Design hallway in the apartment: to improve the interior

A lot of Russians in the repair of apartments, major design power throw to finish the main rooms, and on support facilities – like hallway and corridor – not really think. However, they will become the "face" of the apartment, so their repair can not be too much to save.

For many people repair the home, in addition to costs, a great opportunity to show creative flair, you can implement your own design ideas or use those of professionals. Often, however, sunk in that sense, only enough for living rooms, at best – and even in the kitchen.



Often overlooked are such areas as corridor and hallway. In their households spend less time, and therefore, usually do not consider it necessary too to invest in their repair. Finishing materials can be used here are the most cheap and ugly, and in General – that they decided to save much.

However, this approach is unlikely to be correct. Corridor (and connected with it by a hallway) the place from which to begin the apartment. It was here in the first place will be like family and friends, and random visitors (like couriers delivering goods ordered).

Of course, for the opinion of other owners may not be so important but they need to know: looking at the state of such a small room, the visitors will have to make assumptions about good taste or lack thereof of the inhabitants of the home. And the impression will be then difficult to change.


Because the design of the corridor still need to think about. If it is poorly decorated, you have to do this, even in the most comfortable apartment a feeling of comfort will be lost. Besides, even on a long narrow room such bear a certain functional load. For example, it leave clothes and street shoes and store some things.

Design for the corridor should be chosen according to its dimensions. In most of the standard Russian apartments it is small, and based on this have to act. In this case, it is necessary to prefer minimalist decor and not to overload the room with furniture.

To visually expand the narrow wall will fail, if you use striped fabrics to finish them. For example, the Wallpaper pattern. The strips must be directed along the narrowest sides of the corridor.

To make the room more will the presence of artificial light sources (natural as there is still not enough falls – because of the lack of Windows). Better to use a lot of spotlights, and open wall shelves with lighting. This creates in the hallway , extremely comfortable and the sights – particularly if the finish can be applied warm colors: yellow, peach, beige , etc.


Hallway is best suited pastel shades.

By the way, about the colors.

For decorating the above premises do not suit too dark shades – otherwise it will seem even closer than it is. It is better to use bright pastel colors. What – business owners.


It is also important to remember to use not the brand of materials for finishing of the corridor, otherwise the repair will go down the drain for several weeks after the vote. The most economical option is washable with a suitable pattern, but if the budget is not too small, should use PVC panels or even the decorative plaster. Thanks to her, the walls transformed. Decorate them and pasting from expensive materials such as artificial stone.

On the floor more suited glossy tile, which is to lay out an interesting pattern that is sure to enliven the room, giving it a unique style. In the case when funds permit, you can instead cover the tile to apply the laminate.

If the corridor is required to install the furniture, it is important to remember that it should be compact and not "steal" the already not too wide space. It will be useful, functional wardrobe or other similar options.

Better if these pieces of furniture will be the mirror surface – that will only make the corridor more visually. The mirror in this room is generally appropriate, and their presence is due to functional. Someone from the household will not want before leaving the house to look at them, in order to once again ensure the integrity of its appearance?

Ideas for design of the corridor may be many, but it is important to implement them with the use of good taste and a good sense of proportion. Then even a small room will please owners and their guests excellent finishing and placement of furniture. published

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