How to mend relations with her husband. My husband is constantly insulted and humiliated.

Why husband constantly insults his wife?

The reasons why the husband is constantly insulted and humiliated his wife, maybe a few. But whatever the reason, this behavior says, at least about bad manners and complete tactlessness of this man, and that man is to be called a very big stretch. Still, be aware of these causes is useful if you, after all, believe in family happiness, in spite of everything and came to the conclusion that we can and need to forgive her husband.

The husband could insult his wife because of the desire for self-assertion

The man insulted and humiliated zhenuChasto man insulted and humiliated his wife, driven by a sense of self-affirmation. In an effort to belittle the wife of such a man to strive to rise above it and to console your self-esteem. There is so mainly in families where the wife is very successful and prosperous, and their husbands - far behind them and look "ugly ducklings" or their background.

Of course, not all men like this situation. But being lazy and passive, they do not tend to any developments and do not want to achieve anything. Their successful and prosperous wife decisively and boldly going through life, can not give them rest. So they tend to mock at her, so that at least, at home, to show who is the family head.

Of course, his behavior man creates many conflicts in the family, as determined and successful in life, women will not tolerate such humiliation and abuse from her husband. Family quarrels arise constantly and almost always end in divorce in the family. And all this happens because not everyone can safely enjoy the success of others, including family and envy them. Ie such men are driven by pride and envy.

The husband humiliated and insulted his wife for fear of losing her

There are times when men seek to humiliate his wife's feelings for fear of losing it. Such cases are known, a lot of them. It would seem that if you do not know how to keep his girlfriend in the family, whether it is tender, very caring, helpful and supportive in everything, in general, open to all the qualities of a good husband.

But men consciously trying to reduce self-esteem of his wife, saying phrases like: "But who do you need, apart from me?" Or "Say thank you that I am with you still live. Another husband started a mistress to himself in my place, or, in general have gone from you. " Phrases may be different, but all boil down to one idea, saying: "You're nothing of itself is not anyone you do not need, so do not try to get away from me, but what does remain one».

The life of a single woman - a bleak prospect. And many women agree with such internal "persuade" the spouse and say that, indeed, should be grateful to him for what he gave them. I would like to ask them: "What he actually gave you? Daily insults and humiliation? Well, this-Great merit ».

Very often, these men themselves do not represent themselves are not attractive in the eyes of other women and they know it. Therefore, afraid of losing his wife. It is driven by the fear of such men, making rude and insulting his wife. In the first case, a man seeking to humiliate his wife in order to feel better of it, these men are simply afraid. Ie they are driven by the fear of loneliness.

The man - a despot, to mock his wife, constantly insulting and humiliating her

Often men play a key role in the family, enjoying their power and become very real household tyrants. This happens in cases where the wife is economically dependent on the cavity of the men. Realizing that his wife was in his power, completely financially dependent on him and is not going anywhere, man behaves like a dictator and establish its own rules, offending and humiliating his wife.

Still, fortunately, that the emancipation of women has affected not all women. And many women were homemakers, ie, housewives. They provide the comfort of home and are very loved and loving wives, supporting her husband came home from work. But unfortunately, not all housewives living in happy families. Some husbands and gets the tyrants who are constantly humiliated and abused wives, taking advantage of their positions. Ie they are driven by the thirst for power and complete superiority.

Habit to humiliate and insult - a set of her husband, going from childhood

Very many of our complexes, fears and habits come from childhood. You could even say that the majority of them. It just so happened. No wonder they say: "What you sow, so shall you reap." Any complex, any fear, even a small, "sown" in the child his parents in childhood threatens to escalate over time, in a very bad trait. Of course, this is not always, but often.

If the father in a family is often rude and insulting her mother, then such an example, he has a son who sees such an attitude to the mother and absorbs it like a sponge. The role of men in the upbringing of his son is very high. Sometimes even a simple example is enough that the boy picked up some trait of his father and took it himself "adopted". And if such examples are the father submits the time, it is not surprising that the boy grows up in the same brusque rude. Ie driven by their habit, their complex grafted from his childhood.

The man constantly degrades and insults his wife because of poor education

This, unfortunately, too often the case. Education, too, is different. If parents do not prevent such behavior in the child's childhood, it is fixed and becomes a habit. Instead of planting the child desired behaviors in the community, parents nurtured their inaction lack of manners in every child. For good behavior, too, need to teach yourself that the child is not trained.

Men brought up in this way, offend and humiliate not only his wife but also children, other relatives, friends and other people. Well, they do not have brakes, and they act as accustomed. Maybe they do not even consider it an insult. It is their habit, they are on the machine and start to wonder if someone makes a comment it. And then insulted him. For any comment on any disagreement they react insult. May offend and humiliate if just in a bad mood. Ie moves them irritable.

Women can provoke his humiliation and insult

Can a woman herself provoke his humiliation and insult? Let's think. You can ruffle even the most balanced man, and run into a bad word from him. And if our man does not suffer too much poise? Then bring it even easier.

Yes, men can go too far and often even too much. But can we do it a woman? Of course they can, why not? Not only men can harass others by their words and chicanery. Women, too, can do it, and quite successfully. In many cases, wives trying to make men jealous. In response, they can hear the insults and rudeness on the part of the husband.

Of course, in response to the constant insults and accusations of women, men can react in different ways. The most phlegmatic men simply do not notice them, completely ignore this and even more angered women. Someone is afraid wives perceive their statements too close and striving to please a woman. The most decisive and confident men are moving away from these wives and do not appear more in their lives. But there are those who do not go away and begin to respond to insult and humiliate women. And moves them a sense of resentment and anger.


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