Psychology of relations between men and women: humiliation

In this publication we want to touch the general psychology of the relationship between man and woman, humiliation as a whole. After all, the problem of our society that may face each of us.

Types of humiliation over the woman.

Humiliation is a form of violence, which involves constant insults that affect the human dignity, restrictions on normal life (job, and so on), the financial pressure, intimidation and moral pressure on the person. Unfortunately, this phenomenon experienced by all the social mile population regardless of income level or social status.

Portrait of humiliation of the victims.

Women, who are constantly exposed to humiliation, often have low self-esteem considerably, very imaginary, restless and insecure. A woman always tries to justify himself, constantly feeling guilty about. And the worst, most women caught in such a situation tend to believe that they can help no one, and self humiliation they perceive as due punishment for his so-called "negligence". And indeed the woman begins to think about belittling the role of women not only in the family between men and women, but also society as a whole.

Portrait of a man, able to humiliate the woman.

It is most often a man - an aggressor, who since childhood he has repeatedly been subjected to humiliation. This person suffers from low self-esteem (and in this way tries to lift), has a lot of complexes, continuously free someone to blame in any situation. It happens that such people are humiliated quite unconsciously. In public, these men are usually in good standing, and how they behave tete-a-tete with his wife, few people know. Such a man Laden constantly ask forgiveness after the offense and thus easily into trust. This is the psychology of relationships male aggressors and female victims. For this reason, many women, forgiving her husband again "step on the same rakeĀ».

Humiliation and related factors.

General characteristics such thing as a "humiliation in the family," bears for a very complex psychological basis for relations between husband and wife. Humiliation is a clear manifestation of violence, it can occur in any family, and it does not depend on its social status. The victims of this situation are often the women themselves, who at an early stage admit that a man so behaved. And this at a time when you can avoid such relationships. But if you have already made such an attitude to itself, it still does not entitle a man to behave this way.

Psychology is designed so many women that they are going to hold back the years all that happens to them, unable to endure the "garbage out of the house." The man is a "silent" is perceived as a sign of permissiveness and to ensure that a woman can endure, and again forgive him. But as you know, such a relationship between people will not lead to good. In this situation, the best way - is to leave, but women tend to again and again to forgive her "Blessed." And all this, as the psychology, because the obsessive fear of being alone ladies. Besides floats financial dependence on men, housing and children, which may adversely affect the divorce of parents. Also here can be safely attributed the love and affection of women to men. Among other things, the uncertainty of women in itself entails a sense of guilt towards man and his behavior is regarded as a well-deserved.

How to deal with the humiliation in the family?

How did overcome the humiliation in the family, if you are afraid that because if you tell us about your problems, you will be regarded as a weak person? We must always remember that the man who humiliates a woman (whether publicly or in the family) - it's not a man. First of all, such a person is not able to control himself, and has a lot of psychological complexes. Carelessly throw this man. Well, if you still want to keep the relationship between you, then you should try to talk to the man and tell him that he is wrong. Also, you should avoid all situations that can cause his desire to humiliate you. Remember that in these conditions you have set for ourselves a lifeguard. Consult with a psychologist or, better yet, go with your companion to see him. Read a book on "Psychology and humiliation" and learn to use them to control the situation. By the way, these books are now very much, and they bear a very valuable and instructive information.

Well, if you still have come to the conclusion that you should give up, you can contact a special service of confidence where you will be able to give valuable advice on how to do it painless for you. Do not threaten to man that caught it. This way you can provoke him to more decisive action. Tell me about your family, that you absolutely must support and defend at this moment.

Remember that humiliation - is a form of violence. Therefore, all verbal, moral, physical coercion and abuse should not intimidate you and drive in "blind corner". After all, verbal humiliation can always develop into a beating, and this is much worse. So do not lead to such extremes and stay strong and strong-willed woman who is ready for his well-being and to overcome all radically change their lives.


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