10 ways to use the forces of nature that can save mankind

It is expected that after about 75 years on the planet will end minerals such as oil, coal and natural gas. And since human civilization uses them as a source of fuel and is not ready to give up the opportunities they provide, it is necessary to look for new ways to get the required energy. Fortunately, this problem has solutions - people have learned to use nature to get electricity, a revolution in food, to make the world cleaner and solve similar issues. And that's how we do it:

1. Explosive strength helps with lightning processing betona

Concrete - a mixture of cement, stone and water - one of the cheapest and most common building materials in the world. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to process, so that all the debris from the destroyed buildings, bridges and roads often simply thrown away.

Institute for Integrated Circuits Fraunhofer Society has found a solution: it is necessary to blow up the concrete lightning. It sounds like science fiction, but - works. When powerful electrical pulses hitting the concrete, the energy is distributed between the individual elements and effectively breaks the stable connection therebetween, whereby the ingredients are selected and they can be used again for the manufacture of concrete.

2. Self-healing betona

Researchers from the Netherlands have gone the other way. Instead of looking for ways to recycle concrete, they came up with a way to make concrete repairing itself. Now we are working on a special type of concrete, which is expected to add live bacteria. When exposed to the weather the concrete cracks, the bacteria become active and produce as waste product called calcite, very similar to the limestone, and the resulting hole in the concrete tightened.

3. Solar panels separating light on sostavlyayuschie

Despite the popularity of solar panels and their efficiency is 10-15% - the calculation is made in comparison with the efficiency of the sunlight that falls into a living cell. The Agency for Defense Advanced Research Projects United States is working on a solar energy system, which can be twice more effective than the ones we use now. The method - in splitting the sunlight on the colors and the subsequent assembly of different wavelengths of each color.

The system uses nanomaterials, some of them even less than wavelength of light. The bottom line is that the system sorts the colors individually and put them in cages, specially designed to absorb the waves of a certain length. Guided by this principle, it is planned to create solar cells that do not need to respond to the entire color spectrum. It is expected that the efficiency of the battery reaches 50%.

4. Wind power plants that produce electricity without vetra

Wind - one of the available resources that we have. The only problem is that we can not control it: it blows or subside regardless of our desires. And when it subsides, then stop spinning and wind power.

The solution proposed by Apple. In June 2011, they filed an application for a patent of wind power, which converts wind energy into thermal energy, and the accumulated heat will generate electricity even when the blades do not rotate. According to this principle, working windmills in the last thousands of years: the wind turns the blades and creates energy. The same technology makes Apple, as soon as she is able to store heat generated by friction.

5. Stand-alone power system under the guise iskusstva

Japanese retailers have come up with aquaponics system, originally designed for the creation of works of art in hospitals and nursing homes. The point is that the system uses the fish waste as fertilizer for plants. This plant is filtered and purified water, which is returned to the tank. In fact, such a system as close as possible to natural conditions in closed ponds - ponds or lakes.

Now the development is taken around the world as the basis for the creation of renewable power in those areas of the world where water supplies are limited. The system creates its own water cycle so that the desert areas where rainfall is small, can use these tanks to get food all year round.

6. Solar filter vody

The technology for water came up 14-year-old girl Deepika Kurup. When he learned that Indian children have to drink stagnant, bacteria-filled water, Deepika has created a solar filter water. It can get even poor - it costs only a few cents. Operation is based on the interaction of zinc oxide and titanium oxide with sunlight, whereby the bacteria in the water are killed.

The system is quite effective: after a few hours in the sun number of bacteria in the treated water decreases from 8000 to 50 per liter, which makes the water safe to drink. Moreover, thanks to the use of gratuitous solar energy device can be used even where there is no electricity at all.

7. The generator that runs on human moche

Four students from Nigeria created a powerful generator is required to operate the only renewable resource that is always at hand - human urine. The unit uses the process of electrolysis - highlights from the urine of oxygen, then used to power a generator. From one liter of urine can get great results - 6 hours of continuous operation of the generator. Recall that a normal person produces about 2 liters of urine per day.

8. Self-propelled marine robot

The Wave Glider - This unmanned sea craft using ocean waves to move. The patented system allows small vessels to move forward until the surface of the water there is at least a little wave - as in the ocean, they are always there.

The Wave Glider recently broke the world record for unmanned vehicles - he walked 14,500 kilometers during the year. During the trip, the ship survived the sea storms and even shark attacks.

9. Production of energy from vibration poezda

Around us a lot of unused energy, just waiting for a suitable device by which it can be used. Researchers at the University at Stony Brook realized that riding on rails at high speed train produces a ton of potential energy, and on the basis of this observation created a device designed for the collection and its subsequent conversion into electricity.

The researchers say their device can produce up to 200 watts DC. The resulting energy can be used to power devices at stations that annually saves New York State more than $ 10 million. Annually. If we consider that in the US nearly 227,000 kilometers of railway tracks, the nationwide savings will be quite substantial.

10. The self-administered bottle vody

Resumption of water - one of the most pressing needs in the world today. Water purification requires a huge expenditure of energy. We should not forget that about one billion people on our planet live in arid regions where fresh water - deficit. The company has created a self-administered NBD Nano bottle

The surface of the bottle is covered with artificial ridges and grooves causes the moisture to condense on the surface of the bottle, and then extracted by water thus falls within the grooves. In the end, standing for hours in the open air, a bottle of "catch" about 3 liters of water.

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