These exercises will relieve cramps in the calf muscles

If you have anemia, ill health, gastritis, vomiting, or weakness of the intestine and if you experience a sudden exposure to cold, trouble you can muscle cramps.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the internal cause of cramps is a deficiency of qi (vital energy) and blood, and the external negative impacts of wind-cold.

Seizures can happen with a lack of vital energy and blood, when the muscles receive little power as well as the attack of wind-cold. Because all four limbs most exposed to wind, cold, often there are cramps of the hands and feet, the lower limbs are affected more often.

There are many traditional ways to prevent and eliminate cramps. The most simple and easy of them is stretching of the limbs.

In his famous treatise of the sui dynasty, "the Treasury of origin and signs of illness" says that one way is "lie on your back, stretch your legs and arms, heels outwards, fingers pointing at each other, and to breathe a nose seven times. This will facilitate the attack of rheumatism in the knees, pains in the bones and cramps in the muscles".


This exercise is performed in the following way:

1. Lie on your back, stretch your legs and arms, heels apart, toes touching each other (Fig. 10-80). Vigorously as possible, pull all the limbs. The position of the feet, where socks together, heels apart, it is necessary to maximally stretch the muscles of the toes.

2. Sipping muscles, breathe in as far as your opportunities, and then exhale slowly. Do the exercise seven times in a row.

It stretches muscle tissue. Only if you make the effort to get them to stretch, they will be brought to the desired state. If you do one to three lessons a day at 5-10 reps for each, this will not only warn muscle cramps, but will also facilitate the health with stiff knees and pain in the lower leg. Helps people who are prone to muscle cramps due to physical weakness, lack of blood and vital energy.

When the cramped muscles, and the pain becomes unbearable, stretching of the limbs can alleviate your condition.

This exercise is performed in the following way:

1. Vigorously straighten is under control convulsions the leg and fingers on her. Don't panic, be patient and vigorously straighten the leg. If at some point you are having difficulty with straightening, press down on it with both hands or the other leg. If the convulsions happened in the lower leg area, it is necessary to straighten the tibia (Fig. 10-81), if in the fingers, then straighten the fingers (Fig. 10-82). The main thing here is to stretch and relax under control convulsions muscle.

2. When straightening of the limbs exhale vigorously, making sounds: "Ho, Ho". Make sure that the breath was full, and exhale with force and quickly, making sounds.

3. When you pull the limbs, you can combine this with other methods, for example, Pat the body part hand (if cramps in the calf, squash calf, if cramped up toes, to Pat and massage the muscles on the outer surface of the tibia), or you can massage the point Cheng Shan (Fig. 10-83).

This technique helps to relieve spasm and to eliminate muscle tension. But we should not assume that the exercises should be performed only in case of seizures. They can be used whenever there is a need to relax the limbs, as well as effective emergency care when cramps seized while sailing in the water.


If the spasm is due to physical weakness, anemia or low calcium in the blood need to consult a doctor so he can prescribed the proper treatment, for example, tonics for the blood, or increase the calcium content. If there were copious vomiting or diarrhea, it is necessary that the doctor in time prescribed drugs, complementary blood.published



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