Why not to drink while eating

Many people know that during a meal should not drink water or other liquids. However, this rule is followed by not all people, maybe because I do not fully know and understand what is happening in the body process of digestion.

So why water and other liquids to drink during a meal it is impossible? At what period of time before and after meals to refrain from fluid intake? Why should I wait for a pause before proceeding to the tea party?How is the digestive process?

Probably many more of the biology course of the school curriculum remember that even food such as mashed potatoes or cream of wheat is kept in the mouth, moistening with saliva and chewing. Why so you need to do, most have already forgotten, and now that ground hurriedly swallow, and chew roughage bad.

In fact, the process of digestion starts in the mouth when chewed. In the mouth, contained in food nutrients begin to be absorbed when in contact with saliva.

So how does digestion occurs? The nutrients contained in food begins to be broken down and assimilated when they contact with saliva in the oral cavity. The saliva has another function is the provision of food easy passage through the esophagus. People, when they feel that it is difficult to swallow dry food, beginning to drink its water. Here it should not be done as you digestive process breaking — in the stomach are the enzymes that stand out in your mouth. In addition, washing down the food you spend less time chewing food, as a result, in stomach large chunks of food fall, which are hard to digest.

What are some reasons to chew well, aduwo the mouth have receptors that are responsible for appetite and for the recognition of food. After it happens, it feels that the stomach is full, but there are still want. It happens then, the person chews bad food. Thus, it appears that chew your food thoroughly prevents you from overeating and gives moderate in eating.

Maybe not all of you will impress the fact that the food is bad the chewing is less digestible. Then consider this: some experts believe that the reason for the appearance of gray hair is not aging process, and poor assimilation in the stomach and intestines nutrients. Young body somehow copes with it, but it can not last long and result in pollution of the digestive system, this factor leads to the fact that a body lacks nutrients.

Poor chewing of food and zapivanie fluid, separately or in combination with each other, contribute to the emergence and development of most diseases, pathogenic microorganisms, parasites, etc. it Also maintains constant slagging of the body, and much more. It would seem that just need to chew your food and to refrain from drinking fluids 10-20 minutes before meal, during meal and 1-2 after a meal (eating) and this will save you from all these problems. Of course, there is one caveat, you need to know what is what food from nature adapted the human body, not to salakavala, but more on that in another article.

How to learn to chew the food well?Many people have the habit to read or watch a movie, news or a favorite show while eating. Some, not wanting to be distracted, even combine it with work. Of course this habit in itself is harmful and wrong. However, it is harmful because the absorption of food begins to occur in the "autopilot". This suggests that even if you realized that you need to chew food thoroughly, and decided exactly what to do, then on the machine you continue to chew like before. Therefore, it is not necessary during a meal to distract from this process attention. Until not learned how to chew food, it is better not to distract yourself so that grabs attention.

American naturopath G. Shelton to teach from early childhood the child how to chew, recommends to exclude from a diet of potatoes and gruel. Children should be given solid food — slices of vegetables and fruits. If you chew food the child is not able to, then you need to wait.

Older children need to explain that chew on so that the pieces of food were crushed to a pulp.

When to drink water?Water do not drink, not only during meals but also directly to the reception and after the meal. The gastric juice dissolves with water, as it leaves the stomach earlier than food, and carries with it the necessary for the digestion enzymes. Water drink at least 10 minutes before eating.

How long can drink? It depends on the food eaten. If ate the fruit after about 30 minutes, but not until after the vegetables about an hour later, after the carbs — 1.5 — 2 hours after protein foods any longer than 4 hours.

It turns out that the tradition of drinking tea is very harmful and contrary to the two items of healthy food: do not drink liquid during meal and not right after eating. If suddenly very thirsty and difficult to endure so long still need to wait at least an hour.

Than fashionable to help digestion?There are foods that are much better absorbed if they are before use, soak for some time in water. For example, seeds, nuts, some cereals. In order so that they began to germinate until he was in the ground, nature has provided a defense mechanism: they contain hindering the process of growth inhibitors. But if the seed moistened with water, the inhibitors go to water, and the seed starts biological processes. It turns out that soaked nuts and seeds several times faster absorbed, they have more nutrients. This rule applies to the grain. But, of course, you still have to chew. This is especially true of small seeds (flax, sesame, etc.), if you swallow them whole, then they are not digestible.

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