Exercise and massage in convulsions – first aid

According to the newspaper "Herald HLS"

Two simple exercises from night cramps

  • Exercise # 1 "the Feet up"
Before going to sleep, lying on the couch or on the floor, raise your legs up the wall and hold for 10-15 minutes. This same exercise can be used as first aid for seizures, if in the night drove his leg.

Another option first-aid – stand on a cold floor barefoot. Everything passes in a few seconds. ("Vestnik zozh", 2007, No. 13, p. 35)

Man many years tormented by leg cramps at night. Tried everything but to no avail. Until I read a simple recipe in HLS: before going to sleep, lying on back, raise legs up high and hold them in this position for 2 minutes. Had three days to night cramps forever left it.(HLS 2013, №8, p. 8, )

  • Exercise No. 2 "Heel forward"
As soon as he feels them coming, he lies on his back, pull his legs, pulling the heels forward, and socks on yourself. This exercise quickly helps all instantly passes. (2009, No. 2, p. 31).

The man still in the army suffered greatly from cramps in the muscles of the legs, especially at night and early morning. Officers several times sent him to the infirmary, but the cause was never found. After the army until old age his suffering continued. Recently he found a way to provide first aid for seizures. As soon as that starts to reduce leg, lie on your back and pulls the heel forward, and socks on yourself. And so as long as the spasm persists, usually it takes 8-10 seconds. (HLS 2006, №13, p.32).

This exercise can be done not only during the attack, but to include it in the set of daily gymnastics for prevention. (2005, No. 3, p.32).

First aid for seizures – treatment of metal.

If applied to reduced muscle metal object – cramp immediately released.

Many people who have experienced the effectiveness of this method, sleep with a wrench under her pillow. You don't even have to apply wrenches to the gastrocnemius muscle, but simply to hold in your hand: if you brought the right leg to take a metallic object in his right hand, but if left leg, then left arm.
(HLC, 2012 No. 24, p. 31; 2010, №6, p.32).

Leg cramps at night will help to remove the cold floor and aspen wood.

If the leg cramp, you have to stand barefoot on a hard cold floor – after 1 minute everything will be fine. ("Vestnik zozh", 2010 No. 24, p. 31, 2002, №18, p.9).

Here is an example of treatment according to this method: the woman heard in the transmission of the recipe from seizures to stand on the unpainted wooden floor for 2 minutes. She just badly cramping legs, especially at night. She began to stand on the floor as he felt them approaching. Then noticed that the leg cramps at night had become less frequent and less severe.
And then a neighbor brought the furnace to cut birch wood. The patient is asked a single block of wood a little wider to fit 2 feet, and often put his feet on this stump, when sitting on the couch. So she could cure seizures completely. The treatment will be faster if you take no birch, and aspen the block a little. (2009 No. 10, p. 32).

The quick and easy help with cramps

  • If the night will bring a muscle in his leg, it is necessary to simply bite the little finger of his hands so much, to feel the pain. (2003, №12, p. 18 )
  • Squats
The man had strong cramps in my legs at night, brought the muscles above the knees. He had only not to turn or touch toes, muscles twisted in the harness. The man stood up, walked, was applied to the feet cold items. The pain passed after 10-15 minutes.
One doctor told him that the body lacks potassium, need to eat dried apricots, bananas, etc. the Patient did not, but was for the prevention of adenoma and prostatitis to do squats. After 2 weeks of exercise found that cramps in the muscles he is completely gone.. (2008, No. 1, p. 10)

  • Exercise for night leg cramps
Woman for a long time to not sleep at night from cramps in the calf muscles before bedtime to do exercises for the toes and feet – clenched and unclenched his fingers, wiggling them, twisting feet. After a few days of exercise, things got better, at night feet did not take (2005 No. 23, p. 24)

  • Massage for cramps — Kuznecov's massager
By a physician, a man began to take furosemide, and he began to actively excrete potassium. Started having severe leg cramps at night and pain. The man from drawing pins and two pieces of cloth I made myself a bandage type of massager of the Kuznecov. And now the night begins to settle in the leg, needle tying this bandage on the calf muscle with is sewn to the armband laces, and continued to sleep. Pain no longer feels (2007, No. 17, p. 33)

The woman had osteoarthritis of the knee, one day she decided to trample on iplikator Kuznetsova to ease the pain in my knee. And to my great surprise got rid of the cramps. And they brought her literally to tears. At first they were only in the calf muscle, over time, rose higher and higher. No treatment helped, no massage, no pills. And then this amazing result.
She began every day to mark applicator, mimicking the walk, holding on to the back of the chair. On the third day forgot about the leg cramps. They reminded of himself only six months. So now goes applicator every night to prevent cramps and many other diseases. ("Vestnik zozh", 2004 No. 9, p. 27)

  • Treatment and prevention of night cramps.
Women get rid of leg cramps at night helps this technique as soon as it comes, instantly relieves foot of the bed and pulls me to the floor. The faster to do so, and the colder it is the floor, the faster will cramp. It happens that the woman does not even have time to open his eyes, and all have passes, and she again falls into bed. This ambulance in convulsions.
And prevention is this:
1. Before going to sleep like 40-90 minutes, especially if the day a lot of sitting or standing. You can walk slowly, the main thing continuously.
2. If the cause of the cramps, varicose veins or thrombophlebitis, sleeping with raised 20 cm legs.
3. Eat more calcium-rich food. (2006, No. 19, p. 11)

  • Massage Vietnamese balm "Asterisk"
Men often cramping legs. Treatment of folk remedies did not help. Once during a severe calf cramps, not knowing what to do, he rubbed the muscle of the Vietnamese balm "Asterisk". This tool is sold in any pharmacy. And in 2-3 minutes pain started to go away. Since then, he is saved by this means. (2013 No. 17, p. 32).

If a leg cramp, RUB the muscle Vietnamese "Asterisk". To forget about illnesses RUB the feet with this balm 10 consecutive days. (2004, №24, p. 31, 2002, №24, p.16).

  • Mattress with fern as prevention of convulsions
Woman at night tormented by pain in the legs, often cramping. She was advised to sleep on a mattress out of bracken, she is just the plot grew a lot of ferns. She squinted, fishes set aside, made of linen and the mattress was to sleep on it. All winter legs didn't bother her, and when hay turned into dust, she was back to sleeping on a conventional mattress, foot problems began again. Since it dries in summer, fern more. (2013, No. 7, p. 3)

  • Cane massage from cramps
Man every night was awakened by severe cramps in the calf muscles, you should've turned on his side, as the muscles have turned to stone nodules, riddled with pain. Colleague advised Japanese folk method of treatment of convulsions: take a stick with a diameter of 2-3 cm and a length of 30-30, see This stick 1-2 times a day apply 100 blows on the balls of your feet at the base of the fingers... the Man used this method, but have not found a wooden stick, used plastic, and about the spasms gradually forgotten. (2003, №7, p. 24)

  • Exercises by spasms in spinal osteochondrosis
If you have low back pain, one of his symptoms is morning leg cramps – when to get out of bed, the muscles of the legs is cramping. These muscle contractions are very painful, they often appear during the day.
What to do if leg cramps cramp? Most people start pinching, pounding, squeeze these muscles or clumsy massage them. All these techniques are not effective.
But there's a way to quickly to help themselves.

  • First aid for convulsions induced osteochondrosis:
You need to lay on my side and RUB with hand or fist lower back and rump intensively in all directions before the appearance of heat rubs in the field and in the hand. After 1 minute, the cramp will disappear.
What to do to prevent cramps in the morning?
Not getting out of bed in the morning to go back and do the following exercises against cramps:
1. Flexion and extension stop from 10 to 50 times, increasing the number of repetitions gradually
2. Bend your knees and rotate right and left slowly, without stress from 5 to 30 times.
3. Bend your knees, raise of lower. 5 - 10 times.
4. Again to repeat exercise No. 1 (2003 No. 3, p. 19)

  • Ice water as a cure for seizures
The woman after severe nervous stress unbearable headache, and then started cramping. The doctors could not diagnose, and then determined the hysterical neurosis and was placed in a clinic where injections, drips and gymnastics. But in the end was discharged without any improvement.
As the patient heard the story of a woman that after a traumatic brain injury that she was able to recover by pouring ice water. Decided that and her this method will help. Was the Nov. The hole took her by the hand, because she takes the time to walk almost could not constantly falling. On the ice she is also constantly falling, especially after pouring, the whole body was covered with bruises. But 2 times a day, at 7am and at 7 PM, the patient was on the river. Suffering is rewarded – after 2 months were jerking. After a year recovered function of my left leg, after 2 years, ceased to fall on the right foot. The result was a youthful, energetic, healthy woman. (2009, No. 16, p. 8-9)



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