9 rules that successful people follow when Dating

Any person in your way can become your staunch friend, a valued partner, mentor or ally. You'll never guess in advance what role you will play in each other's lives. The website presents the rules followed by those who value people and understand the true value of relationships.

Do some research before the meeting

Most new acquaintances, business meetings, predictable or planned. Make the effort before the meeting — try to learn more about the interlocutor about his professional experiences, Hobbies, personal interests. It will positively affect your perception of another person and the meeting will be more productive. Successful people don't neglect this simple rule.

Prepare for the context of the meeting

If you will have a first date, discussing terms with a new supplier or an interview (regardless of which side you are — on the part of the employer or applicant), prepare — plan questions you want to ask, and answers to anticipated questions for you.

And, of course, it is important not to forget that you see the situation only from their side, and have a limited understanding of the motives of the interlocutor — so it would be ideal to consider several variants of the course of the conversation, and be more flexible.

Always remember that no one feels comfortable enough

For whom little communication with strangers comfortable enough and not so important — it's a first date or a business meeting. We all worry about the impression, I'm afraid of missing important. And your partner, even in spite of all the feigned seriousness, too, feels uncomfortable and worried.

If you realize thatbefore you is an ordinary person, you will forget about their feelings and communication will be calmer.

Friendly smile — your decoration

"Smile" is the well — known advice. But not all smiles are similar to each other. Fake or inappropriately wide smile can scare away with a smile haunting usually sell unnecessary junk.

Let the smile be genuine, sincere, coming from inside. Let the smile comes from the anticipation of an interesting dialogue, there's less of a chance to be pleasantly surprised to learn something new or to start a relationship that may become important in the future.

Look in the eyes

Direct look speaks of sincerity, openness and courage. Shifty lowered his eyes produce a bad impression. Look in the eyes. But it is also important that the look was calm and appropriate, so it wasn't like playing a staring contest and not look like an attempt of dominance.

Remember also about the different cultures — friendly meet the eye in our society can be regarded as impolite or even aggression in other countries. A little research will help to set rules depending on the person with whom you will be meeting. If you have not had the opportunity to learn in advance about the person, watch him, learn the process of communication.

Offer culturally acceptable greeting

Welcome in the world are very different and what is normal in one culture may be impolite in another. Be attentive to this. Of course, his foreign interlocutors understand that between cultures there is a difference, but if you provide them with culturally appropriate greetings, the chances of success of the meeting will greatly increase. Show courtesy and attention, and it will not go unnoticed.

Pay attention to surrounding objects for clues about the source

If the meeting is held in someone's office, at home or elsewhere, where they often, look around. You can find the keys and clues to the identity of the person with whom the meeting is held. Books and works of art, furniture, small parts of the situation or even photos. Get to know them, pay attention, this will help to establish rapport.

Focus on the interests of another person

Focus on the needs, interests and comfort of another person. Ask him what he really wants. Unobtrusive show the benefits of cooperation with you. This does not mean ignoring your own interests, it means not to focus only on their benefits and desires. Try to understand the motivation of another person.

Do not tighten meeting

It is important to make your point. May even be left unspecified moments, it is quite natural for the first appointment. You and your partner will wait for the next time and will be able without haste to consider the nuances.

The first meeting is more of an acquaintance, and do not try in whatever was to fit in all the questions. Leave space for the natural progression of the relationship.

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