Twelve rituals regularly and quietly practiced the most successful people from everyone we know

Let your actions always speak louder than words. Let your life speak for themselves. Do not make noise in life - even if for you it makes your success.

When your success is really huge, it is usually still noisy - a lot of people talking, writing and spreading rumors about him. But the achievement of this success - it is usually much quieter and more discreet. But you know what? Usually it is something that happens quietly, quietly, as if behind the scenes of our lives, in the end and moves it forward.

We were with Mark, in general, were lucky - we personally know many extremely successful people. And no matter what kind of life they live, what scope and in what post they have succeeded - they practice at least some of the same subtle but extremely important rituals. And that's about it, we'll talk in this article.

So, we bring you the twelve rituals regularly and quietly practiced the most successful people from everyone we know:

1. They always have a clear, precise morning schedule
Too many writers of books and courses on personal success, treat their readers as if they - the robots, forgetting how powerful force are our emotions. The less negativity in us at the beginning of the day, the less it will continue. After all, when we begin the day in a calm, orderly state of mind, we are much easier to concentrate on what needs to be done.

But how to do it, when we should open our eyes and stress immediately bore down on us - the phone is ringing, constantly popping up alerts for new emails and SMS, and even a fire alarm triggered? .. If your morning begins in this way, then instead of to create something new, you spend all day responding to problems. During racing the car in front of your life you are in the best case on the passenger seat, and certainly do not define your own priorities - instead, you're trying to solve the problems, throws you a life, and they do not necessarily prove really important.

Try to make the first few hours of the day your as little different from each other. Tested clear routine can help you feel that you really control your life considerably reduce the level of anxiety and stress, and, in general, do you have a lot to collect and competent. In general, remember - as you begin your day, so it and spend.

2. They do only what is really necessary
We all happened to ask themselves the same question: "Why I did not have time"? But the answer is painfully simple - because much of what we do and do not have something.

Studies have shown that the secret to increased productivity not to work overtime - especially if you grab the first-encountered business - but to follow a predefined daily routine and to prioritize. So if you want to be successful, and at the same time to reduce stress levels, before starting for improving your productivity, ask yourself: "Are all of what I'm gonna do, I really need»?

What you can do something, it does not mean that it is worth doing. I think this is the main problem of most of the benefits of proper organization of time - usually a guru performance makes the emphasis on how to do the work faster, but because the problem is that most of what people aspire to "do quickly," and doing something not worth.

If properly reflect on this situation, we understand how it is ironic - we always complain that we do not have the time, and after hammering our day unimportant things as if it is infinite. So - try to focus on what really matters to you, and forget about the rest.

3. They do not postpone what you need to do for tomorrow. They do it. RIGHT NOW!
While all the others are discussing what to do, successful people just do it.

I have already said and will repeat as many times as you want - you can be a genius, and in your pocket lie degree of Doctor of Science, but you can not change anything, or somehow affect the world around us, just sitting around twiddling hands. Between knowing how to do something, and implementation of this knowledge into practice is a huge gaping chasm. Knowledge and experience are not embodied in the experience, not worth anything. And you can not change.

Successful people know that a good plan implemented today, much better than a perfect plan implemented in the misty future. They are not waiting for the "right time", "the right of the day" or even impossible phenomenon - the "right circumstances", because they know that the root of these expectations lies in only one - at bay. If they want to act, they act here and now - because the only way to achieve real progress.

4. They are always trying to draw encountered on the path of life obstacle to their advantage
Many of the best novels, poignant songs and innovative inventions were inspired by broken hearts and the incredible heartache. Consequently, everything bad that happens to us is found, it is possible to find and good - all of these troubles can be a catalyst for the creation of something grand.

Not so long ago appeared the direction in psychology called "post-traumatic growth" suggests that most people are able to use encountered difficulties in life, adversity and injuries to increase overall creativity and intellectual development. If you go into the specifics, trauma can help people improve interpersonal skills, the ability to be content with little, and be thankful for it, find hidden reserves and to endure setbacks.

When we created our way of creating the world as a safe and comfortable place, it shatters into pieces, it makes us rethink many things. We are able to look out of our cozy little world, to take a look all around and see everything as if seeing it for the first time. And that is not it, is better able to help us in personal growth and ultimately lead to genuine success?

5. They are able to give everything to the full, and even beyond that
What is the easiest to learn something new? To go beyond their "comfort zone" - and give everything to the full.

Yes, of course, the routine may even be pleasant. Mindlessly go with the flow, in which everything so familiar ... But living this life, to learn something new? And in any way. Sometimes you need to get into a situation in which there would be nothing familiar or familiar. Yeah, maybe you there will be hard and uncomfortable. But your brain is the only benefit. We learn something, just getting into "the zone of discomfort».

When we are struggling with something, we become stronger and smarter. And the more we do it, the better we become. For us it is more useful to spend ten minutes in extreme conditions than a few hours for routine activities. And if we practice something, until exhaustion, to the limit of their capacity and even beyond that, making mistakes, stumbling, getting up and re-laying out on the full.

6. Taking tough decisions, they trust their intuition
Believe me, intuition does indeed exist, and is not to ignore it, because of its origins - in our subconscious, and they are based on all the experience we received. If everything you say "yes," but my heart says otherwise, it often tells you this is not just. And when you have to make a difficult choice, Collect all the available information you need, figure out all the options, and then trust your instincts.

Successful people know that to trust their instincts - especially means to trust myself, and the more you trust yourself, the more power you have on the realization of your goals and dreams in life.

7. They can be positive in any situation
According to Sean Eykor in his book "The advantage of Happiness", recent scientific studies have shown that doctors, positive-minded at the time of diagnosis, doctors are much closer, or even a negative-minded neutral, allowing them to put an accurate diagnosis is almost 20% faster. The same study shows that the positive-minded vendors selling almost 50% higher than that of pessimists. And the evaluation of students taking exams in a good mood, are significantly higher. It turns out that our brains are at the peak of its effectiveness only when we have a positive attitude - and not when our mood negatively, or even neutrally.

Of course, I do not want to say that successful people never sad or get angry, but you will be much easier to achieve the desired and advance towards the dream, if instead to savor the negative emotions, you will try as quickly as possible from them get rid of. So try to think less about your problems, and more - about something good. Be positive!

8. They create visual "reminders" about their far-reaching order
Let's say you want to lose weight, but when you come home tired, you are very easy to convince yourself that you're sure to start doing and sit on a diet ... but tomorrow. You want to create your own highly profitable business, but bogged down in the routine, you much easier every day to do the usual than to change something. You understand that the need to do things in order in a personal relationship, but it's so hard ... instead to work with the next customer.

To achieve something really good is not so easy, and when we find ourselves in a situation where for the sake of "something good" must work hard, we often use every opportunity to do it again. Even if in this case we did not an inch closer to the target, and then move back.

To somehow resist it, really successful people are coming up with ways that can lift them out of the captivity of sweet dreams and return to although difficult, but urgent cases. One friend of ours for the past 5 years to settle accounts with debt almost $ 100,000, he kept his balance printout of credit card glued to your computer monitor - it reminded him every hour, that would be good to get out of debt. Another friend taped to the refrigerator door your own photo - did when it was 20 kilograms more - to remind myself what kind of person she would never want to be. And one made your desktop pictures of your family - not just because he likes to look at them, but also because it leans a lot of work, they help him remember who he eventually works.

Think about when you are allowed to momentary impulses alienate you from the ultimate goal. And then make for yourself any tangible "reminders" that it does not happen again.

9. They Journal. Or at least keep a notebook
Oprah Journal. Eminem Journal. Even JK Rowling keeps a diary.

Successful people are trying to keep track of your progress towards goals, set goals, disassemble their own mistakes from both before and after that - to learn from them. And often this helps them a diary or notebook. If you want to reach the goal of life, you can not do without a card, and this notebook could be for you this card. You can write to her, what did you do today that would do what a mistake, and so on. It is a tool that allows you to better understand ourselves. The tool allows you to record all the important thought. With the notebook you can see where you've been and where are going. It is a pity that such a simple but effective tool so often overlooked.

10. They have mentors, they oversee and which the Council
Whatever you want to achieve, it is unlikely you will be able to do it alone. Not everything and not always possible to learn by books alone. But buried in the internet, sometimes so hard to separate truth from fiction ... you need someone who could show you that how and why - your personal tutor or coach.

Yes, ten of thousands of hours of practice as well can make you an expert, but you are confident that you can do to force myself to devote all the time the same activity? Luchshepodyskatsebehoroshegonastavnika. If you examine the biography of a truly successful people, it is clear that people in the business who have achieved the best results - athletes, musicians, actors, business people, and so on - were truly great teachers, coaches, or role models. These people have done a monotonous and boring practice a tolerant and even interesting.

And sometimes the mere observation of the teacher can work wonders. When we are watching those who want to learn something and know exactly what we want to achieve, it can create an incredible force motivation. The man - a social creature, and if he really wants to join some elite group - oh, it sometimes can inspire almost at the feat. Auzhkogdaperedglazamiestnaglyadnyyprimer ... "Well, he could, and I can!" Though such a way of thinking and it seems too simple, but believe me - the time spent on studying the truly great people, will be well spent.

11. They do not mind not preconceived opinions and criticism
"To avoid criticism, do not say anything, do not do anything and be anybody." These words of Aristotle relevant today.

So, you criticized for the fact that you said, thought or done something wrong, like everyone else? Well and good. So, you do not go on about the opinion of the crowd. And eto- important part of the way to success.

In a truly successful people should learn effective response to the criticism received. Hated and negative criticism is necessary to obtain, evaluate and forget about it, and constructive - to remember and draw conclusions from it. In particular, the opinion of most people that you respect, who had time to go there, where you just try to get. Try to listen to others' opinions and constructive criticism with gratitude - then the people around you, to be much more willing to share them with you in the future.

12. They know how to step on the throat of his own pride
And last but certainly not least ...

Recognize the perfect mistake. Apologize. Know that you - not the navel of the earth. Dream big. Recognize that your success is not only your merit. To be able to laugh at themselves. Ask for help when you really need it.

Make no mistake, suffer defeat. And then get up and try again.

On this planet there is no permanent employment or other absolutes. All of us - researchers in the search for a new one. Learn from everyone who only can save shy and do not forget to have fun along the way.

Here's how to enter a truly successful people.

If you could remember only two words from the entire article, let it be the word "give everything" and "watch».

Lay out: I mean ... give everything to the full. Always try to work on the inside and outside of your abilities - just so you can extend these limits and to get out of his shell.

Watch: Do not forget to watch your mentors and those who experienced and successful you. Take notes and conclusions, and after that - try to repeat their success.


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