5 blunders to avoid in conversation with anyone.

Communication skills are very important. It is necessary to constantly develop and improve. What will be interesting to chat with you, the more opportunities open to you.
But in order to become a welcome companion, in addition to a variety of interests and eloquence, you'll need a little more restraint and to avoid some of the pitfalls. Here are the basics and the toughest of them:
1. Bragging
Some people believe that bragging new machine or large jobs, they will be able to impress others. This is partly true. They impress others ... fools. Smart same people will find them empty and uninteresting. When someone tries to elevate himself realized - it catches the eye and, as a rule, such efforts produce the opposite effect.

2. Too much advice
All people love to give advice. This is not surprising. When someone tells you about their problems - the first thing that comes to mind - it's support, to express their views, share experiences, but sometimes you just need a person to talk to. Learn to refrain from commenting, in situations where you feel that they may be unnecessary. Usually people do ask for advice when they really need it. In this case, try not to overdo it. Too active advisor part may seem fixated on themselves clever man who believes that he knows all the answers. Those who are faced with a real problem, such annoying know-all.

3. "And I ... and I ... and I ..."
There are people who can discuss only one topic - a favorite. Any dialogue they turn into a monologue about themselves. It's annoying. Here are a couple of the most common ways to put the stigma disgusting interlocutor:
a) Constantly interrupt interlocutors in mid-sentence with the phrase: "What's that, that's mine!" and begins to tell his story.
b) During the dialogue, instead of listening to the interlocutor, just wait for their turn to speak.
c) Try to translate any conversation on the topic of interest to you and continue to desperately cling to it even after it dries up.
g) to hang out too much.

4. Gossip
Decided to discuss with the new friends hideous outfit ladies contrast, dirty hair mutual friend or your neighbor's latest novel? Then do not be surprised if it will be your last conversation with this person. Gossip and discuss others - a lesson for everybody. Of course, this kind of talk give a sense of superiority over others, but at the same time, they include a lot of negative things. They are boring, useless and leave behind an unpleasant aftertaste. In addition, if you are happy to discuss other, the other person can easily think that it is worth it to move away and you take for it - it will kill any desire to communicate with you.

5. The fear of making a mistake
One of the major mistakes in conversation - is a constant fear of making a mistake. When a person is too focused on how to impress a pleasant companion, it immediately catches the eye - he picks up every word, and his thoughts are concentrated somewhere deep inside, not on the dialog. Need to be simpler. Think about what you say and say what you think.

How do you avoid these mistakes?
The answer is simple. Less hung up on me. All of the above problems are rooted in too much attention to his own Ya

Do not let your ego go beyond and enjoy communication.


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