. Do eight approaches for each leg.

Make sure you complete these 6 simple exercises, and you will forget about problems with the spine and back, as about a bad dream. The main thing — do not be lazy!

Let this article will help you become healthier, stronger in body and spirit. If you liked the article, tell others about him!

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