12 tricks on how to save time on cooking. Now you know how to cook quick and easy!

Do not always find the time to prepare yourself something tasty and healthy at home and for restaurant meals is not enough finance? As from this, as well as in any situation, the output is found! Now you do not have to think long about what to cook, or stand over the stove for hours in an attempt to create a culinary masterpiece. We disclose to you a few tricks that will help considerably to save time and even money. These boards have long been used by thousands of housewives around the world. Breakfast, lunch or dinner being prepared now literally in minutes!

1 . Three meals - one answer!

Surely you often are using in their daily diet of chicken. But, anyway, the same dish is quickly bored and tired. There is an exit! Saving time, not bothering to prepare various dishes. Try to do otherwise, here are the walls of the foil - and several dishes prepared to your choice simultaneously. Here is the idea: three dishes - one pan!

2. One egg for breakfast is good, and ten - better!

Eggs - not only an excellent source of protein, vitamins A and B, fatty acids, but also breakfast of millions of people on the planet. The problem is usually not possible to cook more than 5 eggs simultaneously. To prepare a delicious breakfast in the same breath, distributing eggs in a baking dish and place in the oven for 30 minutes. TA-dah! You get a big batch of eggs perfect "boiled».

3. Smoothies for a couple of seconds? No problem! B>

Not enough time in the morning to mix a dozen ingredients for favorite smoothie? Great idea: Mix the components in advance of your favorite drink, and then put everything in muffin form and put in the freezer. All you need to before breakfast - to put a couple of unusual frozen "muffins" in the blender. My favorite drink is ready in seconds!

4. Full alert! B>

Too hungry to play with dinner at the end of the day? Clean, we will cut the vegetables and place them in special containers in advance, to save precious time. For example, such sliced ​​"noodles" zucchini can be stored for 3-5 days, and the chopped carrots, onions and peppers may lie in the refrigerator at least a week, if you first put them in the plastic bag.

5. Watch the time! B>

Roasted vegetables - quite popular dish on the table each, but often wait 40 minutes to cook it is extremely tedious. Try fry pan products simultaneously, depending on the time of their preparation. For example, asparagus, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes cooked very quickly, while carrots, cauliflower, onions, potatoes and parsnips require much more time.

6. Do not Eat lest too much! B>

Tired fend snacks instead of proper nutrition? This is often very harmful - do not have time to recover, both scored a couple of extra kilos because of this "food" .What is a great solution: to put such products in portions plastic bags or jars. So it will be very easy to adjust your diet to the next time "gnawing" superfluous!

7. Health - in jars! B>

Oatmeal - a useful product for any breakfast, adored by many people. But often the purchase of oatmeal with different additives can not be there: it contains a lot of preservatives and chemical dyes. Excellent solution - add to the net addition of oatmeal favorite: raspberry, banana, chocolate, raisins, candied fruit - and distributed in different glass jars. Now, each day begins with a hearty and healthy breakfast for every taste.

8. No calories! B>

It happens: like added to the smoothie a little of this a little bit, but in the end you get superkaloriyny cocktail? Save yourself from unwanted calories simply: Prepare ahead berries, fruits, herbs, weighing them and distributing portions in ice cube trays. So each of your shake will be the most balanced.

9. A healthy breakfast - a couple of minutes! B>

Tired of coming up every morning, what would such a nutritious and healthy to eat? Now you will not have to bother: do in advance "egg muffins" - harvesting. And then in the morning Just get them out of the refrigerator and warm in the microwave oven, before it wrapped in a paper towel, so they do not withered away. Tasty dish in seconds is guaranteed!

10. Do not rush to buy! B>

All known rule: after grueling workouts just need to fill up the body protein reserve. Just do not rush to buy in the store a special protein bars: they can contain up to 400 calories and 28 grams of pure sugar! Try to make your own "energy balls": tasty, fast and extremely helpful. Excellent decision in haste!

11. Shish kebab - delicious and easy! B>

Shish kebab - it's not just street food or essential attribute of any picnic. Making homemade kebabs home very effectively: so you know exactly how many calories you get in one sitting (easy to calculate the number of pieces, impaled on a skewer). Tip: If you are using for this wooden sticks, do not forget to dip them in water, so they do not fire during cooking.

12. Your salad is always fresh! B>

You do not like to do the house salad, because it turns out some dry? Use an ordinary glass jar in order to always have fresh food. At the bottom Put salad dressing, then lay out the layers firm vegetables such as peppers or beans, and then green. Do not forget to cover all this on top of a paper towel, which will absorb the moisture, if you are going to store the salad days.

How do you like those tricks? They really help to save your time, and in many cases - and even money. Moreover, you're always taking food organic food, most balanced and nutritious. What could be better? Try to apply them in practice today. Make sure it himself and always share with friends - they are too tired to agonize over food!

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