5 fatal mistakes that spoil the first impression

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In just 7 seconds is given to us on the formation of first impressions about yourself. In this case, for these seconds can be done and saying this, that to fix the negative effects of bad experience is not enough for 7 years.

Site prepared a list of unforgivable mistakes that most still commit to communicating with new people.

1. You lie

Yes, lying is bad, and all the secret always becomes clear — we know from childhood. However, we all at least once I lied at the interview and bragged about non-existent achievements or embellish the facts to date. And he did it to his own detriment!

When you speak honestly about things that do not put you in the best light, when you admit your mistakes and not deny any knowledge gaps you open. The person begins to perceive you as direct and reliable person. This creates a special trust relationship between you.

Remember the axiom:the relationship started with a "confession", is always stronger than those that began with deception.

2. You're trying too hard

Even if from this meeting depends on your future, even if the interview for the dream job, or meet the parents of your chosen one, or acquaintance, actually, by choice, do not try to remember once and for all.

If you look too smart, or too cool, the source may consider your behavior with hypocrisy or ostentation.

And maybe simply systematise to continue communication with you. Open gradually until you feel that people are ready to accept you the way you are.

3. You too Frank

Sometimes it so happens that the man is handsome at first sight. And you want to be as open, as honest with him. Want to tell your story, share your innermost feelings and thoughts. But to do it when Dating, you should not.

First, you never know what your partner lives, what he dreams, concerns and principles. If you take too much talk about his personal life without knowing about it, you can get into an awkward situation.

And secondly, if you will reveal some data that needs to be kept secret, you will seem too frivolous and immature.

4. Are you afraid of pauses

A pause in conversation with a stranger — it's okay! Of course, the silence may be awkward but even more awkward are long conversations about anything. And inappropriate jokes. Oh, that's just the peak of awkwardness!

Agree, very hard to speak with the person who expects from you that you will listen to his speech. So, if the conversation died down by itself after a short while, and then change the subject or say goodbye.

And another thing: do not rush things, for the first meeting will be enough low-key conversation. Don't confuse a person's requests and suggestions. If the person says goodbye to you, don't insist on continuing.

5. You are too curious

Always show sincere interest in the person with whom you communicate. Ask questions, be interested in his opinion, be prepared patiently and with understanding to listen to his answers.

But the beat comes first! What would be interesting and lively, neither was the conversation, do not make it in the interview. Don't ask too many questions. And don't forget that in polite society do not talk about politics, religion, money and personal life.

By the way, experienced interviewers are advised to ask more than two questions in a row, followed by synthesis and discussion heard.

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