Cymatics: the Memory of water and the power of sound

Cymatics is the science of shaping the properties of waves. Cymatics studies the properties of waves, this term was coined by Swiss scientist Hans Jenny.

For the first time a scientist has captured on film the effects of sound waves in substances of different nature — sand, water, clay, scattered on the surface of the steel plate, under the influence of vibrational motions of different frequencies took an ordered pattern. Image of the pattern depended on the wave frequency, the higher the frequency, the harder the pattern, resulting from exposure to sound waves.

Hans Jenny continued work of the German scientist Ernst Chladni (1756 - 1827).. Scientist conducted experiments the impact of sound waves on the water droplets, again and again it was concluded that inorganic and organic matter are one and the same laws of harmonic organization.

Harmonicity said that "sound is a cosmic rays or path creation, diagonal to the cosmic source."

The world of color, sound and shape is controlled by the same laws, and between the harmonics and the harmonic structure of the existing close relationship. Harmonicity said that the sound is a cosmic rays or path creation, diagonal to the cosmic source.

In meditation, light and silence become identical, creating transforming.

A popular theory of the origin of the Universe supported by the majority of theorists — the theory of "Big Bang". According to this theory, when our universe was an infinitely small clot, superdense and heated to very high temperatures. This unstable formation suddenly exploded, space expanded rapidly, and the temperature of the scattering particles with high energy, began to decline. The explosion was of such power that light and sound waves resulting from this explosion and transform their energies into new forms, with millions of years creating the world in different variations of the energy of sound and light waves.


Numbers and sounds


Research principles between music and mathematics, between sound and number from the time of Pythagoras attracted the attention of scientists.

In the twenties of the last century, the German scientist Hans Kayser developed a theory of world harmonics, reviving the forgotten science of the overtones (harmonics). Kaiser investigated the underlying regularity between sound and number. The pitch and length of strings are in the relationship, ' said the Kaiser, the quality can be withdrawn from the amount. The theory of the Kaiser argues that the principle of the ratio of integers is the Foundation of not only music, but also many Sciences (chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc.). According to Kaiser, the forms in nature, in which there are harmonic relations in the perception of the person are considered more beautiful. Ratio based on the octave (2:1), quart (3:2), thirds (5:4) are particularly proportionality.

The energy of the Universe can be expressed by the octave of the sound spectrum, an octave of the light spectrum, the geometric hierarchy of the forms of crystals. There is evidence the relationship between the frequencies of sound, color with geometric form. The science that studies the forms of crystals and their internal structure is called crystallography. Energy manifested forms exist in close interaction, transformed in each other, these energies create new forms.


Form and sounds


In a scientific study, Dr. Jenny, known as “Cymatics”, the author showed the geometry of sound vibrations using thin containers filled with the following media: sand, spores of the fungus Lygodium, wet plaster and various forms of liquid, has tiny particles floating in them “colloids”.

In this book of particular interest is colloidal liquid. While at rest, the colloids are evenly distributed in the liquid, and the water becomes cloudy. Dr. Jenny calls such as “hydrodynamic dispersion”. However, when the container is vibrated to clean the diatonic sounds, the particles in the fluid gathered in an orderly and isolated visible geometric patterns, many of which had two-dimensional and three-dimensional structure. In other words, they could be seen formed and clearly perceive depth, that is, they were not “flat “. This book is one of the most important provisions that should be studied and remembered, for it provides irrefutable visual proof of the concepts that we discussed.

There are five basic three-dimensional shapes, and we know them as the Platonic solids, for the honor of their discovery belongs to the Greek philosopher Plato. It is important to be very clear: watching these shapes, we actually are seeing a vibration. The shapes themselves may not “exist” as a physical object, and to be a hologram. If you try to grab them or break, they just disappear and turn into ripples around your finger. However, not being broken, the form will exist as a very real vibration, and provide exactly the same pressure on the body, which you feel from a very loud sound or clap of thunder.

Now, when we saw the shape of the vibrations running into a liquid-like aether, we know that the pressure created by their lines of force allow new insights on the dynamics of gravity. Having irrefutable evidence of how these geometries form the structural features of the Earth's surface such as continents, undersea ridges and mountain education, we are no longer blinded by the truth. And only a matter of time, when simple observation will turn into well-known knowledge of the main mass of humanity.

Also, it is important to mention that when fuller's students increased the frequency in the balloon or Jenny increased the frequency in the water, the old form was dissolved and disappeared, and in their place appeared a more complex geometric shape. The phenomenon worked in reverse: when the frequency is decreased to the original value, reappeared geometry of the same shape.

Therefore, studying the dynamics of the ether, we will see: when you increase the vibrational frequency (or voltage) of energy in this region, the geometry of this region, for example, forming the Earth, will spontaneously transform into a higher order of complexity. And the effects of increases and decreases in frequency occur in all Creation, including all the bodies in our Solar System, when it moves in the Galaxy.

The work of Dr. Spilhaus demonstrated that since the original “mega-continent” Pangaea, the Earth's gravitational field has passed through several such transformations. In that time the Earth had a uniform crust. It was before the extension which is now under consideration in the theory of Global Tectonic Extension created in 1933 by Otto Hilgenberg.


Sound and energy


The sound is a stream of energy flowing like a water stream. Sound can change the environment through which it passes, and he changes it. Each sound wave — there is a force that creates a corresponding reaction. There is an active force, receptive force, and their interactions.

Consonants fluctuations form a harmonious frequency, which leads to the attraction of subatomic particles to each other.

Dissonant vibrations cause separation or explosion particles or form.

American scientist, who lived in the 19th century, devoted much of his life to the study of sound as a force which eventually was to serve in his experiments the primary impetus for the initiation of this mysterious energy. One of the greatest outcomes of creative activity of John Keely was the discovery of forty of the Laws governing the vibrations. These laws were the Foundation he created physics of sympathetic vibrations. This area of research, where John Keely was a lonely pioneer, considering the inner nature of vibratory phenomena, based on the sympathetic, i.e. resonant interactions.

The scientist said that sound is "a violation of atomic balance destroying the existing atomic particles, and released when this substance must, of course, be essential current of some order." In his view, everything in Nature oscillates, vibrates. We can say that the basis of all Nature are vibrations of different frequencies, which create various combinations. The "accordant" harmonious combinations cause attraction and are of constructive nature and disharmonious cause repulsion, destroy.

An example of organized vibrations of the music. When two strings of a musical instrument tuned in a harmonic combination (for example, in the third, fifth, octave), motion of one of them creates a response in the other.

But since ancient times was known and other music, "music of the spheres", created the Sun, Moon and planets. Today we can hear this music in the computer arrangement, but, perhaps, for the ancient dedicated to it sounded much richer and brighter.

Keeley called he founded the science of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics "physics of the sympathetic (response) vibration". Not only was he able to combine the science of fundamental physical concepts and to go beyond the traditional "physics", to be connected with "metaphysics", with what lies in the unknown, including in the spiritual sphere.

Physics of sympathetic vibrations is reduced to forty laws, which postulated, in particular, the unity of force and matter, and in principle infinite divisibility of the latter. For Keeley force is liberated matter, and matter has an associated force that brilliantly confirmed in the XX century in the form known even to schoolchildren of the formula E=mc2. According to the calculations of the keels, the energy contained in the water bucket, is enough to push our world from its course.

The most important physical and metaphysical categories at Keele applies the concept of the neutral centre. Every manifested body in the Universe from the atom to a star system has in the basis of the neutral center, unbreakable focus; around it is built all that we understand as matter, which is its objective manifestation.


"Forty of the laws of physics sympathetic vibrations"


"There is no separation of matter and force into two distinct concepts because they both are one. Force is liberated matter. Matter is cohesive force.

The law of matter and force. The basis of all matter is infinite and constant number tomola, with boundless space and eternal duration; they are in constant vibratory motion, infinite in the past, unchanged in number and are the origin of all forms of energy.

The law of vibration of telephone All coherent aggregates isolated from similar bodies, or immersed in a medium consisting of matter in different States, vibrate installed in a certain way.

The law of vibrations of telephone All coherent aggregates not isolated from like bodies, oscillate with a period, a frequency that is harmonically correlated with the main tone of the vibrating body; this tone is a multiple tone atomos.

The law of harmonic vibrations. All coherent aggregates are constantly vibrating at a period-frequency of which is harmonically correlated with the main tone of the vibrating body; this tone is a multiple tone atomos.

The law of transmission of vibrational energy. All oscillating and vibrating coherent aggregates create, in the environment in which they are immersed, spreading outwards in concentric waves of alternating compressions and exhaustion with the period of the frequency equal to the tone of the unit.

The law of sympathetic vibrations. Any coherent unit, immersed in the environment, pulsating with a frequency equal to the natural frequency of the unit varies together with the environment with the same frequency regardless of whether the tone of the environment in unison, or any harmonic of the fundamental tone of the vibrating unit.

The law of attraction. Nearest coherent aggregates vibrating in unison or harmonic frequency ratio, are mutually attracted.

The law of repulsion. Nearest coherent aggregates vibrating in discord are mutually repelled.

The law of cycles. Harmonically related coherent aggregates constitute centers of vibration, which correspond with the main tone, but are not multiples of the harmonic, and the secondary connections between them give rise to dissonant tone regardless of whether they are unisons, or overtones to the original tone. So harmony is born: discord, the inevitable cause of endless transformations.

The law of harmonics. Any aggregate in a state of vibration creates, in addition to its fundamental tone, the number of vibrations of the symmetric fractional shares itself, forming one-, two-, three - or multiple relationship with the fundamental tone.

The law of force. Energy manifests itself in three forms:

  • GENERATING (vibrating unit)
  • TRANSMISSION (the propagation of isochronous waves in the medium in which it is immersed),
  • ATTRACTIVE (its impact on other aggregates capable of vibrating in unison or harmony with it).

The law of vibrations of the atomic substance. Coherent atomic substance is capable to oscillate with a tone that changes directly proportional to density and inversely proportional to the linear dimensions in the range of frequencies from one period to unit of time (for the 1st octave) until the frequency of the 21st octave, creating a generative force Sound (Sonity), whose transmission power (Sound) is propagated in solid, liquid and gaseous media, and its static effects (Sonority — Sonism) produces an attraction or repulsion between simpaticski vibrating bodies in accordance with the Law of Harmonic Attraction or Repulsion.

The law of zvukoteploizoljatsii. Internal vibrations of atomic substances and atomic molecules are capable of vibrating with a period-frequency directly proportional to their density, inversely proportional to their linear dimensions and is directly proportional to their integrity in the range from the 21st to the 42nd octaves. This creates a generative force Smoketest (Sono-thermity), whose transmission power Svobodata (Sono-therm) is propagated in solid, liquid, gaseous and sverkhrazvetvlennykh environments and statically creates a strong bond and Association of molecules or their decay in accordance with the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.

The law of vibrations of the atoms. All the atoms in a state of integrity (tension) is able to oscillate with a frequency inversely proportional to the cube of their atomic weights, and directly proportional to the degree of their integrity, ranging from 42nd to 63rd octave per second. This creates a generative force, Teplotech (Thermity), whose transmission power, Rad-energy (Radenergy)* applies to solid, liquid, and gaseous ether, produces the static effects (Cohesion and Chemism — Grip and Chemism) on other atoms, causing their Union or disintegration in accordance with the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion.

The law of vibration tamalaneh substances. Atoms are capable of vibrating within themselves, with a frequency inversely proportional to the Dyne (the local coefficient of gravity) and the atomic volume and directly proportional to its atomic weight. This creates a generative force (Electricity), whose transmission power is distributed in tamalaneh solid, liquid, gaseous media and creates a static magnetic induction and the impact on other atoms, causing them to attraction or repulsion in accordance with the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion.

The law of vibrations tomola. Adamoli oscillating with the same tone (defined by their similar size and weight), creating a generative force Atomoscow (Atomolity), whose transmission form, Graphism, distributed in more rarefied environment and produces a static effect on all other atomal called Gravity (Gravity).

The law of transformation of forces. All forces are different forms of Universal Energy, which differ in their periods, frequencies, passing each other in indiscernible increments; each form occupies a range in the 21st octave. Each form or hue can be converted to the equivalent height of a different tone, higher or lower on the scale of 105 octaves. This conversion can only be done through a static effect, developing vibrations or harmonic tones above and below their fundamental tone, or nearby systems addition and subtraction of tones, or some third way, depending on the specific conditions.

The law of nuclear tones. Each atom has its own particular tone natural vibration. The law of change of nuclear tone by Rad-energy. Pitch harmonics and overtones radiated Happy energy sufficient to cause extension of the atom; this is the same effect, prompting adamoli continuously vibrate, causing compression of the atom; thus, by changing the volume changes the tone of the atom.

The law of change of nuclear tone by electricity and magnetism. Electricity and magnetism produce internal vibration in the atom, which are accompanied by proportional changes in volume and thus tone.


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One of the errors of modern science is the consideration of certain phenomena in isolation from the others, the physics of sympathetic vibration, opens us to the infinity of the universe in which all objects and phenomena are parts of a common Whole.published


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