20 cute ideas for the transformation of the corridor in your house. Number 9 I like it!

Entrance hall — a place from which to start a familiarity with the housing. Stylish and comfortable entry hall sets the mood of the interior as a whole, so do not neglect repair in this part of the house. Cozy hallway positively configures each guest coming to your house, and hence the time spent in the circle of friends and family will be unforgettable!

The editors of the"Site" shares wonderful ideas on how to transform the corridor in the house beyond recognition.

Ideas hallway design
  1. Entrance hall of a perfectionist. Suspended ceiling with recessed lighting will help to achieve perfect symmetry.

  2. The brick corridor and concise bookshelf will appeal to fans of the interior in the style loft.

  3. A small hallway is not to overload with the color and furniture. White color visually expand the space, and many built-in shelves will be useful for various trinkets.

  4. Woven accents are combined with red and black shades give the hallway the very French elegance.

  5. Luxury corridor with library.

  6. A corridor with a circular recessed lighting, elegance, and impeccable style.

  7. Try to make the front door red! Red is the color of energy and passion. And he goes perfectly with neutral shades.

  8. To give peace and elegance design will help dark pastel tones — brown, beige, gentle gray.

  9. This romantic bedroom design will complement the bright rug!

  10. Classic hall in beige tones is combined with a variety of wooden elements, from flooring and ending with the closet.

  11. If you prefer restrained colors in the interior, try to dilute the design with a bright yellow door, for example! This bright note is sure to lift the mood of you and your guests.

  12. From the narrow corridor is difficult to make a spacious hallway. But if you use light colors, remove excess furniture to give preference to full-length mirrors, the result is stunning!

  13. If the universe has awarded you a spacious hallway, try to dilute the space with colorful decorations and paintings of nature.

  14. This library will be a great addition spacious and bright hallway!

  15. The chalk Board in the hallway design is a great solution for families with children.

  16. Mix of classic beige and baby blue, decorate hallway wicker baskets and flowers — so incredibly cozy area!

  17. The small built-in sofa with lots of pillows and a bookshelf will give your hallway softness and comfort.

  18. If you make doorways in a single color with the walls, so you can visually enlarge the space.

  19. Bright contrast shades, combined with neutral white news area and will set a positive mood for the whole day.

  20. Geometric Wallpaper combined with wooden parquet floors — boring solution to the spacious hallway.

With a little creativity and effort, and the hallway becomes a cozy space that can create a wonderful mood for the whole day!

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