Nethie sounds of the Pacific ocean

Mysterious sounds from the low range yet still of unknown origin recorded in the Pacific ocean for a very long time, particularly since 1991. The national office of atmospheric and oceanic phenomena assures that these sounds could not one of the experts and researchers to decipher. According to observations, the volume of the sounds was at its peak in 1994 and then the sound went into some decline, but today it is quite clearly audible.

The mark of expert control, the sound penetrates the Ocean almost the entire area. The main component of it is a series of signals with a narrow range that lasts for 20 seconds. each. Annually it is noted that the most distinct sound can be heard only in the spring.

It is noted that the sound, in essence, quite monotonous, and this distinguishes it from the sounds, for example, volcanic activity or signals of whales. Still, some experts believe that the reason in this case is exactly the volcanic activity of a special type.

Among other things, back in 1996. put forward was the following assumption: a strange sound called when water contact with the lava. With the help of seismometers, scientists have concluded that the source signal could be just some place in the area of activity of the volcanoes. Anyway, the origin of the sound today is still not installed.

Presumably the source of sounds is located at such coordinates as 37°34'00.0"S 139°23'00.0"W. But don't forget that 95% of the oceans by man not understood. Maybe we will have a chance to find something completely new.



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