The law of Attraction in the world of thought: As the call, so the echo" — Yes, and from all sides!

The universe is controlled by one of the Original Law.

Its manifestations are diverse. Some of them we know, others we don't know anything. However, every day we gradually learn more and more, and the veil of secrecy is gradually lifted.

We knowledgeably discuss the law of gravitation, but ignore other, no less wonderful manifestation of the Original Law:

  • The law of Attraction (Attract) in the world of thought.

We recognize that the atoms that make up the matter are attracted to each other, that the Earth attracts everything on it is, and that there is a force that holds the circling worlds in their orbits, but blind to the truly powerful law that creates our lives. According to this law, what we desire or fear, is attracted to us.

When it becomes clear to us that the thought is a manifestation of energy and that it like a magnet has power of attraction, we begin to find answers to the questions "Why?" and "Why?" about many events that were previously unclear to us. Nothing rewards the student so richly for his time and trouble as the study of the principles on which the actions of the powerful Law of Attraction in the thought world.

In the process of thinking we are spreading the subtle etheric vibrations of thought, as real as vibration, manifested through light, heat, electricity, magnetism. The fact that our senses do not perceive the vibration of thought, does not prove that they are not. Forces powerful enough magnet to attract a piece of iron weighing a hundred pounds, but this powerful force can neither see, nor taste, nor smell, nor hear, nor touch.

Similarly, you can neither see, nor taste, nor smell, nor hear, nor touch, and the vibration of thought. Though, indeed, there is evidence of people, especially sensitive to the mental manifestations, and is able to perceive a powerful mental vibration. Moreover, many of us can confirm that sometimes they clearly feel the mental vibrations of other people — like in their presence and at a distance. Telepathy and similar phenomena are not empty of imagination.

Light and heat — a manifestation of vibration is much less intense than the vibration of thought, and the difference is only in frequency. Scientific sources give an interesting interpretation of this question.

An outstanding scientist, Professor Elisha gray in his little book, "Wonders of nature" writes:

"The fact that there are sound waves not audible to the human ear, and the light waves not visible to the eye, allows to conjecture. In our world there is a large, dark, soundless space between the frequencies from 40 000 to 400 000 000 000 000 oscillations per second and an infinite range beyond 700 000 000 000 000 vibrations per second, where the light disappears, and it is rich soil for a variety of assumptions."

M. M. Williams, in his work called "a Brief scientific essays" says:

"Between the rapid oscillations that create us an audible sound, and the slowest, cause we have a feeling the weak heat, no gradual transition. Between them — a Gulf wide enough to accommodate another world between our world of sound and our world of heat and light. There is no reason to deny the possibility of the existence of this intermediate world, or say that it cannot cause a person some relevant experience, provided that there are organs of perception, perceiving his movements and translates them into feeling."

I quote the above authors solely in order to give you some food for thought. Thought vibrations exist. This is fully proved — to the satisfaction of the many researchers of this question, and after thinking a bit, you will see that your own experience is proof of that.

We often hear well-known Mental Science statement, "thoughts are material", and often repeat these words, not realizing until the end of their meaning. If we succeed really to understand them, we understand much of what was previously unclear to us, and we can use the wonderful power — the Power of Thoughts — just like we use any other manifestation of Energy.

As has been said, thought, we spread vibrations of very high frequency, as real as the vibrations of light, heat, sound and electricity. And when we understand the laws that govern the creation and transmission of these vibrations we will be able to use them in everyday life just as we use the known forms of energy.

From what we can't see, can't hear, can't weigh or measure the vibration of thought, does not mean that they do not exist. There are sound waves that the human ear can not hear, but some of them can hear insects, while others are captured by sensitive instruments invented by man. There are also light waves that are not perceived by the human eye; some of them are captured by devices, and others — and the vast majority of them — have such a high frequency that not even invented the tool that is able to grasp.

With the advent of new, more precise instruments people learn about new vibrations — and yet the vibrations were just as real before the invention of the instrument, as well as after. Assume that we have no instruments for recording the phenomena of magnetism. In this case, we would have every reason to deny the existence of this mighty power, as we cannot taste, touch, smell, hear, see, weigh or measure. But wouldn't the magnet attract iron.

For registration of each type of vibration need a special device. At present the human brain seems to be the only instrument capable of registering thought waves, although occultists say that in this century scientists will invent apparatus sufficiently delicate to catch and record the manifestation of thought. It is not excluded that the invention can appear at any time. There is a need, and no doubt this need will soon be satisfied. However, for those who work in the field of telepathy, better proof than their own experiences, is not required.

We are constantly emitted more or less strong ideas and reap their fruits. Our thoughts not only influence us and others, but also have the power of attraction. They attract to us the thoughts of others, life circumstances, people, things, "luck", corresponding to the idea that prevails in our minds. Thought of Love will attract to us the Love of others, consistent with the idea of circumstances and people. And on the contrary thoughts of Anger, Hatred, Jealousy, Anger and Greed dragged us to such a swarm of thoughts, born in the minds of other people, and bring disharmony in our lives.

Strong and long lasting idea makes us a Central point for bringing the corresponding thought waves of others. In the World of Thought like attracts like. Here is the rule: "as you sow, so shall you reap" or "you reap what you sow" — and even on all sides.

Man or woman, who makes Love, see Love everywhere and attract the Love of others. Man, in whose heart there lives Hatred, gets all the Hatred, which only can handle. Man, thinking about the Fight, faced with all conceivable Struggle. And so it happens: everyone gets what he calls for over the wireless Telegraph of his Consciousness. People rising up in the morning not in the spirit, results in the same mood and his family before they have time for Breakfast. Woman, accustomed to nitpick everyone, the day will always find a reason to satisfy their addiction.

This is an important aspect of Mental Attraction. On reflection, you will see that the man himself who makes his hurdles, though, and blames the other. I knew people who understood that you must adhere to a positive, calm thoughts and not be subject to the environmental disharmony. So, these people felt themselves safe, while around them raged a storm. People who know the Law of Attraction in the thought world, ceases to be a plaything of the storms in the Ocean of consciousness.


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Mankind has stepped from the era of physical force in the era of intelligence, and now stands on the threshold of a new era — the forces of mental. In the field of mental energies, as in other areas, there are laws, and we should meet them. Otherwise, we will come to a dead end, not knowing how to act at the level of intentions.published


From the book by Atkinson William Walker "the Law of attraction and the power of thought"


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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