Keep away from children! The neuropsychologist about the dangers of early development

A. V. S. — neuropsychologist, Ph. D., Professor of clinical psychology, faculty of psychological counseling, msupe. Author of over 200 books, including the textbook "Introduction to childhood neuropsychology", "Neuropsychological correction in childhood" and practical manuals addressed to practical psychologists, teachers and parents.


 Anna, as, from the perspective of a neuropsychologist, you relate to early child development, when it is 2.5–3 years begin to learn to read, write, count?


Strongly negative. For example, this analogy: good or not, when people have sex in 10 years? It is clear that neither physiologically nor psychologically a child to such "excess" is not ready and nothing but injury from this does not follow. And it's all unequivocally clear and no evidence is required.

There are neurophysiological laws of brain development. Its energy capacity is limited at each moment of time, so if we spend energy on the untimely development of some mental functions, there is a deficit there, where this energy had to be important aims.Once the external environment requires that you perform a certain task, the brain will run, but at the expense of some other structures of the psyche.


Two or three years — a period of very rapid development of sensory-motor and emotional sphere of the child. But if you start to teach him to write, read, count — loading his cognitive processes — that you take away energy, in particular, emotions. And a small child "flying" all emotional processes and, most likely, will break some programs somatic (bodily) development. It is likely a manifestation of some dysfunction, something can become sick and even begin to heal.

The consequences of energy extraction, by the way, can have an impact immediately, and then in 7 years you begin to wonder how "suddenly" taken enuresis, where "suddenly" come from fears. Why "suddenly" appear to have emotional breakdowns at puberty, no one understands why the child has become aggressive or hyperactive.


A still need to prepare the child for school? If so, when should you start?

Here the question is: what does it mean to prepare the child for school?

The child accustomed to the basic routine of the day is a preparation for school? Then it is definitely possible to start with a 2-3 years. The child learns that the Breakfast he was then, lunch then. In football he plays in these pants, and the theater is here in this suit.

To prepare for the school in terms of teaching reading and numeracy, of course, necessary, but later. From time immemorial it started at four, better five.

For some reason everyone thinks that cognitive processes develop only when the child sat down at the table and began to write letters. But the development of cognitive processes occurs when the mother and child go into the woods, and she said, "Look, there's a Daisy. It is what? What are the petals?" And together with the child pronounces it. And then he says: "But the violet. Which one is she?" And then asks: "How do you think like them, and that is different? Because it is both the flowers". This is the development of cognitive processes. Rigid as a neuroscientist I can assure you that this is the best "preparation for school" in 3-4 years.

The same can be done when the child is sitting at the table, and mom asks him: "what do you think, now we have lunch or Breakfast? What's on the table, such that there for Breakfast?" Better yet, if she asks before setting the table. She can ask: "And what we'll put on the table when we eat? We put cups or glasses?" This is also the development of cognitive processes.



And when the grandmother reads aloud to your child, is not the development of his cognitive abilities?

And what we see in our practice? Usually the child just coached. However, he remains totally non-adaptive from the point of view of normal, everyday knowledge.Again, there is a law: any development comes from visual-figurative to abstract-logical. If we are three years old teach the child to write letters and numbers, we overturn this law on the contrary. But the laws of psychology and of evolution should also be steadily implemented, they are as universal as Newton's laws. And to violate them only at your own risk.

I am not here talking about children who do well in four years of learning to read. But doing it a universal program of development, in my opinion, incorrect.


Now a lot of groups of early creative development and parents prefer to give to children before school. What do you say about this?

Let it be creative development of the "dramatic circle, the circle on the photo." If the parents are three years will give the child to pottery barn or "painting", or let them cross-stitch, sculpts — for God's sake. But let him leave the letters and numbers.

No one can answer me a question:"Why is the child at the end of the second quarter should be read at a speed of 152 sign in a minute, instead of 148?" And why it must do so by November 15 and not March 15? What is the need to read at speed of 152 sign in a minute? After all, it does nothing for the development of child's intelligence, does not give him knowledge. This one is not to be treated differently as nonsense. There are individual physiological characteristics. So one child can handle it, and the other child may never learn it.

Unfortunately, in some classes the children are taken, including, and reading speed...

These people do not know that the information is acquired in different ways. It is possible that in some children the absorption of information does not in any way connected with speed of reading, and is associated with completely different factors that they can be developed very well. But the speed of reading, like any other high-speed processes, they have developed worse. There are also different types of people, and it pertains directly to high-speed processes.

Moreover, people can read with enormous speed, but to be a moron. Incidentally, the hydrocephalus can be a great memory, andwe know the mass hydrocephalus, who succeed in his political and professional career, simply because they are wild they say and I quote. Only it has absolutely no relation to intelligence.

What should draw the attention of parents, psychologists, teachers to determine the child's readiness to start learning in school? To give the child six years old or to wait?

I would have given in seven years, just as nature wanted. Because neurophysiological in seven years formed the focus and many other brain mechanisms that allow the child to be successful in learning. In other words, the brain is ready for a baby just had to sit through these 45 minutes.

I, as a person familiar with the laws of evolution, it is obvious that the curve is just as harmful as a delay. "All the time", said "friend" the book of Ecclesiastes. And he tried stupid to say. So those who say about the ahead, let him read, then everything will be fine. Nature is nothing new for two thousand years did not come up.


What signs should alert parents before to send their child to school?

I would wish for parents not to bury your head in the sand and sometimes to treat their child to a stranger, that is, to look at it from the side. And if the parent is even a minute get out of the role and will present that his child is not the genius, he can see some things from another child, he would say: "Oh my God, what a nightmare!"

I'm not trying to scare parents, but rather want to put them in the position of normal adult watching their child. Not to close my eyes, and then realized: "All the bad, bad teacher!" I call a fair assessment: "Here's your baby, you will see why he is not in contact with other guys, why is he aggressive?"


You need to be able to treat your child in a detached, not to explain its features only the extraordinary, but to consult with professionals.


Before entering the school the parents start to think where a child is to determine, in secondary school or in a simple class. The program "one to three", "one to four"...

The parents are very different. And I have those parents who come about some of their doubts about a child, always ask: "what You need to your child was healthy or that he after 10 years, graduated from high school?"

Smart parents say I would like the child to have healthy. I say, so you give in 1-4, if there are any problems, let him have an extra year to "swinging". He'll outperform many of their peers. Why should it be put in a situation of hopelessness. And he has the ability to simply "stand up", to automate some of the training activities etc.

The point of view of the neuroscientist, we learned. And if you have a personal, everyday opinions about early development?

When I was three years quietly learned to read, while English and music. But I had a grandmother, aunt, who at the age of three, I articulated a point that I remember at the same time with the ABC: "Your freedom ends where starts the freedom of another person".

Twenty years ago, when there was the institution of grandmothers, Institute of normal education, there was a smoothing of many sharp corners. Now this is not the same and there is nothing adequate in return. Therefore, in conjunction with a focus on early intellectual development can be today call emotional emasculation of the child population. Scares me most is exactly that.

Please note that you are dealing with a man who since childhood, explained that he is the Prodigy of prodigies, just lazy.So please note that it is not talking losers, it says a leader always and everywhere. And this leader says: "keep away from children!" published

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