11 Old-fashioned habits relationship which we sorely missed

Old-fashioned habits that we would be very useful in the current personal relationships

Love is beautiful when it is beautiful to talk about, but it is even more beautiful, if it show. So why is not every day do something that would show your loved one that you care about it?

Last night, when I was sitting on a park bench and ate a sandwich, a car drove into the nearest oak elderly couple. They rolled down the window and turned on the radio some jazz music. Then the man got out of the car, opened the door for his woman and helped her out of the car, and then they slowly danced thus a spreading oak.

It was just fine.

And this morning when I opened my laptop, preparing to write something, I immediately thought of the old couple, and spent a few minutes thinking about them. I was curious how much they are together and that they advised us, the youth, to strengthen personal. And then, as ordered, I received a letter from one of our readers named Corey. He asked us: "Do not give you any good, time-tested advice for improving personal relationships»?

Synchronicity my thoughts and questions Corey made me smile.

And so in honor of the lovely elderly couple, and when asked Corey, I want to give you a list of 11 old-fashioned habits that we would return the cost in personal relations:

1. Spend more time together. Just like that, without technology
Put aside the smartphone, laptop, close and enjoy each other's company - face to face, the old fashioned way.

Few things in life compare to good conversation, a real laugh, a long walk, dance or just cheerful arms separated by two people who care about each other. Sometimes even the most mundane actions can be incredible - if you commit them to the right people. So try as much as possible to be close to them - be together, you're sure you want this.

Do not build a dizzying and complex plans - just be together, this is the only plan that you need really. More often communicate. More often meet face to face. Not because it's convenient, but because you know - it's worth it.

2. If you are with your loved one - be really close, but not in the clouds
Agree, it's very nice - to know that your presence and the absence of someone really mean a lot. But the only way to experience it - to make it actually meant something.

In your relationships and interactions with other people, nothing is more valuable to your sincere, undivided attention - when you are present with them really entirely, completely. Being close with someone and listen to him, not glancing at the clock and thinking 'when will I be free "- is perhaps one of the best compliments in the world. Yes, this is the best gesture of goodwill, which you can take in relation to another human being.

Your friends and family are too beautiful to ignore. So give them as yourself - your time, your undivided attention, your kindness. This is better than any other gift - it will not break and will not be lost, and will always remember him.

3. As often as possible, and Frankly beloved, as you value them
No matter how you were sure that somebody loves you and admires you, always nice when you recall about this. So if you are someone very, very much, and you will be pleased with this man next to - tell him about it. What you all know each other and know that you will always together, does not mean that you should not regularly thank beloved and remind them of your love. Otherwise, we run the risk of not fully realize how much they meant to us before they would not.

Unfortunately, life is too often reminds us of how she, in fact, is transient, and that any day could be the last in which you are together with your dear people. Let us appreciate what we have. Every day and every hour. Tell me love that you love them - now, without waiting until it is too late.

4. Help each other - throughout
There is no best friends or loved ones who will solve all your problems. There is no love at first sight, which will live up to the tenth, if you do not aggressively develop your relationship. But people who are worth pursuing and which to fight - there are such people. Not because they are perfect, but because they are not perfect just the way you like. And you are supplementing each other's shortcomings just so that your soul merge, become one.

You'll understand when you meet just such a person - and only with its help you can really get better.

5. Be aware of the inner beauty
When you really know a person, most of his physical disability simply disappears from your mind. You begin to feel its energy to learn and appreciate the smell of his mind. You begin to see the person in front of him, not his physical shell.

That's why it really is and you can not love one only physical beauty. You can enjoy it, wish for it to possess or be stunned by it. Yes, your eyes may love her, too, and your body - but not the heart. And then, if you really get to the inner essence of man - what's the difference to you what it looks like?

6. Tell the truth
Too many people prefer sweet lie bitter truth. but do not be fooled - the result always turns out that it's better to be wounded truth than comforted lie. The relationship, the foundation of which is a lie, just as quickly fall apart like a house standing on the sand.

The worst part of lying is that it accumulates. Be careful. What begins as a small and seemingly innocent lie (delivered only in order not to make anyone sick) quickly grows into a huge, oppressive false reality that you will not hesitate to tell anyone to avoid being branded a liar. We lie to each other, but most of all we lie to ourselves to protect our fragile ego. We may continue to lie to yourself, even reading this article, I can not accept that all this time trying to get away from the truth.

7. If you know the guilt behind him - sorry
Learn to take responsibility for their actions. If you know that your actions or words to hurt someone who you care about, immediately admitted his guilt and accept the deserved punishment. Apologies - exactly the superglue, which kept all long-term relationships.

And if we apologize - do it from the heart. Why apologize if you're going to continue to do the same, for which you had to apologize? And never mess up an apology excuses. This is a completely different thing.

8. Problems related only to your relationship you and not someone else
Maybe you it will seem obvious, but still it's worth mentioning. Never write something negative about a loved one in social networks, in the comments on the site ... but in general, wherever they may be seen by other people. This Fourteen teenagers can blame their boys, girls and friends at FaceBook page. Adults are far more people stuck to just discuss with your loved one problem by choosing to do the right environment and time.

Yes, the temptation to attract someone to your side is great, but do not give him - in healthy personal relationships only one side.

Moreover, the relationship is often not so easy to understand, especially others. And if in your relationship arose crack, to be discussed it with those whom it concerns - and more with anyone.

9. Be positive. Encourage!
Be aware - you deserve more. Leave the other negative, be positive.

What happens to us depends on how we relate to it. And because you can really make your life and the lives of those around you better keep a positive mood. Be incredibly positive and optimistic inflexibility. And if you do not like it, change your perspective on this situation and continue forward with a smile. You can always turn a negative situation into a good lesson.

Always use the best result- in thoughts, words and actions. And teach this philosophy all around.

10. Follow the promise - twice!
Treat promises more than seriously. Always follow them, even if the mood and mindset in which you gave a promise a long time you have left. It is very important for your relationship, and in general to succeed in every sphere of life.

So do not limit your words - by supportive actions. Not only promise, but also deliver what they promise. And even better - to perform more than promised. More necessary. As Anne Frank said, "No one has ever become poor, something giving." So try to do something good for those you care about. In particular, those from whom do not expect good response.

11. Be true
Stay close to those who are dear to you, even in the darkest moments of their lives. Not because you like the dark, but because you do not want to leave them there alone. Go through it and find the light - together. Stay close to them and their brightest moments - not because they themselves are ready to singe fire, but because you do not mind when someone brighter than you.

In other words, be true. Remember to keep in personal relationships loyalty - not one option among many, but the only one. For those whom we love, loyalty - this is their whole world. When someone believes in you so much that his thoughts carry you up, do not shoot down them down. You can not promise to be with someone close to the rest of their lives, but you can promise to be next to them for the rest of your life.


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