9 life lessons of Confucius.

Confucius was a great Chinese thinker and philosopher. The philosophy of Confucius focused on moral issues, both personal and from a social point of view. Confucius taught the correctness of social relationships, justice and equality. His teachings have become very famous in China. Here are 9 vibrant life lessons based on the philosophy of Confucius:

1. Just keep going

"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop»

If you continue on the right path, then eventually you will reach your desired destination. Hard work should be carried out consistently. Man succeeds - is the one who remains committed to the idea and, in spite of the circumstances, is moving towards its goal.

2. Your friends are important

"Never make friends with someone who is not better than you»

Your friends are your future prophecy. You go to where they are located. This is a good reason to look for friends who are moving in the same direction that you have chosen. So surround yourself with people with fire in the heart!

3. For the good you have to pay

"It's easy to hate and it is difficult to love. It involves a lot of things in our lives. All good is hard to achieve, and much easier to get something bad »

This explains a lot. It's easier to hate, it is easier to show a negative, it is easier to justify. Love, forgiveness and magnanimity require a lot of heart, a great mind and a great effort.

4. First, prepare your tools

"Life expectancy depends on the zeal and diligence. The mechanic who wants to improve his work must first prepare their tools »

Confucius said: "Success depends on prior preparation, and without such preparation will happen a failure." Whatever you do in life, if you want to succeed, first you need to prepare. Even the biggest failure can accelerate the path to success.

5. There is nothing wrong in the fact that you made a mistake

There is nothing wrong in the fact that you made a mistake, unless you continue to remember it. Do not worry about nothing. Making mistakes is not a great crime. Do not let mistakes ruin your day. Do not let negativity take up your thoughts. There is nothing wrong with having committed an error! Celebrate your mistakes!

6. Pay attention to the consequences

"When you're angry, think of the consequences»

Solomon said, "slow to anger is better than the mighty, and better than owning him that taketh a city." Always remember that you need to maintain composure and think about the consequences.

7. make adjustments

"If it is obvious that the goals can not be reached, do not adjust the target, the corrective action»

If your goals do not seem feasible this year, now is a good time to agree on a plan to achieve them. Do not take failure as an option, adjust your sails success and gradually move toward its goal.

8. You can learn from each

"If I go with two other people, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will imitate the good traits of one of them, and fix a different cons ».

You can and should learn from each, whether it be a rogue or a saint. Every life - a history filled with lessons, ripe for the picking. For example, you can take something good and useful for yourself from life lessons 7 Will Smith and learning from the lessons of Einstein's 10 gold.

9. All or Nothing

"Whatever you do in life, do it with all my heart»

Whatever you do, do it with full dedication, or do not do at all. To succeed in life you will be required to give the best of what you are capable of, and then you will live without regrets.


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