A simple technique against sleepiness

What to do with sleepiness in the afternoon, when after lunch head drowsy, eyelids heavy, and the end of the day still far?

You can have a favorite (favorite) a little pause:

1. Push vigorously for point in the nasolabial crease (Fig. 1).

Ninety one million one hundred seventy nine thousand twenty

2. Thumb and forefinger massage earlobe (Rice. 2).

Fifty one million seventy thousand seven hundred ninety one

3. Massage auricle — "Unscrew" his ears, much to unclench and squeeze the eyelids, do massage around the eyes and eyebrows (Fig. 3).

Eighty eight million nine hundred three thousand four hundred fourteen

4. Not afraid to pull yourself by the hair capturing fingers a small tuft of hair. Gently tap his knuckles against the surface of the head.

5. Excellent a stimulant effect giving a massage "point to thousands of instances» point Bai Hui (Fig. 4). Mentally guide the line from the tip of ear to the other ear. On this line in the center and located this important point.

Fifty eight million one hundred thirty thousand three hundred fifty seven

It should be cautious when massaging the head, if you feel any looseness, softness on its surface. When the fingers as if to fall into, then in the head, localized a large amount of mucus that can cause constant lethargy, depression.

6. Will sharpen all the senses and such a simple method. Gag ears forefinger, and then suddenly remove them. Repeat three times.

7. Be sure to make massage painful trigger points — in shoulder, back, neck. Massage "awaken" your muscles, will ensure the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain and improve circulation energy of the body. Often, lack of energy, drowsiness, headache is a result of degenerative disc disease.

8. Will have a bracing effect "cracking» fingers and toes, alternate massage nails and phalangeal joints of the fingers. Especially sleepy after lunch. Refreshing will provide the massage Cams on the front surface of the chest up and down.

9. Will maintain the tone of a few drops eleutherococcu's, ginseng's, wolfberries, schisandra, rhododendron's or levzei. Strong coffee, tea, alcohol, have only a temporary effect. Better to replace them with a ginger drink, or add candied ginger to your tea.


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All these measures help when the body lacks complex disorders that contribute to chronic diseases.published  


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