No heartburn and cramps: 9 sleep problems, from which you'll get today!

If the bed is not released from the warm embrace in the morning and night heartburn does not rest, the editors «Site» help you! Today we are sharing effective tips that easily save you from a night of problems and help you obtain the maximum benefit from sleep.

Rules of healthy sleep
  1. Neck pain
    Sleeping on the stomach — the main enemy of the health of your neck. Well if you just so sleep, try not to abandon the pillow. Best posture to sleep with problems with the cervical spine — sleeping on the back with planted under each arm pillows. Special attention should be paid to the cushion, it should be orthopedic and Velikobritanii. If you love to sleep on your side, your pillow should not be too high. The ideal height of the pillow should match the width of your shoulder. Such a pillow to keep the neck in the correct position during sleep.
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  2. Shoulder pain
    The best position for sleep in this case — on the back. Try to sleep on a thin orthopedic pillow, placing another on his stomach and hugging her arms. You'll see, in this position, your shoulders will be in the correct position, and sleep will be strong and healthy! But if back can't sleep, can sleep on your side, but only on others. Sleeping on the back, unfortunately, will only bring discomfort. So fans of this pose will have to abandon the "harmful" habit.
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  3. Backache
    Maybe it's time to change your mattress? Soft, certainly not for you. The perfect mattress should be anatomical, adapt to the contours of the body and having high rigidity. The most useful position for sleep if you have problems with the spine at the back. Try to put under feet a small pillow under the lower back — a rolled towel. This trick will help maximize support correct curvature of the spine and provide additional back support. And if you love to sleep on your side, try to take a fetal position. And laid between leg pillow helps relieve tension from the lumbar spine.
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  4. Insomnia
    Try to start small: do not overeat in the evening, ventilated bedroom, get rid of natural sources of light, eliminate mental excitement from gadgets, books, TV. Such things can easily help to fall asleep much faster and sleep will make a sturdy and useful. If nothing helps, you should consult a specialist.
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  5. Frequent awakenings
    If you often Wake up in the night, try and abandon the gadgets and heavy dinner before sleep. And even alcohol! Spirits violate the water balance of the body, thereby breaking the long phase of sleep. And don't forget to monitor the temperature the air in the bedroom. The optimum temperature for a healthy sleep 20-22 °C. Too hot or too cool air will only make it harder to sleep and sleep.
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  6. It's hard to Wake up in the morning
    Unfortunately, this problem accompanies most of us. But there are a number of tricks, can in a jiffy to make your morning pleasant and cheerful. Try to direct the alarm for the same time, even on weekends. And the Snooze button forget! "5 more minutes" before a fall, that's for sure. Go to bed early, don't think about the bad and just enjoy a welcome rest. In that case morning without stress guaranteed!
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  7. Convulsion
    A cramp is an involuntary contraction of the muscles, which is often accompanied by unpleasant and even painful sensations. The reasons may be completely different — ranging from a wrong posture to sleep, physical stress or lack of micronutrients and ending with varicose veins. If cramps your permanent nocturnal companion should immediately consult a doctor. But in General, to get rid of cramps will help preventive exercises in the morning and before bedtime, relaxing massage and optimal posture for sleeping.
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  8. Heartburn
    Sleep on your left side — that's what will save you from heartburn during the night. This body position will help prevent the abandonment of stomach contents into the esophagus and thereby relieve the unpleasant sensations. And try not to overeat in the evening, it will certainly help to get rid of the problem.
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  9. Pain and heaviness in the legs
    Easy massage before going to bed and relaxing baths — a great help for pain in the feet. Try to put legs during sleep is slightly above normal. It helps to relieve fatigue that has accumulated during the day and relieve from pain.
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Don't close your eyes to sleep problems, because the health of your body entirely depends on the quality of sleep and lifestyle!

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