That's why I don't buy expensive shirts! Elegant thing in just a few hours...

Men's shirt — a real springboard for creativity all lovers of sewing. Why not just make masters out of old clothes: pot holders, aprons, baby clothes and even a stylish dress!

Today our editorial team will share interesting ideas for tailoring elegant blouses from men's shirts. Rather sit down at a sewing machine and start creating!

How to refashion a man's shirt
  1. For sewing blouses, this model will need a shirt and a plain t-shirt.

  2. Cut off the top part of the shirt and sew a few kulisek, you can get a simple style.

  3. A similar model with sleeves and a belt.

  4. From sleeveless men's shirt can do graceful flounces!

  5. For sewing this model will not need to alter the whole shirt. Enough to handle the sleeves!

  6. Cutting off sleeves, you can get stylish youth blouse!

  7. Don't be afraid to experiment with the textures of the fabrics. Cotton and Jersey — a great combination!

  8. Inserts of lace fabric will never be superfluous.

  9. As a decoration you can use patch pockets.

  10. Of the cut of the sleeves can make a graceful ruffles.

And you used to alter things? Be sure to share your experiences in the comments!

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