Rule 20 minutes: the most effective diet!

Believe me, I know how to swallow a plate of food in five minutes, especially if you are in a hurry. A ten-minute snack breaks during study and then work (no lunch break) has led to the fact that I began to eat very fast and even proud of it. But the last few years I use different ways to eat slowly and enjoy it.

Strongly advise you to reconsider your speed of food and the article has good arguments. But if you want to go on a diet, try a slow diet – it is certainly safer and much more effective than others.

Remember that fast food is not only what is sold at McDonald's, that's all you ate quickly. So good food can be fast food, if you eat it quickly.

There's slow, it: 1. Carefully chew (but do not consider the number of chewing movements)
2. Have fun
3. Chat
4. Pause between pieces of delay devices
5. Enough.
6. Use of folk wisdom: for a long time Who chews, he lives a long life. When eating, deaf and dumb. Water eat, food drink. Eat hunger and love in his youth. Speedy eater, but not a speedy worker.


Slow diet: the rule is 20 minutes. We are always in a hurry and in a hurry, I have Breakfast and lunch on the run, and eat too hastily. And do not think that such haste is applied to the body is very great harm.

Most people are overweight because of habit to do everything on the go. Many people love to eat, choosing mostly fatty and high-calorie food that offers an abundance of fast food. Meanwhile, experts on healthy eating once again – there is a need to slow. Parents have many weaned slowly: chew soon, hurry up and eat, hurry up, do not sit long for a meal, etc.

A growing number of studies confirm that if you just eat slower, you will consume fewer calories. In fact, you can lose up to 10 pounds in a year without doing anything else and without changing your diet, except that it will be more time to devote to food. The reason is that our brain needs about 20 minutes to realize that we ate. According to experts, if you chew properly, one serving of food should take you about 20 minutes (this time purely for chewing, not for the entire meal!). There are many official confirmation of the fact that the French take longer to eat my meal than Americans, although this portion is less.

Count the time it took for one meal. And next time, try to gradually increase it to 2-3 minutes, trying to eat more slowly. Try to get in one meal at least 25 minutes (longer is better).

Scientific proof. Speed is really important factor, which affects the hormones of hunger and satiety.

In a recent Japanese research has found compelling evidence that there is a direct relationship between the speed of eating and body mass index and obesity. The faster a person eats, the greater the likelihood of recruiting and retaining excess weight.

The study involved 4,700 inhabitants of the country of the rising sun. The volunteers, as expected, measured height and weight, and then found out what kind of food they eat and how fast to do it. The speed of food intake identified as "fast", "fast enough", "medium", "slow" and "slow".

What happened? The average man — the growth of 168.3 cm, weight of 64.8 kg — eats at a moderate speed. If the speed of food intake corresponded to category "fast" — weight exceeded the norm by an average of 4 kilograms. And those who eat slowly, weight on average 3 pounds less than normal.

The situation is repeated in the group of subjects women. It turns out, right was the ancient Hindus, who left in his manuscripts: "there is a liquid and drink solid food," which means to drink slowly and to chew foods to a state of semi-liquid slurry.

Continuing the theme of food and extra pounds, turn to yet another study. A group of scientists at the University of Michigan (USA) was discovered another cause of over-nutrition overweight people. Features latinoware metabolism in full provoke the feeling of hunger after an intense workout. However, this does not happen in people with normal or reduced weight. Thus, it appears that plenty potrenirovatsja in the gym skinny girl will love to relax on the sofa, while its more full friend will run to the fridge. It turns out that weight loss through intense physical training is not as effective as it seemed before. And again we come to the fact that to understand the first thing about food.

The cause of weight gain – fast food for two years, experts from the University of Otago (New Zealand) was observed for 1, 5 thousand women, comparing data on the age, bad habits, race, physical activity, diet, and found that a huge influence on body weight of a woman has the speed of food intake. The doctors believe the speed of food with the formation of the hormone of satiety (actually reduced hunger!).

When food chew slowly, the brain manages to satisfy your hunger before people will begin to absorb extra calories: time stomach reports to the brain that is already full. This rule holds true for both sexes, but the figure of a woman high speed, the food reflected more significantly. The researchers found that people who ate slowly ate 88 kalorii less.


To maintain current weight in order to stay slim, according to scientists from the University of Rhode island, to slowly eat. They came to the conclusion that the vast majority of overweight people eat much faster than thin and that between speed of eating and body weight there is a direct correlation. During the study, scientists have deduced even the definition of speed of eating.

Fast food they call the absorption of food at a rate of about 100 grams per minute, average is about 80 g/min, and finally slow – about 65 g/min the speed of the food is significantly different depending on gender. Men are always somewhere in a hurry and absorb an average of 80 calories per minute, while women only 52.

Engaging of eating When you eat slowly, you begin to really feel the taste of food. At this time you distinguish different tastes and smells of food. The process of eating becomes more interesting and you pay more attention to the effect of the food than in its favor, although this way of eating contains some advantages.

It's hard to enjoy food that was quickly swallowed. Besides, I think you can even eat something not very useful, because if you eat it slowly, eat only a small part.

Think about it: you want to eat some forbidden foods (desserts, fried, pizza, etc.) because they are delicious. But if you eat them very quickly, then what's the point? If you chew them slowly, you can get pleasure even from small amounts, which will be very happy your stomach. This is what works for me. And that's the reason, I think you will feel happier if you can taste the delicious food and fully enjoy its taste.


Improves digestion If you eat slower and chew slower, which leads to better digestion. The process of digestion actually begins in the mouth, so the more you process a food in the beginning, the less you have to work your stomach. This can lead to a reduction in the number of problems with the digestive system.

Lunch in a hurry causes discomfort after eating. It is known that fast food can cause heartburn. Just chewing your food slowly, you will protect yourself from the pangs of heartburn. When you are in a hurry, in the digestive tract gets extra air it overloads the stomach, causing it to produce additional acid. In the end you get heartburn, or, scientifically, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). One study showed that the reduction in food intake from 30 minutes to five causes heartburn 50% more often.

Easy assimilation of nutrients. The slower you eat, the more quickly and efficiently digestion of food. When you swallow pieces of food whole, then your body becomes a lot harder to isolate them from nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.). In addition, neperedavaemye pieces contribute to excess flatulence and often you swallow a lot of air in a hurry.


Reduce stress When you eat slowly and focus on the food, there is something like meditation. Think only about what is happening in the moment and not about what you should do next. When you eat, you must eat. This awareness, I think, must cause the amount of stress in your life will decrease. Try. Slow food even leads to decrease in arterial blood pressure.


Is better If the dish is elaborately decorated, it will also eat you more slowly. Good food eaten slowly. Fast food is so named not by accident. Our hectic fast-paced, stressful and chaotic lifestyle leads to fast food, and eat fast. This lifestyle leads to dehumanization, makes us unhealthy and stress, unhappy. All day we were in a hurry, doing one mindless task after another, never spending any time trying to live, to enjoy life, to communicate with each other and just be human.

Put the new napkin or a tablecloth, bring out the party plates, beautifully decorate the usual dish. These changes will remind you eat more slowly. Ideally — nicely serve your table.

Fans of fast "swallowing" are more likely to consume greater quantities of poor quality food than a smaller volume of higher quality product. Maybe you deny yourself certain foods because of the cost, but if you take this food several times less, for the same budget you'll eat less, but tastier, better and with more emotional impact.

Reducing the risk of diabetes Haste in eating doubles the risk of obesity and increases the risk of type II diabetes by 2.5 times. If you eat slowly and savor every bite, you consume much less food and do not harm the body. Your parents have told thousands of times: "don't eat so fast!".

People who eat quickly, in 2.5 times more likely to develop diabetes of the 2nd type in comparison with those who does not hurry while eating. The team of researchers compared a group of 234 patients who were first identified 2 diabetes type with a control group of 468 healthy people. The ratio between groups was 1 to 2 and corresponds as by gender and age (±5 years). The participants underwent a thorough survey, which allowed us to collect information on possible diabetes risk factors, they estimated the speed of the food compared to other (slower, same, faster). After asking other risk factors – family history, education (education), morning exercise, body mass index, waist, Smoking, level of triglycerides in blood plasma scientists came to the conclusion that the rapid absorption of food significantly increases the risk of diabetes of the 2nd type. In addition it was found that in the first group patients had a greater body mass index and lower levels of education than the control group.

Not to be distracted Dedicate himself fully to the food, do not be distracted by the computer and the TV – then you will enjoy the meal. This is very important – you will be able to relax and time to understand that you are already full. Try to focus on the process of eating and enjoy each bite eaten. Distracted by foreign objects, people begins to chew faster and eat more than necessary. In addition, not paying visual attention to food, we don't give the brain the opportunity to command the production of gastric juice, which greatly impairs the process of digestion.

Small pieces, but not smoothies Food (vegetables, fruit, meat, etc.) is better for cutting into small pieces as the smaller the food is chopped, the more time is spent on her eating. Otlamyvanie bread in small pieces and not bite off from the whole loaf.


There are no conditions – don't eat There 20 minutes? Evil? Twitchy? Put the meal on time. Hour of delay will not worsen your health, work up a nice appetite. If you are upset, worried, do not start eating, because of stress, nervous tension the man quickly eats huge quantities of food (much more normal) than harms your body, and figure. Before eating try to relax, walk, drink water and then sit down to eat, trying to actually concentrate on food. This will help you gather your thoughts and get pleasure from the meal. Slow food first, you will annoy and enrage. But that's okay.

Delay devices in the direction of Leave the plug after you put food in your mouth. When we eat consciously, our hands carry a fork in your mouth automatically. Put your fork, you force yourself to relax a little and focus on chewing. Take a SIP of water, engage in conversation. Enjoy every bite, let it be so pleasing that you'll want to repeat again. This is the essence of slow food, you switch to people that eat, seeing a meal as a break, which you need to pay attention and enjoy it.


Use knife Cut food on the plate. Another way to reduce the rate of absorption of food is finely cut food while eating. Thus, it takes extra time to "rudovanie" knife, and as a result, you eat slower and eat less.


Communicate a Long meal with family and friends, by contrast, brings only benefits. Do not hurry, spend time with loved ones and enjoy delicious food and pleasant conversation. Eat with people who eat slowly. We all have an unconscious desire to imitate people who are close. If you eat with a ferocious eater, you can mimic their bad habits and eat quickly. To train yourself to eat slowly, try finding slow eaters, who will influence you positively.


Sniff Another interesting experiment showed that slow down the process of absorption of food and the amount eaten helps if to sniff every morsel of food that you are going to send in the mouth. The inhalation of the aromas of food allows not only slow down the process of eating, but in the past to achieve a sense of satiety.


Eat in silence At the speed of eating affects the noise around. That's why the best is the meal in silence. When a person eats in silence, nothing customize. He eats slower and eats faster (nothing interferes with the signal saturation in a timely manner to make itself felt).

Think of your own rules for Reasons and ways to eat slowly, maybe a thousand. Design your own – and get pleasure from it.published

Author: Andrey Blueskin

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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