How not to fall into the trap of poverty. That's why I stopped to save for a rainy day!

Since childhood each of us has a piggy Bank in which we save money for some pleasant trifle. With age, the needs are growing, and with them necessary for the realization of a dream the amount. Save money on a necessary thing sometimes for years, and all because we're doing it wrong themselves attract poverty.

Why do some people quickly reach financial goals, and some fail? Share tested method which will teach you how to keep and increase savings.

How to save engineone signs
  1. Money should be kept in a good wallet. Do not be stingy when buying products, pay attention to color and quality. They say that money love the red color and natural materials. It is also advised not to throw away old purses.
  2. Try to get rid of small coins, the dirty and torn bills and scribbled notes. They carry the energy of the previous owner, so spend them first.

  3. No place in my wallet, and old receipts, bills, used tickets and other garbage.
  4. Will not bring financial prosperity and the means that were obtained by chance or dishonest. Better spend them to good use: donate to the poor or for treatment. Positive energy will have a positive impact on the financial situation.
  5. All known the simple truth: "this is costing Money". Don't forget that! And with the savings you should do otherwise: savings do not suffer when they are too often to count.

  6. Financial luck will bring a little talisman in my wallet. For example, bill or coin with your birth year. But to store pictures of your family not worth it. This disrupts cash flow.
  7. Never waste all the cash. So the wallet was always full, my wallet needs to stay at least one bill.
  8. We all used to save money for a rainy day, but such a setting only exacerbates the financial situation. The use of such language programs you poverty, as the law of attraction: if you always think of the dark days, they will come. Better to just save money, to save or postpone something useful, like a vacation.

Ritual "Magic stash"For financial well-being
  1. Quickly accumulate a certain amount of money and attract wealth into the house will help you this ancient ritual. It is suited to lean people, and spender. The main thing — to believe and to do what is required.
  2. Get 27 money. It can be notes and coins of different denomination and for any amount. Find in the house memory box, in which you keep the money. You can hide the stash under the mattress, in a book, in a jar or in more inventive ways.

  3. When the storage location everything has been resolved, take one coin or a bill and say: "Stash for good luck! Put the money and live happily!"
  4. After that, keep your money. On the next day repeat the same procedure. Put away some money for 27 days with no gaps or it won't work. "Magic stash" harmonize cash flow, but also fosters the habit of saving money with a positive attitude.

Handle the money correctly to never be in distress. Let the secrets of money magic will help you to cope with chronic lack of money and bring prosperity into the house!

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