As our body is connected to our mind

Thoughts determine health.

Our body internally is connected to our mind, or the body is a reflection of our mind; it is a gross visible form of the invisible light of reason. If you have a toothache, ear, or belly, your mind immediately responds to that pain. He stops to think correctly, he is worried, disturbed and outraged.

If your mind is in a depression, the body also cannot function properly. Diseases that cause harm to our body are called secondary; whereas the desires that cause harm to our mind, are termed mental or primary diseases. Our mental health is more important than the physical. If the mind is healthy, the body is sure to be healthy. If the mind is clean and pure thoughts, you are freed from all diseases, primary and secondary.

Thoughts develop personality.

Sublime thought elevates the mind and expands the heart; a base thought excites the mind and respond with feelings of painful and dark. Anyone who is even slightly in control of his thoughts, it has a calm, gentle voice, poise, beautiful, charming face, and his eyes are sparkling and shiny. Through his thoughts we can inspire and create confidence, good self esteem, and almost any other feature characteristic of strong personalities. The change in thinking can contribute to the creation and elimination of habits, beliefs and abilities.


Thoughts change destiny.

People sow thoughts and reap actions. Causing actions, he reaps a habit. Spreading habit, he reaps a character. Sowing character, reap destiny. Man creates his own destiny by his thoughts and actions. It can change fate. He is the Creator of his own fate. And there is no doubt. The right way of thinking and determined effort, it can become the master of their own destiny.

Ignorant people go on about karma and the inevitability of fate. This is fatalism, and it leads to inertia, stagnation and misery. This is perfect misunderstanding of the laws of Karma. This erroneous reasoning, which will not consider a smart man. You create your destiny from within by your thoughts and actions.


Thoughts cause physiological disorders.

Any change in thinking creates a vibration in the mental body, further affecting the physical body, causing brain activity. This activity in nerve cells causes a variety of electrochemical changes. Intense feelings such as passion, hatred, bitter jealousy, anxiety, fits of temper actually destroy the cells of the body and cause heart disease, liver, kidney, spleen and stomach.

Every thought, emotion or word produces a strong oscillation in each cell of the body and leaves a strong impression. If you know the way to attract the opposite thoughts, then you can lead a happy harmonious life of peace and power. Thoughts of love immediately neutralize the thoughts of hate. Thoughts of courage serve as a powerful antidote to thoughts of fear. Thoughts have a powerful impact on your body. Sadness and joy, confidence and restraint are immediately reflected on your body.

Each cell of the body suffers or grows, receives a life impulse or a death impulse, every thought that enters your mind usually turns to the image of what you think most of the time. When the mind turns to certain thoughts, and stops there, it creates a certain vibration of matter, and the more it creates this vibration, the more likely its repetition and create a habit. The body follows the mind and imitates its changes. If you focus, your eyes are fixed.


Thoughts create the environment.

It is often said that personality of a person depends on the environment. But, actually, this is not true. The facts suggest otherwise. Many of the greatest people in the world were born in poverty and adverse conditions, born in the slums and dirty conditions, they have the highest status in the world.


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Portrait of a psychologically healthy person


Remember that in your weakness lies the strength. Poverty has its advantages, it inspires humility, strength, and endurance, while luxury creates laziness, pride, weakness, and all kinds of bad habits. Do not complain on bad environment. Create your own inner world and the environment. The man who tries to evolve and grow in adverse environments are actually very strong people. Nothing can shake it. He has strong nerves. The person is not dependent on environment and circumstances. He can control and change them according to their abilities, character, thoughts and good deeds. published



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