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What to eat and what to eat people worldwide

Photojournalist Peter Menzel and his wife, writer Faith D'Aluizio of California for 30 years, visited many countries and met with the mass of the people ... to find out what they eat for the entire day. In the course of this project it was made a fascinating study of the diet of various peoples, and as a result of the hard work the book "What I eat: Around the World in 80 meals." Photos collected by the number of calories for the entire day. The lowest number of calories in the book - 800, the highest - 12 300. This interesting photo project gives us an opportunity to find out what people eat in different countries. And most importantly, how much they eat.

Seller of camels Saleh Abdul Fadlilli to your daily diet. Cairo, Egypt. Calorie his food for the day is 3200 kcal. Abdul 40 years. Height - 172 cm. Weight - 74 kg.

Robin Weiser-Linnartts - pastry chef. Picture taken in the bakery of her family in Cologne, Germany. Energy value of its daily diet of 3700 kcal. Robinet 28 years. Height - 1, 6 m. Weight - 65 kg. She Feed Grain queen and crown. In this outfit she appears at festivals, exhibitions and educational activities, representing guilds of bakers in the region of Cologne.

Shashi Kant - call center worker in his office in Bangalore, India. He was 23 years old. Height - 1, 7 m. Weight - 55 kg. Like thousands of other workers such centers in India, he eats junk food, chocolates and coffee to hold on to the night shift. Its mission - to help callers solve technical problems and to answer questions from customers of his company.

Tierce "Teri" Bezuidenhut - trucker stuck on the border of Botswana, Namibia, due to problems with the paperwork for the goods he was carrying. Next - the day of his diet.

Oscar Higares - a professional bullfighter with a typical range of products, which he eats for a day, Milaflores de la Sierra, Spain.

The chief monk at a Tibetan monastery restored with the typical diet for the day. Energy value of his daily diet - 4,900 calories. He is 45 years old. Growth - 1, 65 m. Weight - 71 kg.

Newcomer Curtis - US soldiers at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, Mojave Desert, California. Energy value of his daily diet - 4,000 calories. Height - 1, 9 m. Weight - 88 kg. During the two weeks of preparation before flying to Iraq (the second time) it is 12 hours a day working in a tent radio (behind in the photo). Morning and evening he eats in the common dining room, and his meal consists of individual army suhpayka. Most disliked Curtis dish - scrambled eggs with cheese and vegetables.

Din Memon - the taxi driver from Chicago. Energy value of its diet - 2000 kcal. He was 59 years old. Height - 1, 7 m. Weight - 108 kg. Favorite food - kebabs, tikka chicken and biryani. Tikka - a grilled meat in the marinade and biryani - a rice dish with meat, fish or vegetables, strongly flavored with saffron or turmeric.

Conrad Tolba - American trucker in Effingham, Illinois. Energy value of his daily diet - 5,400 calories. At the time of photography Tolba was 54 years old. Height - 1, 87 m. Weight - 117 kg. His food is on the road virtually constant - for truckers roadside cafes and fast food rich in fat. He has a lot of reasons to monitor their diet, because he had already survived two heart attacks behind the wheel. Conrad travels with her constant companion - 5-year-old Shar-Pei named Dude, who shares with his master calories.

Mariel Booth - a professional model and a student at New York University in Brooklyn. Energy value of her daily diet - 2,400 calories. She was 23 years old. Height - 1, 76 m. Weight - 61 kg. It feeds the girl is much better than other models, but complains that it earns much less.

Catherine Navas - high school - on the roof of his home in Caracas, Venezuela. Energy value of her daily diet - 4,000 calories. She is 18 years old. Growth - 1, 7 m. Weight - 71 kg.

Osvaldo Gutierrez, working the oil rigs in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. Energy value of his daily diet - 6,000 calories. Osvaldo 52 years. Height - 1, 7 m. Weight - 99 kg. Gutierrez runs on schedule 7 through 7. While working, he has been jogging on a platform for helicopter landing, practicing karate, raises the bar and pulled on the rope to keep myself in shape. On working days he eats in the local canteen, where the choice of dishes ranges from healthy to fatty and unhealthy. Fresh orange juice is always on the menu, and Gutierrez drink it three liters a day. His diet has changed 10 years ago when he decided to change the fat on health, unlike most of his colleagues.

Nguyen Van Tuan - a veteran of the Vietnam War - with its typical daily diet in the apartment where he lives with his wife.

Haidar Saad - housewife from Sana'a, Yemen. Energy value of her daily diet - 2,700 calories. Saade 27 years. Height - 1, 5 m. Weight - 44 kg. In public Saada, like most Yemeni women, hidden under the veil, according to local traditions.

Bruce Hopkins - lifeguard at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. Energy value of his daily diet - 3,700 calories. He is 35 years old. Height - 1, 83 m. Weight - 81 kg. Hopkins eat modestly, trying to abstain from fast food and drink alcohol only when he and his wife meet with friends.

Shahnaz Begum - a mother of four children - at their home with the cows, rent, and the typical daily diet in the village of Bari Madzhlish in Dhaka.

Solange da Silva Correia - the farmer's wife - at their home near the river Solimoes. Energy value of her daily diet - 3,400 calories. She was 49 years old. Height - 1, 58 m. Weight - 76 kg. She and her husband Francisco (right in the photo) are living in the village Kaviana with three out of four children in a house built by their grandfather husband. The family breeds cattle and sometimes stabs a sheep for food, but most of the proteins in their diet of fish and eggs are presented. Also, they collect fruits and Brazil nuts in your garden and buy rice, pasta and cornmeal in a store Kaviany. In addition, they regularly buy your favorite soft drink Solange, which is made from guarana - berries are rich in caffeine, which grows only in Brazil.

Coco Simon Fincken - vegetarian from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. The energy value of the daily diet - 1900 kcal. She was 16 years old. Height - 1, 76 m. Weight - 58 kg. The family does not have a car, they buy organic food if it is not too expensive, and in the front yard grow some vegetables.

Willy Ishulutak - Eskimo and professional stone carver from Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. Calorie his daily diet - 4,700 calories. He was 29 years old. Height - 1, 75 m. Weight - 64 kg. Carving - one of the few traditional crafts Eskimos, "pereprygnuvshih" in modern society. Wiley said he could cut two to three crafts day, and then sell them in a bar or restaurant Iqaluit for $ 100 each, and even more expensive.

Neil Jones - restaurant manager at the Tower CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. Calorie his daily diet - 2,600 calories. He was 44 years. Height - 1, 87 m. Weight - 99 kg. The observation deck is located on the highest revolving restaurant in the world. Boasting stunning views and a tourist attraction for the food here is surprisingly elegant. And if you're going to eat at a restaurant, you will not have to pay for admission to the observation deck, and for the use of the elevator (which is almost $ 25 per person), so that lunch can be cheaper here than just admire the views from the site.

Xu Chzhipen - computer freelance designer and gamer. Picture taken at an Internet cafe in Shanghai. Calorie his daily diet - 1,600 calories. He was 23 years old. Height - 1, 87 m. Weight - 71 kg. He practically lives at the computer day and night, sleeping right here, if tired, and takes a shower once a week in a friend's apartment. His longest continuous game lasted for three days and nights. If he is tired of the games in the cafe, he reads the book in the style of fantasy.

Chen Zheng - a student from Shanghai. Calorie her daily diet - 2,600 calories. She is 20. Growth - 1, 65 m. Weight - 48 kg. Although she does not like noodles or rice, special rice roll - her favorite snack: black rice wrapped in zazharisty bread with pickled vegetables, mustard and thin slices of dried pork. Zheng friends KFC eats about three times a week. Meanwhile, her father and grandparents, who live in a tiny apartment in the northeast of Shanghai, go without meat all week to afford a special dinner when the favorite daughter and granddaughter will come to visit for the weekend.

Lan Guihua - widow of a farmer from the village of Gantszyagou, Sichuan, China. Calorie her daily diet - 1900 kcal. She was 68 years old. Height - 1, 6 m. Weight - 54 kg. Lang House is located in the bamboo forest on a hill at the foot of which her husband is buried. And the view from the courtyard opens to citrus groves, fields and gardens. Although the basis of its diet are grown her own vegetables and rice in the background in the photo you can see the chickens and a cup of water, which is used for the Lan plucking and gutting chickens. Usually meat Lan treats guests. In this region, each family itself self-sufficient in food, so here are important agricultural knowledge and skills that are transmitted from generation to generation.

Maria Ermelinda Aime Sichigalo - a farmer and mother of eight children from the village of Tingo, Central Andes, Ecuador. Caloric value of her daily diet - 3,800 calories. She was 37 years old. Height - 1, 6 m. Weight - 53 kg. The house Ermelindy no tables, no chairs. All the dishes she cooks, leaning over the stove like that on the earthen floor. Guinea pigs who run hither and around in search of scraps, in the end, are themselves on fire when the family is preparing to any holiday. As the house is no pipe, beams and roof blackened by smoke. Non-ventilated smoke from the furnaces is the culprit of many problems with the respiratory tract of rural residents of Ecuador. They say he is to blame for half of child deaths.



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