Family. Husband mocks, demeans, destroys morale.

Russian woman genetically - sacrifice. Where the victim there and violence, moral or physical, I do not see much of a difference. It is interesting in psychology Russian woman that she had to get used to the image of the victim, so deeply attached to him, that if only hint at what is possible and to lose the shackles put on by himself, because once there is a protest - shouting: "I was born a victim and stay ! Only need to feel sorry for me and never hurt ยป.

The first error begins almost immediately after meeting - it is the inability to listen and draw conclusions.
When I met the man, I do have all seen in pink. His answer to the question: why you broke up with his ex-woman, I turned a deaf ear, and he explained to me in detail the reasons for separation. And it was necessary to listen carefully! He said she was stout, became fat, and it was unpleasant to deal with ... It is said that more than once hinted about his woman, even gave trainer, persuaded to play sports, but she did the exercises, though, and sat on a diet, not at all lost weight. At that moment I even felt superior to his previous woman, because I'm a skinny and I hardly threatened the fullness.

And then it should reflect, to hear something terrible to this reason. And if she got sick? If it happened to some other troubles, which have been hard fought. And old age, wrinkles on your face? It is impossible to remain forever young and beautiful.
Then, I began to ponder, to search, where the starting point of the event, when it was possible to roll and not fall into the trap of harassment and moral pressure. I found a picture of his woman in contact and was surprised to find that even though she is not skinny but not fat at all. She originally large forms with which it is useless to struggle. She has beautiful big breasts, thighs sloping. She was a pretty woman, a little plump and just.

The second mistake - the desire to get married quickly, and that all the suitors snatch, and nobody will get.
A month has passed after meeting a man and made an offer, a woman so happy, so drugged with new bright feelings and experiences, she has at this moment in front of the shroud such that it is no, even the brightest and most visible to the naked eye does not notice the reasons. Rather, the registrar, most white dress rather have a baby. Herself to jail. Faster, faster, more. And you can not make it, be late for the train, which flies to his downfall. And in this the happiest moment of a man and tremulous first try their hand power. He will throw a replica, degrading their women, but in the heat of the wedding ceremony will close on this small piece eyes, as if not even notice, as if to forgive. It's so easy to forgive in the moment happiness and joy overwhelm the soul.
He starts to pull you in moments of great stress, slowly, casually: during pregnancy, delivery, the early days of difficult childbirth, in the periods of sickness during happy occasions, birthdays, successful day at work, during your ups and downs.

The third mistake - to fall in love to stupor, with the inevitable desire to be with him all the time next to participate in all its activities, to be part of his half. Pour into it, become one. Already at this stage, the woman becomes too intrusive, touchy, whiny. It has already opened his behavior provokes men's penchant for power and violence. At this time the altercation and discord expressed the desire to push the man a little woman - remora away. Man pushes, and the woman tends to cling even stronger and stronger. A man does not need to remove the woman he needed to make it a little loosened her grip. In the course of verbal disputes are statements discontent life and skills of women, but she still does not see anything, and all ready to forgive him for his love so strong. The man has humiliated a woman openly in public, making a very caustic remarks, but she is blind and deaf and would do anything for him.

The fourth mistake - to begin to serve him: wash him the dishes, clean the toilet, clean, wash, iron, cook, serve. Like a woman - servant, even worse - a slave. Woman ready to spend all your money on it. Rewrite it their homes, all his fortune. Look, what I am! All of the victims for the sake of it! So then to be surprised? For the victims are waiting for the impact. Do not expect gratitude. You gave all that he had his youth, beauty, health, life? Or just with your money, they will not come back to you. He will not thank you. He will take all.

The fifth error - all the time to sag under its desires. Wash cleaner, purer, purer. Cook delicious, more delicious, more delicious. It is difficult that the Russian woman is ready to bend infinitely far and long. All the behavior of the woman said that she was so good, so perfect hostess, obedient wife, is that a man should finally understand and appreciate. But quite the opposite is happening. Man surprised by her ability to bend it all the time looking for the limit, it is curious. And if she can not bend even more? Let me on my knees meets and licks the dust from my shoes! Why not?
The sixth error - a violent reaction to his attacks and insults. Woman cries a lot, afraid, falls into depression. Why men do not have a desire to feel sorry for the woman when she cries? Because it becomes very ugly. And the warehouse your man is not able to spare. Only just a little. So that all your tears, your tendency to depression only worsen your life and your relationship with your man. Remember that aggression is directed at the person who provokes it himself by his behavior. At that moment a man becomes not control his aggression, screaming and hitting a woman accompanied by a mate and the most hurtful insults, generally those in which women are most strongly reacts to it again and again, repeating phrases that greatly hurt her. Very often it's just a phrase, a man not too creative.

And now we will draw conclusions. I watched the program "Hell Cat" and was surprised that the train can be the most wicked and wild cats. Believe me, men too can and should train. The main thing not to include in the course of the six mistakes that the typical woman - the victim.

Rewind events, remember the day, as you may remember, the first time he offended you, you tried your strength. On this day, you need to stop the course of development. Do not skip past the ears, not just an insult, not to cry and immediately forgive. Alas, this is the beginning.

If you fail to correct their situation in which you find yourself, and you certainly have appeared, just read this far, then you might also still be starting a new relationship, not to repeat their mistakes fix in your mind the moment. Let your head you hear an alarm tone. Stop! Everything! Enough! I was not insulted CAN! And leave immediately, without tears and doubts, even if it's your wedding. You can not forgive that. After all, this little, then turns into a mockery and violence against their wives.
Stop crying! Forbid yourself to shed tears in principle.
Learn first, out of the depression is not using heavy tools, then learn to not under any circumstances be depressed! Depression is not output, but a dead end, which will allow your man let himself go even further. And you may well not get depressed Can! I just know it!
Force yourself to enjoy everything from food, from good weather, from the new stuff from the movie reviews. Kicks from each successful experiences, extend your pleasure stretch. Being in such a pleasant state of mind.
Cease to be afraid! So whether you are weak to shake with fear? It is your fear makes you a victim. The man noticed that you are no longer afraid of him. Men themselves cowards. Is it worth it to attack? And suddenly will resist? And women are not so powerless!
And enough already to serve him. He himself can wash bowl behind him, pat his shirt. Accustomed? It's okay, let them unlearn. And when he did, all that will be. Finding fault would not be to anyone.
Spend their money only on themselves, and their children, but remember that the child is also easy to make the monsters as well as from his men.
And if he will throw me? - With horror you ask.
My God, you are so on the verge of collapse. Just a little - a little in the course will fists. And you will find only one piece of advice - RUN! Run from him soon! And find yourself on the street at night with a small child in her arms, as it happened in my situation.
And remember that just because you have built a situation that he mocks and morally destroys you. What you will find repetition of the events and the next time, if you is bad luck. And no rock, no damage, no curse. There is only your desire in this way to simulate a situation, making six mistakes again and again.
Very often, you tend to repeat the phrase: "I want nothing more." Replace it with a life-affirming phrase: "I want to!" And wishes, even the little things, but I wish! To have your life continued, because it is interesting, and you can still have time to do much, so you do not regret the end of the years spent in despair and pain.
I love life! That's what I wish you. And then you get out with dignity in any situation, no matter how difficult it is to you now seem.


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