It looks strange, but that's what a meeting of the highest and lowest human!

Soon the Guinness Book of Records will celebrate 60 years. In honor of this event we decided to meet two champion - sultan kösen, the tallest man in the world and Chandra Bahadur Dungy, the smallest champion.

Sultan kösen - 31-year-old Turkish farmer, whose height is 251 cm. The abnormal growth is not related to genes, as parents men of normal growth. All because of a pituitary tumor that produces excessive hormone production. Of course, life is not easy Sultan, as he can only walk with a cane or crutches. Furthermore, it has persistent problems due to the choice of clothing, as to find things its size is almost impossible. Everything has to sew custom-made, even shoes. However, a man finds a positive side to his singularity, he can easily work with tall trees in the garden and to deal with other things around the house without stairs.

Chandra Bahadur Dungy - 74-year-old Nepali, only a slight increase of which (57 cm) allowed him to get the record for the smallest man in the world. Man lives in a remote village of Nepal and tries to attract the attention of tourists to their native places and to their country with the help of title.

Record holder met in London and made some great photos, while hundreds of people from around the world tried to break different records.

The meeting was symbolic for both men. «Despite the fact that I'm tall, and he - low through life we ​​have to deal with similar problems, and when I look into the eyes of Chandra, I see that he is a good man», i> - says Sultan .

Of course, these men are constantly faced with many difficulties, because not easy to be like everyone else. Nevertheless, they continue to live, be happy and go to their targets. In addition, they can always say with pride that they are - are really unique, and awareness of their own unique piece inspired by the exploits.


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