How to make a street litter bin made of concrete

Beautifully designed urn is able to serve not only a functional element of the site, but to be a worthy decoration of landscape design.

What can be done from the ballot box?Street litter bins can be made from any material:

  • wooden boards;
  • sheet metal;
  • concrete.
Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

So, metal, chrome or wrought iron designs look favorably on plots in the style of hi-tech. They are aesthetic and durable. The only drawback is the high price.

Varnished wooden boxes will add a part of elegance. They can be decorated with carving, engraving. A significant disadvantage of wooden structures is their fragility. But thanks to a wide range of antiseptic and water repellent means to extend the service life of wood is not difficult.

Concrete structures are able to blend well with the ancient garden. They always look luxurious. The main thing – correctly to choose the shape and decoration of its exterior walls.

Concrete urn with his own handsthe Basis for the manufacture of the inner wall of concrete boxes can be any capacity:

  • metal or plastic bucket;
  • wooden barrel;
  • air filter from the truck, etc.
The outer wall boxes are the easiest to put together of wooden boards, making a square box with a size of 5-10 cm larger than the diameter of the inner tank.

To create the urn you will also need:

  • cement mortar;
  • an angle grinder, a hacksaw;
  • a hammer and nails;
  • plastic film;
  • construction tape;
  • elements of decor (the leaves of burdock, sea pebbles, gravel);
  • paint for exterior use.
For making cement mortar it is better to use cement with the marking of M500. The perfect proportion: 1 part cement 3 parts sifted sand. The consistency of the mixture should be slightly thicker than sour cream.

How to make an urn made of concrete?Step 1. First, assemble the outer box, giving it the shape of a square or a trapezoid. It will serve as a form for pouring concrete. Nail it to a wooden base. Pour into the bottom of the box a few solution, making the bottom thickness of 6-8 cm


Step 2. Inside the box place a container, pre-wrapped it in a thick plastic film. The voids between the box and receptacle, pour cement mortar.

Step 3. To give the outer walls of the bins of the original topography, before pouring the sides attach to the walls of burdock leaves and then pour the solution. As the pouring of the cement, the leaves need to be hold, so they do not slip along the walls under the weight of the solution.

Step 4. Bay form, leave it for 5-7 days until complete solidification of the solution. When he gains enough strength, disassemble box and remove the capacity. The leaves of burdock clean, moistened the surface of the urn with water.

To decorate the outer wall of concrete boxes and using cement mortar. It must be applied in a thin layer on the surface, and then gently pressed into a mixture of small stones or glass.

The sharp edges of the concrete boxes is the easiest way to sand grinder. The finished product if desired can be covered with paint. The inner walls of the container can be covered with plastic wrap or pull on the trash bin liner of appropriate size, fixing the edges with adhesive tape.

Street trash will keep the site in order and clean. And to do it, as you can see, not so difficult. published

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