Anton Chekhov: "it is Impossible to demand from dirt, to mud..."

Familiarity with Chekhov for many of us is happening in the school. Someone passes by, they are usually short content set on the building of a story and someone starts to "swallow" book after book. Cry, laugh, do not sleep at night. The paradox, brevity, and vivid wit this man without a name win from his first works.

Novelist, playwright, physician, traveler, Anton Chekhov wrote under different pseudonyms. The most famous of them — Antosha Chekhonte, Makar Burdastov, H. Honcho — forever separated Chekhov, a writer from Chekhov–a doctor.

Quotes chowanadisai the "Website" selected for you 11 best quotes of this extraordinary, ironic people who do not lose their relevance today. Probably because human nature, which is so thin I understood Anton Chekhov, does not change no matter what.

  1. In order to feel happiness without interruption, even in times of sorrow and grief, you need to: a) be able to settle for the present and b) to rejoice in the consciousness that could be worse.

  2. It is impossible to demand from dirt, to mud.

  3. These clever men are all so stupid that no one with whom to talk.

  4. "Know thyself" is a wonderful and useful advice; it is a pity that the ancients did not think to specify a way to use this Board.

  5. Life, in fact, very simple thing and the person needs to put a lot of effort to mess it up.

  6. There are people who always say only smart and good words, but I feel that they are stupid people.

Wise, not lacking warm smile stories of Anton Chekhov continues to impress with its label penetration. If you never dealt with Ionice and not looking after the lady with the dog, quick to catch up! Be sure to share our collection of quotes with friends — albeit, they will remember the brilliant classics and the great human soul.

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