28 useful websites for artists

Sometimes in life is that you attack rolls on inspiration. I would like to wave a brush and create something of such things, fine. Or not very beautiful, but clever. Or quite heroic. And it turns out only distorting the sun, and under it stunted flower, and both look at each other without tears can not.

That all was well, and the inspiration is not melted in vain, Website has collected 28 sites where you will be told what to do and what to do.


It contains articles about art, and about the prospect of composition, drawing lessons acrylic, gouache, oil, watercolor.


Drawing Tutorials romantic portraits, bouquets, rural landscapes, a pond with water lilies, the foundations of the hatch.


A rich library of lessons in drawing in almost all genres - from academic painting to comics.


Group VKontakte, which laid out a video tutorial on drawing, talk about useful books and where you can just talk, to consult.

Workshop hudozhnikov

Workshop explains how to choose the right brush for watercolors, gives the basics of composition and even writes a lot about the art of watercolor painting.


Site for those who want to learn to draw. It is based on the translation of the Book of Mark Kistler "Learn to draw within 30 days." If you're going to do 20 minutes a day, consistently performing all the lessons, the Michelangelo, maybe for a month and would not, but a pencil in the hands hold learn exactly.


Tehnika-risunka tells how to compare the tone, how to pass the atmosphere and depth of the picture, and how to create a form of light with the help of color.


Tutorials drawing pencil and ink.


Drawing lessons in Photoshop: people, animals, landscapes, flowers - everything your heart desires.

Marcello Barengi

Artist, illustrator and designer from Milan Marcello Barengi shows how he draws his giperrealisticheskie picture.


This site contains video tutorials on drawing pencil, watercolor, felt-tip pens. All that turned up under the arm. The bulk of lessons - this cartoon, we can give children. There are lessons more seriously, where the artist half hour explains how to draw a cube.


On Render going 2D- and 3D-artists, writing articles, video tutorials spread, which tell how they have overcome a particular hurdle Art in graphic editors.

Circle soon risunka

Interesting drawing community in LiveJournal. On the tag "video" can be found recording lectures and master classes, conducted by the club. There is a section where dismantled figures indicate the shortcomings and suggest how to fix them. Unfortunately, this section has not been updated for a long time, but the good old database.

Workshops Sergei Andriyaki

Artist Sergei Andriyaka tells how to paint watercolors lobster, violet, lilac and so beautiful. The lessons show the TV channel "Culture".


Step by step lessons in drawing animals, toon, man. There is a section for children.


The lessons of drawing and modeling in 2D and 3D on the concept of the artist Ivan Smirnov.


Paintingart of a theoretical part provides information about the materials and tools. It carries a small educational program on the history of painting and grass anecdotes about the artists.


The site is dedicated chart: history, articles on art, as well as some interesting lessons about the future, drawing, watercolor and plastic card and even on how to set up the paper at home.


YouTube channel hosts video tutorials on graphics and drawing pencil. Video in English.


Risuem offers the most exotic set of drawing lessons - from the basics to hatch the story of how to depict the underwear in the manga.


The resource is devoted to the development and drawing comics.


Author's site Ksenia Dmitrieva. The artist talks about how to create cartoon characters. Everything - from the search of the image to the fine detail.


Art forum for artists who runs the artist Maria Trepalin. Participants share interesting articles, communicate, evaluate each other's work.


The site of artist Scott Eaton laid out a selection of shots in high resolution, which allows to capture human figures in different moments of the movement. The photographs clearly visible muscle work, which should take into account the artist while painting figures in movement. Online now about 30 thousand images.


Creepy, dressed only in muscle mannequins designed to help artists who want to draw a person in motion. Models can turn, considering from all sides.


Forum digital artists. In addition to lessons, there are many links to individual blogs and articles. Participants share their favorite links to the work of other artists, and generally sweet deal.


The site is dedicated to the fine arts. It laid out the pictures and biographies of the classics of world art, as well as articles from the history of art. Learning from the geniuses.

Gallery Gugla

In his gallery Google has collected a huge number of works of art as classics, and graffiti artists, written almost yesterday. All in high resolution, so that you can see each shtrishok.

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