5 lessons of life from Jet Li

1. Humility - your main defense.
"Enemies around the fruit of thee thy desire to stick out your own ego. I'm not special, I just spent a lot of time on the martial arts. Now I show that I am able. In the world there are many people who can do the same thing ».

2. Harmony more important than strength.
"I feel sad when I think that showed just how martial arts hurt people. I have not had the chance to prove that the most important thing - it's not fight. This knowledge of the harmony of yin and yang, the balance between black and white. Only by knowing the harmony, you will become a great ».

3. Happiness is always with you.
"For happiness does not need to go somewhere far away, it is here - in a quiet room alone. All your problems are concentrated in your own heart, so you just have to learn yourself. We need to understand who you really are. If you know the world of its own, you will no longer need to fear ».

4. Someone else's opinion of you just background music.
"Treat others as estimated by any song from the receiver. "You're cool!" - Tram-pam-pam. "You idiot!" - Tram-pam-pam. If the estimates of others excite you more than your own opinion of yourself, you have a problem ».

5. Death gives you life.
"I am ready to die. If a person realizes that he can die even today, tomorrow, he begins to appreciate every moment. And he takes care of every moment of your life, so if you die tomorrow, he will not be ashamed of his past deeds. "


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