Money signs

In every national culture has different signs and predictions. About the existence of these will know probably every one of us.

Believe signs or not - a private matter. But even those people who do not consider themselves superstitious, instinctive dislike spilling salt on the road and meet black cats.
And there's a sign that he will not work until you do not know about it. Therefore, it is useful to know some of the signs that help to improve relations with the money.

Money through love. This is true, but not from the piggy bank (they will cease to accumulate) and not late at night.
Banknotes in your wallet to keep in order not to be crushed, all the notes of the same rank together for them - bills of another denomination. With respect to the money - neatly koshelechke keep them on the merits sort, straighten corners. Fold so that a similar picture in the same direction. To lay rovnenko.
Rubles and dollars are not put together, but only in different pockets.
Take the money with his left hand, and give to the right.


 - For the first time in the past month I saw the young moon shows her purse or large bills, the money grew like the growth of the moon. Or squeeze the coin in his hand and looking at the new moon, make a wish. This ritual will provide you with receipts for the entire lunar month.
According to Russian legends, saw the young moon on the right side is for the month to receive only income. But if the left - some expenses.
Take money on the new moon, returns - defective. We need to borrow money from someone at the new moon, and give to the handicapped. And be sure to give small denominations.

About men

 - For the successful outcome of any endeavor, passing in some areas, it is necessary that the first man came into it. But clink glasses with another man, on the contrary should be the last, that money were carried out.
Traders should be the first thing to sell a man - trade will be successful.

Days of the week and time of day

 - On Sunday, borrow money do not give - they simply can not return.
On Monday, no calculations do not produce and do not give a loan. On Monday, borrow money, and do not let the debts do not return, otherwise the money will not be driven.
Do not borrow (take) money on Tuesday - will all Life in debt.
Money in the evening do not take, do not give and do not consider: will not be driven.
The debt is better not to give the evening and in the morning - the money will be driven.

Homemade signs

In order not to remain without money, you should always remember: do not put a cap on the table, do not put on the table, gloves, keys.
You can not sit at the table - to poverty.
Do not leave an empty bottle on the table - is a lack of money (it can be kept under the table).
Money goes to money, but also in the house if whisk broom stands up.
Money is flowing like water: you can not have in the house of the faulty plumbing to avoid water leaks.
Close the toilet lid so that money is not flowed.
The house can not whistle - the money whistler.
The house dispose of the corners of the fines, saying: "Let come to my house!»
Another good thing to put in the room in every corner of Piglet.
Not in the same apartment metite different brooms.

Plant a money tree - jade tree, take care of him. Wood not only decorate your home, but also improve the financial situation. Put some money under the table cloth or oilcloth on the kitchen - then the house will always be driven money.

After sunset, do not perform cleaning in the house, especially dangerous sweep - sweeping their well-being, and in the evening to wash the floor - wash their welfare.

Nothing can be swept away from the table without any hand towels or a sponge.

Do not make the evening trash out of the house or apartment.

Do not throw out the window, to the well-being did not leave the house.

Selected money

Do not pick up detail, especially if it is at a crossroads, as many diseases wreak havoc on a trifle. Without the little things, you will manage and pick it up, lose health and strength. Found in the morning on an empty stomach money, do not lift. Any Point ("crazy" as they say) money - a dangerous thing. The Japanese believe that in such an unexpected gift, an expensive discovery fate will ask very strict, depriving you something more valuable. Therefore, the Council found the money to spend on good things.

Other money signs

You can not cut their hair very even cut bangs or hair ends.
Itchy left palm - to money. It is necessary to scratch his other hand to her, ie to brush (rake in money).
Money borrowed, given the smaller denominations than take.


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