Why is it important to teach children to cook

Children perceive the world as something amazing and magical. And that may well reflect the magic of as no cooking: we take different foods are mixed, cooked-steamed, and it turns out that something brand new — a beautiful and tasty dish. But many parents do not want or simply are afraid to teach children to cook. Let's see, why to teach children to cook food and dispel fears of adults.

To teach a child to cook is necessary and useful, because:

  • You will get a new way of developing fine motor skills: he will learn to decorate cakes and cakes of powder, to touch groats, salted food, make pies and dumplings.
  • You will be able to replenish your child's vocabulary in General and subject areas in particular (cooking utensils, food, speech turns taken in cooking).
  • You will be able to be with the child more time, that is, without interrupting production.
  • Cooking provides virtually unlimited space for realization of creative potentialthat requires attention since childhood.
  • The ability to cook will help your child learn to be self-reliant and independent.
  • You teach your child to save. And not only money, but time (at least your). When the child is older, he already had the skills and passion for cooking, learn how to select the optimum for the recipe and your wallet ingredients. He will begin to appreciate what parents spend money, time and energy to cook delicious and healthy food for the whole family. And over time, it will actively help you, so you can pay attention to other important tasks.
  • You show and prove to the child that homemade food is better, healthier and tastier than convenience foods, fast food or meals from a cafe/restaurant. Because in this case everything is done as now like to speak with an individual approach and most importantly — with love...
  • ...You teach your child to care. Remember, many of us say that to cook is not interesting, boring, lazy. But if you are cooking for a spouse, child, family or friends, there is a natural motivation to please their own dish, and his views, and serve. Is not this a manifestation of genuine concern? In the cooking process you once again (although is it too much?!) think about someone you love and Express that love in meaningful and... delicious!
Cooking with children without fear or excuses

"Cook with your child? God, this is so stressful!"

And if you look at the situation from the other side, cooking with children is fun, the main thing — to overcome the fears and misconceptions of parents about this.

Fear: the child can cut.
Solution. Do not give your child a sharp knife, offer him silverware or plastic, which he for lack of skill cutting will be very slow. This must convey to the child the idea that a knife is potentially dangerous, so should be used very carefully and only in the presence of adults.

Fear: the child may get burned.
Solution. Can! If you do not tell me that the stove and oven are very hot. And even better to give the child the opportunity to see your words. Even if you bring the palm at a safe distance but to feel that there is a fever.

Fear: the baby will get in the way and interfere.
Solution. Well, this should be ready. But only you can determine how it will behave with the child, understand the culture of behavior in the kitchen while cooking. The main thing — do not scold the child, do not raise your voice. If you set the task — to teach a child to cook, then this skill should have only positive associations. Learning does not come easy, but if the child will see your enthusiasm, to feel the support and love, and itself will not just learn how to cook, but love to do it.

Excuse. I'll cook faster and better.
Solution. Can't argue with that. But why do we have to start, if you understand what this skill the child needs. At first, let your child light the most simple tasks, observe how he performs, help, advise. It is very important to keep the atmosphere of ease and even games to keep the child interesting and fun to have formed a positive image of cooking. Over time complicate the task to the child. In this situation, "comfort", you should that by investing today, you will be able to save them tomorrow when the child will help is seriously and might not take "cooking" for themselves.

Excuse: still have time to cook, even while resting
Solution. It is worth to mention that usually it is for moms of girls. Women argue that over time the daughter would in any case prepare yourself and then for the whole family. Let's think: will there be cooking? If he can not, if you used that to feed her other, if it considers cooking hard labor, which distracts from yourself, beloved, from other more interesting things... of Course, if necessary, she will learn to cook, but will be able to like it if I can find a man who loyally attributed to its inability and unwillingness to cook. Of course, you can say that modern men are increasingly showing tolerance in this matter. But do not forget that in any woman's life there will come a time when she will stay home with the baby and there is certainly going to cook him and my husband. Imagine how it would be difficult to alter your attitude to cooking? Otherwise, she will suffer daily and to prepare, cook and suffer. Why such complexity?

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