Can I drink water after eating ...

Lately, for some reason I often have to ask the same question: Can I drink the water (or any other liquid - tea, coffee, fruit, etc.) during a meal or immediately after a meal.
Allegedly, some of the "healers" saying that to drink water during the meal (or immediately after a meal), you should not, that ostensibly should pass at least 2 hours after a meal, and only then it will be possible to have a drink.

Explain this "healers" like this: Say, any water during or after meals, washes away the food from the stomach, and then the food is digested poorly. And, they say, the water dilutes the gastric juice, which also allegedly severely hinders the digestion of food in the stomach.
And, in fact, some truth in this myth is. But not in the mechanism that we depict various illiterate "healersยป.
Let's understand in all this detail.
But just want to responsibly say that to drink water during the meal (or immediately after) - POSSIBLE. This water does not wash away and do not dilute.
Other illiterate speculations and then raining down on our heads. It is good that we start to believe them less and less.
The fact that the stomach - it's not just leather rump where everything falls, everything is mixed, then the mixture is going on. All, to put it mildly, a bit more complicated.
The stomach has a longitudinal folds. In longitudinal folds the lesser curvature of the stomach water quickly runs to the gatekeeper 12 duodenal ulcer and quickly leaves the stomach. The water is practically not miscible with the gastric juice.
Therefore, it does not matter when you drink - during meals, before meals or after meals. In any case, the water flowing in the stomach, and then into the duodenum 12, can not even slightly seriously thin out the audio gastric juice, pancreatic juice audio or bile or intestinal juice. All the talk about dilution of gastric juice and water are completely unfounded speculation.
So when you want to drink water, and do not attach importance to the statements of the illiterate "healers" -novatorov.
Indeed, even if the water in the least interfere with digestion, any soup would inflict irreparable harm to the body ... But people eat soup for years, and all of them with normal digestion.
Moreover, all know that every day, "it is necessary to eat something sparse." And, earn gastritis is often a lack of liquid food.
So, first conclusion: you can drink before a meal, during and after meals. This does not put in digestion.
But ... However, there is one big BUT ...
I'll start with history.
In the practice of the Soviet radiologists (prof. Lindenbraten VD, 1969) was such a case. We had to get hold of barium porridge in the stomach by the time required for retgenologicheskogo research.
But it turned out that if the porridge given without preheating (directly from the refrigerator), the cereal leaves the stomach faster than radiologists have time to adjust their the then (1969), not as a perfect instrument.
Radiologists interested in this fact, conducted experiments and found that if you drink cold drinks food (such as ice water or Pepsi-Cola with ice), the residence time of food in the stomach is reduced from 4-5 hours to 20 minutes (more on this in doctoral thesis Lindenbraten Vitaly Davidovich "Materials to the question about the effects of heat on the body," 1969, the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Leningrad).
Those. upon receipt of the cold water, the food is literally pushed out of the stomach.
This is, firstly, a direct path to obesity, since it is impossible to get enough of this food and hunger comes very quickly. Secondly, and start putrefaction in the intestines, because the normal digestion, and as such was not.
By the way, this is the way in which the "McDonald's" and made a lot of money.
Washed down with food (sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs) iced drinks, the man will never be able to eat junk food, and hence will bite again and again. At the same time in the hot drinks - coffee, tea, or set high enough price, or they are not included in the complete sets, or they just do not advertise. But ice 'Coca-Cola', or is relatively cheap, or aggressively imposed bright posters and colors.
But this applies not only to the "Coca-Cola", all cold drinks very quickly leave the stomach.
In the stomach, there is preparation of proteins for subsequent processing and mastering.
Therefore, attention !, if you drink any cold drink after a meal, the protein part of the food will not be fully processed in the stomach, the proteins will be digested into amino acids. Bolus quickly exited the stomach and the entire protein component will just rot in the gut (raw protein at 36, 6 degrees rather quickly begins to rot).
Not only are you wasting money on food, but instead will receive benefits in the form of damage to intestinal inflammatory disease (colitis, enteritis), and dysbiosis.
I think that on the basis of this observation, and there was not very competent myth that is so fond of lead modern "healers" - not to drink water after eating for 2 hours.
The fact that earlier in the villages water is not heated, and drank what it is. And more often (especially in winter) drinking water in the villages of ice. Therefore, in that situation the prohibition to drink any water after a meal and had a sense of wellness. Now, when we drink generally heated water - tea, coffee, fruit, etc. - The ban no longer has meaning.
So the second conclusion: do not drink cold drinks before or after a meal. All fluid must have a temperature not lower than room.
The same applies to the reception of ice cream: do not eat ice cream after eating, the effect is the same - bolus quickly exited the stomach and its protein component will remain undigested.


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