5 forgotten rules of the law of attraction

Believe me, when you read these few simple but long-forgotten rules you can speed up the law of attraction.

Rather, over the last few years you law of attraction you buzzed in all ears, and you either loved or hated. But you know, you believe in him or not, sometimes is very useful to look at it with fresh eyes, and apply some of his principles to his own life.

I use these principles on a daily basis for several years now, and I can say that they have had a huge impact on my life. But I noticed something that significantly slowed my progress. Believe me, when you read these few simple but long-forgotten rules you can speed up the law of attraction.


1. The more you use it, the better it works

Some people indignantly informed me that my vaunted law of attraction does not work. When I asked them how, in fact, they tried to apply, they said that a few days tried to do the visualization, but they came to nothing, and they all scored.

Then I asked them how long they are willing to play the lottery until you win. Someone replied "Yes, forever", and most were willing to buy tickets at least several years. The law of attraction — it's like a lottery, and, in the same way as the lottery, it has its own rules. For example, you won't win the lottery if you don't have a ticket. And

if you want to increase your chances of winning (at least slightly), you will have to buy a ticket every week. Works the same and the law of attraction: so he helped you, you must practice it every day. Only here unlike the lottery then you will always win, no matter what will be the target of reduction of stress level using visualization, training the mind and memory, and even how to know new good friends.


2. Fill your intentions with emotion

I recently realized that if I Express an intention to achieve something, make it yourself, and then forget about it, it remains merely an intention. But if, idea of its purpose, I fill her genuine feelings, this goal will certainly be achieved. Sooner or later, one way or another.

When you fill your intentions with emotion, you fill them with energy, filling them with energy, you gain power when you have power, you begin to listen, and when you listen, you will achieve your goal, because this is perhaps the biggest barrier to her. Don't forget to fill your desires and the energy, and the best way to do this is to invest in them emotions.


3. Always try to give more than you take

I always thought that the main thing in the law of attraction is balance. If you managed to achieve your financial goals, give part of the proceeds to charity, or, for example, go at some time volunteering. If you have found exactly such a partner, what you always wanted, pay back the fate that will appreciate her gift, and well treated as your partner and his family. If you managed to get diploma with honors — try to use it.

4. Be thankful

The reason that you are here now reading this article that you believed that I would get to this day in one piece. Remember — it failed. Each of us is in the center of his own world, and each of us takes it for granted. But why not allocate at least five minutes a day to show how grateful we are for what we have.


5. Tell people about your success only when you really is what to tell

Yes, it's a very strange feature of the law of attraction, but nonetheless, it exists. For example, I had a case when I had set before themselves the goal to achieve success in marketing, and things went just fine, until I started to tell your friends about it. I wrote a message about it on FB, told friends and family and literally in a couple of days sales have stopped, and things became worse.

And believe me, this is not the only case in my life. I've thought about it and came to the following conclusion: when you want to achieve something, you have to work at it, work and work — to the achievement of the result.

But if you are in the process of working towards the goal of a he tells someone about your current success, your mind may well decide that you have reached the desired goal, and will deprive you of the energy necessary to achieve it.

That is happens to you is exactly what happened with me. I taught methods of increasing sales for several months. I tried, I was wrong, and started again. And then came the moment when my efforts began to bear fruit, and I started to earn decent money. At this point, I still never told I had enough strength and energy to bring the case to the end.

But I had to brag about their successes friends, and my motivation is weakened considerably, part of my energy vanished into nowhere, and the success turned into defeat. All this happened because my subconscious decided that if I started bragging, the goal has been achieved and the released energy is better spent on something else.


What is the "evil eye" is actuallyexactly WHAT you need to do BEFORE the end of the year

Because if you set a goal to earn five thousand dollars, don't tell anyone about this until all five thousand will not be in your pocket. And certainly don't start to brag, having just three thousand.published


Author: Steven Aitchison


Source: www.transurfing-real.ru/2016/11/blog-post_628.html


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