Best of expression and rule of life of the great "Iron Lady", who admired millions

Charming conservative. Among the many women politicians Margaret Thatcher stands that leaves no one indifferent - some admired, hated by others.

When in 1989 she resigned, the newspaper "Chicago Tribune" wrote Margaret Thatcher: "Perhaps this is the most delightful, hateful, charming, boring, radical and conservative leader in the western world».

So, that's saying a great woman - Margaret Thatcher:

The only way to reach the top of the stairs - to overcome step by step, one at a time. And in the process of lifting you suddenly find yourself all the necessary qualities and skills needed to achieve success that you, like, never had.
If you want to discuss something - go to a man, if you want to really do - go to a woman.
Do not lie shamelessly; but sometimes necessary evasiveness.
Do you want to cut my throat? Do not come to me in the dressing.
I do not blame the ministers for what they say too much, as long as they do what I say.
When a character takes a woman, about her saying "bitch." When a character takes a man, they say about him "a great guy».
Home should be the center, but do not limit women's lives.
Being powerful - it's like being a lady. If you have to remind people that you are it, you are it is not accurate.
The wealth of the country is not necessarily built on its own natural resources, it is achievable even with their absence. The most important resource is people. The State need only provide a basis for the flourishing of talent people.
Every woman is familiar with the problems of housekeeping, is close to that to understand the problems of governance.
Cocky, maybe, well crows, but the eggs still carries a chicken.
90% of our concern for the fact that will never happen.
There is no sense to be miserable soft substance in the chair. Is not that right?
Forming impressions of the person in the first ten seconds, I very rarely it then me.
It is not necessary to agree with the person to find a common language with him.
Free cheese is only in a mousetrap.
Without economic freedom no other freedom can not be.
To win the battle, it is sometimes necessary to give double.
To say that you have the real power still like to say that you are a real lady. If it is spoken out loud, this is not true.
Women are much better than men know how to say "no».
Politeness is valued today is very expensive, but do not have the nerve to prices.
If those who criticize me, would see as I step on the waves of the Thames they would say it's just because she can not swim.
The passion to win burns in all of us. The will to win - the question of training. The method of victory - a matter of honor.


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