How to bring his wife to commit suicide

This article we wrote under severe pressure from society to protect the environment in general and women in particular. Because we do believe that women bring to suicide do not need them, and so life is not easy. Bored wife does not necessarily eliminate such cruel methods are much more humane to give her friend, to sell to a brothel, or simply play cards.

But we understand that in life there is always a gentleman unforeseen circumstances. Let's say that your wife is rich, but you do not give money. Or, for example, at the opera yesterday she met you with his mistress, long considered it in the eyeglass, and then half an hour laughing hysterically. Or are you planning to sell in bordel.V generally leaves no way out. In this case, you should sit down and carefully consider all the known methods of science to bring his wife to suicide.

Try to throw it

Abandoned by his wife often commit suicide. Or commit murder of her husband's life. It could be as lucky. But the risk - a noble cause. Who does not risk, that does not drink strychnine.

Try not to throw it

Instead, come to his wife, look her in the eye and firmly say, "I'll never give up." It is possible that work. Especially if she has PMS and full moon at the same time as you are cleaning your teeth the last time the day before. If you are not sure about PMS, then try to repeat this phrase scanty every day for a month. If thirty days she never sob in response, so she had this month was no PMS. And then she either has an old (late forties) and she was going to die, or pregnant, and then bring it to suicide unethical. Yes, and it does not turn. Either you have it a transvestite, too, is, among other things.

Try to kill her favorite lapdog

Or whatever it is. In principle, the lap-dog, too, can bring to the suicide. For example, every night, as soon as the lap dog asleep, whispering in her ear, ominous voice: "Your life is meaningless. You're useless. I hate you. The best way for you - go out the window. " In theory, this method can be applied to itself the wife, but the wives he does not act, and about lapdogs - is unknown. No science has such information.
Try to drastically reduce its content ...

However, no. Better not. Such brutality no one approves. Better to just shot her in the head with a shotgun.

Try every day to go home in the morning drunk

and weep at the feet of his wife, begging her forgiveness. Lack of sleep adversely affect its psyche, and it will only shoot. Or just hang himself. Or lock the bedroom on the key and not let you up in the morning. But in general, the chances are quite good. Of course, if the liver does not let you down.

Try to give his mistress a mink coat and pearls,

and then tell my wife. Only from a distance. That is, much distance.

Try to find a wife in the evening near the works,

with flowers, take in the restaurant, drink champagne, sit on the plane, drink champagne, bring well, for example, in Nice, drink champagne and present a night of love on silk sheets in a five star hotel. Or, alternatively, to take a share in the football and beer. The next day my wife will be a half-day increments to measure the room, trying to guess what it is, you have managed to create that here so now I have to apologize? By evening, she would burst with curiosity. Technically, this is not a suicide, but when we changed the spirit of the letter? Occasionally, and only with a surcharge for every thousand characters. I mean, do not find fault.
Try to give his wife for someone to marry and then get them into the house, and seduce her. Then stay naked until the moment has not yet come new husband. With a 50% interest, he would kill her and not you. And do not try to say that this is not a suicide. To marry someone else when you live - is not that suicide? That's right!

Or simply bringing it to tears, and drinking is not allowed. Two days later, his wife died from dehydration. But it is better not to strain your head, it is not you for it. Just watch for his wife, and then steal it and patented ways to bring you to suicide. What is good for you, then for her amiss.


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