Thoughts that can lead to financial problems

Here are 10 of these bad thoughts that can lead to serious financial problems.

"What if I die tomorrow?»
And in fact, is not it better to spend money right now, instead of postponing them? "These thoughts can keep you from seeking to delay funds for the future. However, the probability of premature death is very low, but to live to old age is very real, "- indicates a financial planner Karen Lee. Do not fall for this pathetic excuse. Better, on the contrary, telling yourself that, without buying something now, you more money set aside for tomorrow.

"I think about it later, than it is to pay off».
This provokes us a bad idea on what to spend money that we do not. "Ask yourself:" If I do not have the money for it now, from what I've decided that tomorrow they will appear out of nowhere? "- Lee recommends. Expert advises first to accumulate the necessary amount, and only later to buy something. Pull the pleasure, because the purchases that you've been waiting to bring you more fun.

"It's a good investment».
"It felt so many Americans in the 2000s to buy homes more expensive than had the opportunity to afford. And look what it has evolved as a result, "- recalls Lee. Exceeding their financial capabilities sometimes brings a positive result, but in most cases this is a recipe for disaster. Instead, Lee recommends telling yourself that you will have your dream home, or a home theater, or a good repair in the kitchen, if you would be wise to deal with personal finances.

"I'll be able to all, you'll see!»
Self-confidence - not a bad thing. But excessive self-confidence and belief that you are always able to control their costs, can be a step on the road to ruin. "We tend to be confident that this time really be able to control yourself. We accept advertising from a bank credit card, as we believe that we will not use it or to pay all the interest on time, "- gives the example of an expert on financial literacy Ted McLyman. In fact, if we think that all of our financial mistakes in the past, it's a lie - we can make them again and again, the expert adds.

"With me it will never happen».
Of course, it is true - as long as "it" will not happen in reality. "Thinking in this way, people are exposed to excessive spending and not enough to hedge themselves in financial terms, as this way of thinking leads to a false sense of security. For example, a person believes that if he works in a private company for 20 years, it will not be fired as a valuable employee, or in the case of disability, he will be able to continue their own work, "- says Lee. It may be the worst with you and will not happen, however, no difference is required to have a plan in case of emergency. And the peace of mind that comes to us when we know to rely on in times of trouble, is priceless.

"I do not need a budget, so I know where the money goes».
Of course, you know it. But even so, no matter there is nothing better than to write down all the costs of paper and thus an overview of your finances, says the author Chad Olivier. Know where you are now - is the first step to understanding what you want to come.

"This is my retirement savings».
Yes, it's true your savings. This retirement savings rather than cash on tour in Europe or very expensive car. "Pension funds are required to remain on the retirement accounts," - said Olivier. And the best method for increasing savings - to diversify their.

"Because I deserve it».
Beyond any doubt, you work hard, but do not abuse it. "Attempts to reward yourself for successful dieting, buying yourself something - it's a trap, it's a vicious circle, it is more and more costs," - explains Lee. Ask yourself a few questions. Is it true that you need this thing? "For what reason do you think you should have all the newest, best, and so on. D.? Try to understand the reason why you need to spend money to feel better "- echoes Lee financial planner Dennis Marvin. Whether, in its own turn, advises reward yourself in other ways - for example, to leave early from work, make a delicious dinner and call a friend for a pleasant conversation.

"I can not afford to save money».
In fact, you can not afford not to delay. "If we are honest with ourselves, then we have the money. We just do not like to control costs, "- says MAKLIMAN.

"I need to get it».
"If you want to get something very one, then your attention to other things weakens. You convince yourself that something you desperately need, and all of your thoughts swirling circle of shoes, this machine, this house. But do not forget: the euphoria of the coveted purchase will take place, but the financial "hangover" may be very strong, "- warns writer Gabriela Cora. ​​
Change their own way of thinking, you have positive effects on the results of your actions. "Right views comparatively money change your mind and positive impact on the end. If you truly think every day, you will be on your way to financial success "- concludes Siebold.


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